Pondering stupid stuff at 4AM

If EL〇〇SION’s white knights fought with my white knights, who would turn out to be the stronger white knights?

EDIT: Ah, to clarify, I mean with swords and spears and stuff.


64 thoughts on “Pondering stupid stuff at 4AM”

  1. Onii-chan uses [Affection]. Imouto’s gain the abnormal state, [Doing Kinky Things With Onii-chan], thus receiving 10x more attack and defense power. ( Reading doujin – reason for the skill names )


    1. Also, [Doing Kinky Things With Onii-chan] makes them go on an Invincible state while their doing the “act” sooo… it’s pretty much decided.


  2. What if… What if we were white knighting both of you in our devious plot to make both of you happy so we could keep getting releases?


      1. Guys! Onii-Chan is best Chan! Much noble. No donate. Such English. Fast pace! *reads Isekai at Elysion* please don’t hurt me oniichan…


  3. Ha, it’s obvious that it would end in total annihilation of both sides which would lead to the war escalating until the entire world is destroyed.
    Thus the winner would be the Evil God.


  4. Well there is a small fire-axe in my parent’s bedroom.. But then again it might not do much against a horde of 12 year olds.


  5. That’s a really simple question. The answer is the side with the most fanatical white supremacists.


  6. Glory to the Sheeprabbit-sama!!! The glorious White Knights of the holy esteemed Estelion will easily trample over the enemy… Or so I’d like to believe haha but I’ve never held a task sword in my Life! But we will win with righteous fury on our side!

    Plus the enemy commander will have communication problems LOL.


  7. the winner is the isps clearly for having all the people wasting their times with small text based posts rather then bandwidth hogging other things.


  8. it’s been 1 hour after this posting,,, so 1am at my place,,
    hmm, oblivious that each side have their own army,,,

    as long as the 2 side stay strong at each their own territory,, the result would deadlock,, 2 army would stay at each side,,

    but when one side overtake other territory,, the army would be swallowed by the winner side. :D
    lol,, what are we speaking right now …??


  9. Sorry for being blunt, but i’m here only for the spoils, so it doesn’t really matter.
    Obviously though, if both sides seem to be on the brink of death, i’ll side with the one that gives more for less.
    Sounds cruel, but such is the life of a merc…


  10. On an unrelated note I thought littleshanks=sheeprabbit .-.

    Anw I vote for the black knight who comes from a dilapidated family; a nobody who gains power for the sake of revenge upon the entire order of white knights! He will infiltrate HQ only to find that his childhood friend had actually become an apprentice there! As one who blinds others with her innocence and gentleness, the childhood friend shocks everyone by getting cosy with the not-yet black knight upon meeting him at the main hall of said…cathedral! He becomes a hated underdog that embraces corruption and trains in tainted arts to become a true black knight, that eventually causes her to sacrifice herself in attempt to save him, putting herself in a suspended-near-death state encased in crystal like ser…nvm, but it only planted a small seed of hope within him that would take 10 years to sprout. Meanwhile the black knight hides the crystalized childhood friend in a certain village filled with demi-humans, completes his dark training and destroys countless factions of white knights including the faceoff between Sheeprabbit and El__ysion. He also eventually blows up white knight HQ and the order of white knights disband. He returns to the village only to find out that Yoraikun, now an ex-white knight leader, stole the crystalized childhood friend when his spies coincidentially discovered her there, and black knight goes on the hunt to get her back. He infiltrates Yoraikun’s castle and finds a rock resembling the crystal of his childhood friend among other statues of imouto-like characters there! Enraged, he barges into with Yoraikun’s room but Yoraikun kicks butt and has his ex-white knight subordinates throw the black knight into the dungeons where he will meet…Bagelson the lost sage! The lost sage Bagelson discovers the seed of hope within black knight and decides to purify him through secret instruction, eventually turning him into…a divine knight! Shit goes down and the divine knight forces the truth out of Yoraikun regarding his relationship with childhood friend only to find out that he is actually the dark sage, a being that has been kidnapping innocent and gentle girls to petrify them as part of his loosely-related twisted idolization of faubley’s pig king. Lost sage Bagelson just happened to be his mortal enemy and casually locked up there after losing a duel, which has nothing to do with Yoraikun’s kidnap-project. So divine knight blows up in righteous anger and gets a faceoff with the dark sage. Shit happens again and the dark sage goes down but curses the childhood friend before disappearing, which attaches a blue hourglass that will sacrifice her and summon an ancient monster when the timer reaches 0. The lost sage then tells divine knight that only the leader of tang sect has the power to remove the curse and prevent the approaching calamity, so he goes on an arduous trip with the crystalized childhood friend to find castle in the (clear) sky where tang leader lives. Along the way he bumps into Ren, a self-proclaimed bard but actually a “wizard”, and they decide to travel together since he knows the legends of finding the entrance to infernal realm which is the dimension accessible to the castle in the (not-really-clear) sky. They end up becoming close friends fighting through thick and thin, once nearly being destroyed by a certain godeater rat in the infernal plane, and eventually arrive at the castle in the (actually-not-clear) sky. They searched for tang leader who was there doing isolated closed-doors training under the influence of various crystal powers/technologies there, and fortunately he comes out to meet them. He is moved by divine knight’s ordeal and produces a crystal-herb to cure the hourglass-cused, petrified, crystalized childhood friend. It removed the hourglass-curse and crystalization, but she is still petrified. Tang leader says petrification is a power that originates from seutandal, an ancient land that was thought to be lost but recently resurfaced. Divine knight decides to travel there but Ren says he received a prophecy that he will be robbed by a certain money-monger if he goes there, so he leaves the 2-man party. Ren paused for a moment, and decides to give divine knight his only spatial ring to help carry petrified childhood friend, saying that he needs it more than him and by this, he hopes that divine knight will cure the other imouto-chans at Yoraikun’s castle as a favor. Divine knight accepts the quest and enters the dimensional rift tang leader creates for him.

    Okay this…fiction went way longer that expected cuz I was having fun and ima end it here XD disclaimer: all characters are fictional and any similarities with other characters/people are coincidental and unintended!


  11. Normally, Ellie’s side would win, being cash hoars and all, but rhe conversion ratio at the cash shop is shit when you’re still stuck using starter equipment. Imouto levels up faster despite not using cash, which might have to do with not using subpar equipment.


  12. I feel, like it’s all Hitogami’s evil plan to make translators fight each other…

    Did a mosaic guy appear in your dreams recently?

    P.S. I think that violence is bad. And flat is justice! Therefore Taiga will automatically win! Not even Hitogami can do anything ’bout that.

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  13. man… you sure like to picking on him a lot. well but elysion san sure taking this kind of matter seriously to the heart. as long as netizen masked by anonymity there’s nothing you could do about it… well still funny tough that elysion san reacted to every little statement posted here.


    1. The thing about the whole situation is just…. stupid. I understand our Oni-chan, but just let him do his things. If the people are really so stupid and “pay” (what he is doing is not donating anymore) for his “translations” then i can only say that they are stupid. I understand that every translator want some appreciation, but getting money for more chapters just does not sit right with me. It feels wrong.
      Well…. It’s not like i could change anything from here and the fanboys won’t stop just because somebody would tell them to. So i’m sitting here, drinking some beer, eating some stuff and enjoying the shitstorm.


          1. Well, he gets angry pretty easy(for whatever reason). And do me a favor. Don’t answer in japanese. My japanese skills are too low, did not put enough skillpoints in it xD.


  14. The dark knight and the evil god have a tea party in their version of orculus great dungeon, and when both sides white knight’s are tired and exausted from the war between each other the dark knight comes and wrecks everyone while the evil god seizes power and creates a world were everything is decided by games. The sheeprabbit and “the one who shall not be named” are thus exiled to an inescapable white room that is separeted from real space, destined to play chess for eternity until a winner is decided, and if one of them should win, the prophecy says that “The White King of chess will rise once again, and challenge the whole of disboard to [The last game]. But should that happen, a new hero will rise. A hero summoned by the evil god, with skills in games never before seen. This hero will challenge the White King in the ultimate game that will have disboard, and the whole of creation itself at stake. This will spell either the beginning of a new era or the end of everything that is know. But until then, the sheeprabbit and “the one who shall not be named” will keep playing, honing their skills and biding their time, for one day one of them will win and escape their prison. All while the masses keep leisurely playing their games and living their lives, ignorant to what it is to come”.


  15. I’m pretty sure your beam will shoot out and annihilate everything in the end while the OP song starts playing in full blast with 5 different angles of slow-mo shots


  16. So, you and ELY are going to cross spears. This tension between the two of you are finally going to be resolved. Go easy on him and don’t tease him so much. After all, you’re clearly the dominant one and I’m sure you’ll come out on top of him. Fufufu..

    Sorry, can’t help myself.. It was too good an opportunity to miss.. (≧x≦)ゞ


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