57 thoughts on “Accidentally taught Solistia how to search female section of the 18+ syosetu novels”

    1. It’s really quite simple. She was searching on the male-oriented side (nocturne novels) and wondering why it was all rape adventures and slave harems.

      All I did was mention the existence of moonlight novels: http://mnlt.syosetu.com/rank/top/

      I think she’s going to buy the LN version of the top novel or something. She’s busy atm, but I think she might tl it.

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  1. Lol, Este. You have only returned a fish(fujoshi) into the sea, no need to feel bad. But, if solis knows then rei too? 2 High-end fujoshis unleashed. Will this be the true birth of rei-translation?!

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  2. This is the equivalent of dropping a bucket in a certain desolate dwarven city, from a certain movie involing a ring, and saying “te-he☆” when you woke up a certain walking blazing doomsday creature.

    I don’t know if I should thank you or curse you.

    I’ll just stay at the side lines and watch the world burn…


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