Updating the TOCs

Am I in the wrong for not updating my TOCs quickly enough?


No, I’m not.

The RSS feeds are in the wrong for telling you guys about the chapters too quickly! It can’t be helped if my manually updated TOCs lag behind that lightspeed bullshit.


15 thoughts on “Updating the TOCs”

      1. im using rss reader from chrome store, pretty much instant, when i hear i noise i click on the rss popup and im always there before any comments, i just read first before i comment so im always 4 down lol


    1. To be specific: the RSS entries are made pretty much immediately, but the feed sets the default check-in time at one hour. so unless you use a specialised newsreader or override it’s settings, your newsreader will only check every hour or so, and one modded to check too often might be blacklisted as some sort of DOS attack.


  1. Just asking is there no way to make the tos update automaticly for example make it show every post filed under the same category or sonething?


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