Thank you, Anri-sama!

shot316 shot317shot318計画通り女の子


23 thoughts on “Thank you, Anri-sama!”

  1. I cracked up on the little girl’s weird eyes. Also I graduate with my Associate’s today! Thanks so much for blowing away all my stress as soon as I wake up!!


      1. I have no idea how to put a picture here in this box… Please use your imagination to picture Waikiki Shell with Diamond Head in the background – that’s the venue XD


  2. I subscribe to RSS feeds, and I’m sure numerous other do as well, so I’m afraid those numbers are not indicative of anything. You’d be better off going by combines page views from unique IPs (Assuming you have stat tracking).


  3. Congratulation ^J^
    …by the way have you ever watched astro fighter sunred?
    I Watched the first season yesterday and it’s awesome
    If you want to laugh like an idiot i reccomand it


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