Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Tilea ever realise she’s OP?
A: No.

Q: Does Tilea ever stop being dumb?
A: No.

Q: Have you dropped Bathroom Goddess/Tilea’s Worries/Kenkyo Kenjitsu?
A: No.

Q: Have you dropped Evil God Average?
A: No.

Q: Why is your name so long?
A: It reflects my dick length.

Q: Have you dropped At the Northern Fort?
A: No.

Q: Why isn’t your front page a Recent Posts page?
A: Because Recent Post pages are ugly.

Q: Did you know that kobatochandaisukiscan translated Kenkyo Kenjitsu up until chapter 22?
A: Yes.

Q: Why did you translate all of Kenkyo from the start?
A: Because I think his translations are bad and don’t do the series justice.

Q: thanks for the chapter i just want to ask why didn’t you just continue kenkyo kenjitsu from where the previous translator stopped at why retranslate 21 chapters if it were just 2 or 3 it would be normal but 21 why? (translation: I didn’t check the FAQ)
A: Because I think his translations are bad and don’t do the series justice.

Q: Have you dropped Otoburi?
A: It’s super on the backburner. Feel free to pick it up.

Q: Why are all the protagonists on your blog women and trannies?
A: Personally speaking, sometimes it got really annoying reading nothing but stories about Kirito Baruch the Harem Master, especially when so many were (entertaining, but not-very-well written) wish fulfilment vehicles.

Reading stories like the Kenkyo raws and the Heibon translations was really refreshing, and I realised that other readers might also find it nice to have more of that.

And so it’s now a hobby of mine to translate things that might not get picked up by others for lack of harem and OP protag, or at least create teasers for them in the hopes that a stampede of begging leechers will convince another tl out there to translate them.

Q: What’s with your inappropriate blog name?
A: Empirical evidence suggests that people are more fond of imoutos than oneechans, so I’ve essentially sold out to be popular.

Q: What’s with that inappropriate pantyshot header?
A: I like to think of visiting my blog as playing Russian roulette, except instead of a bullet you have social suicide.

Q: You realise that your lewd blog name and panty header are completely at odds with the content of your projects, right?
A: I do not believe that to be the case. Lewdness can be found anywhere as long as your aim is true, and your heart is pure.

Q: So, you’ve been translating all these teasers because?
A: Because they’re generally stories different from the typical ‘isekai OP protagonist owns bad guys and collects women’ stories that most webnovel translators are focused on.

You might think that I’m shirking responsibility by not translating them to the end, but that’s misdirected anger. Please direct that anger towards translators with ‘request’ sections, or those occasional /r/noveltranslations/ posts where a translator is looking for a new project.

If more Moonrune-illiterates realise that there are entertaining webnovels out there that aren’t necessarily just 200 chapters of OP wish fulfilment vehicles running around and collecting 2d female characters, perhaps more of them will be translated.

Q: So what are the *imouto* things I see?
A: They are the most convenient and efficient way for me to introduce line breaks in WordPress. They should be white in colour, and thus invisible. If you can see them, you are probably using some reader-mode or some reader program, which has nothing to do with me.

Q: Where did you get your headers?
A: From my favourite artists on Pixiv, and then a few extra by searching the terms ‘ファンタジー 風景’.

Q: Why is the Wild Last Boss page password protected?
A: Ah! Well, the author didn’t want me translating, but it was a shame to just delete it, so I password protected it!

Q: What are your top eleven Japanese web novels?
A: In rough order (due to changing moods etc.),

(Karin wo Idaita Shoujo)

(Tilea no Nayamigoto)

(Kenkyo Kenjitsu)

(Watashi wa Futatsume no Jinsei wo Aruku!)

無職転生 - 異世界行ったら本気だす
(Mushoku Tensei)

(Toritsukareta Koushaku Reijou)

(Jashin Average)

(Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada wo Te ni Ireru)

(Akuyaku Reijou Koukyuu Monogatari)

(Vermillion; Akaki Goukyuu no Etrange)

(Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami)

I don’t necessarily think they’re the best ten web novels, but each one was ‘exactly what I personally wanted out of their respective genres’.

Q: What do you think of Mexicans?
A: They’re bringing crime. They’re bringing drugs. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

Q: In Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter, you missed a few typos where you spelled some words with extra letters!
A: That’s Rehme’s speech pattern, as she usually slurs her words. However, if you see typos that don’t have Rehme being the speaker, and a letter isn’t written out twice at the end of a word, feel free to tell us!

264 thoughts on “FAQ”

      1. My problem is that there’s generally a lot of overlap between lolicon and imouto’s. I have very little patience for lolicon, so…


    1. I’m an imouto so perhaps I don’t have the right to say anything. Oneechans and Imoutosans both are “Ok!!! You Are All Ok!!! ” with me. Docchidemo ii~ As long as they’re cute, who cares. But are you into oneechans cause of their allure or moe? :3


      1. To be perfectly honest, my preference for onee-chans is rooted in a long standing (and to me, irritating) overlap between loli and imouto in manga, anime and LN/WN’s – I’m simply not a fan of the former, which has lead me to be leery of the latter in such media.

        Also, as a younger brother who has tormented his elder sibling, I am quite aware of how insufferable we can be.

        That said, you are correct that in the end, cute is justice. That above all.

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  1. Oniichan, right now i want to try to learn japanese, do you have any idea how i should learn it, like what i should learn at the beginning


  2. Q: What’s with that inappropriate pantyshot header?
    A: I like to think of visiting my blog as playing Russian roulette, except instead of a bullet you have social suicide.

    this got me in trouble recently in Uni T_T

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      1. so, as I was reading OtoBuri in the project preparation area… refreshing the page while waiting for new chapters then suddenly the panty-shot header pops-up and my best-friend after seeing my phone shouts at our group with *what’s that!? LOOK *** is reading Hentai HAHAHahaha* if I wasn’t gonna borrow money from him at that time then I would have punched him already. *note: my crush was seating at the table across ours.*

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      2. That is canaria23´s own fault.
        Uni is for learning and not for reading novels on your phone.
        You can do that at home, on your way from home to uni and on the way back from uni to home BUT you do NOT do that AT your uni.

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  3. Question: How long have you been learning japanese? Also, do you have any reccomendations on resources and the like for people who wish to learn as well?


    1. 3 years of formal education, and a bunch of time with webnovels and lots and lots and lots and lots of googling/japanese dictionaries/thesauruses.

      As for recommendations, it really depends on what you plan on using your japanese for.

      As the foundation, I would start with learning from here (http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/) while occasionally checking the N5 to N1 grammar lists as rough milestones.

      You can find N5 to N1 here: http://www.tanos.co.uk/jlpt/jlpt1/grammar/usage/

      After you’ve gotten the basic ‘classroom’ level Japanese grammar internalised, what you do next depends on your focus.

      1) If you’d like to use your Japanese with actual people, and plan on being able to converse normally in Japanese, I would suggest that you begin watching a LOT of Japanese dramas without subtitles.
      You definitely also need to find a penpal/language-exchange website, and find somebody willing to talk to you in Japanese. Perhaps in exchange for help with English. Converse on Skype.

      2) If you’re planning on using Japanese in online games and the like, I would suggest by learning a lot of kanji to start with, and then quietly observing Japanese on the internet.
      Chatrooms like http://drrrchat.com/ are a good place to quietly observe their slang and how they talk.
      If you’re planning on playing stuff like PSO2, sitting in the lobby and pretending to be afk while spying on Japs is also a good way to pick up on how people speak on the net.

      3) If you’re planning on using it for manga, then light novels, your best bet would be to start reading shounen manga while learning kanji and vocab. They have a lot of furigana for readings and stuff.

      4) A few years ago, this wouldn’t have even been an option, but if you’re primarily interested in reading web novels, then kanji isn’t really as important. Make sure your grammar is really solid, and then go nuts with rikaichan/rikaikun. As you read more and more, your experience with the grammar used in prose will increase, and you won’t struggle with long sentences anymore.
      As you go on, you’ll also notice that you’ll be able to pick out Japanese phrases/expressions, and will get a feel of whether it’s written like that on purpose, or if that’s just how Japanese ALWAYS phrase an idea.
      Because you’ll be reading a lot, you’ll start to know the words and kanji that appear a lot off by heart as well. It’s a sort of, ‘learning only what’s necessary via exposure’ type thing.

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      1. This is the most detailed reply I’ve had to date for asking for tips. Thank you very much.
        One last question though. When you recommend penpal/language exchange, do you have any websites in mind? I’ve yet to look but if you have a good one I’d appreciate that.


        1. Um, not really. To be honest any will do, but if you really want to look for a good one, perhaps check some Japanese-learning forums?

          Japanese is an incredibly popular language, and there’s a large community and a heap of support for you.

          Just find a good Japanese learning forum, and ask about there. I’m more of an introvert, so I’ve just been doing things myself, but getting involved with a community of learners will make life a lot easier for you.


      2. This is excellent. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been wondering about how can I start translating some of these WN’s that I want to read (for my own enjoyment) but I also don’t want to go about doing it in a half-assed manner.

        Although, it does seem to be easy to use MTL on a per sentence basis and then check it against known grammar rules to see if it makes sense. But I am guessing that such a method will result in some of the craptacular translations that you see out there, huh?

        I’m going to give it some more thought to see how I want to skin this cat, as it were. Is through the blog the only way to contact ya?

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  4. Thank you for translating such a wide variety of material. Because I sadly only speak and read one language, I only know something exists once someone begins translating it. Even if I can’t read the whole thing from start to finish on your blog, I’m able to learn about it and it might even become popular enough for someone else to pick it up. Furthermore, it’s not the same wish fulfillment story over and over again, which is much more interesting. Again, thank you.


  5. Really grateful for you translating Light novels without the whole fulfillment harems,I’m lookin at you Re:monster…
    that aside how much Japanese would one need to know to translate web novels on their own?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Umm, well, to READ requires a lot less, because you don’t need to understand 100% of the lines and words.

      Unfortunately, translating means that you have to get everything right, so generally quite a bit more.

      To translate, I’d say at least N2 level Japanese with familiarity with N1 grammar, and then a bunch of reading experience (like reading a fair amount from five or six different web novel authors).

      If you ever start reading, I suggest you begin with Kenkyo. Very normal vocabulary, has some slang but nothing crazy, and generally have short sentences with simple grammar. What’s more, it’s probably the best Japanese web novel out there (in my opinion) so yeah.

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  6. You are a great person and a good TL thank you for translating so many interesting storys and i agree with you im tired of dense males MC.

    Btw will you be interesed in this story? If not, its good have a good day.


    The hell I am gonna get captured (as heroine)!


    Tired of that magic RPG world and fantasy BS? Try this one, MC dead and reborn as a girl in a dating game world, no magical thingy. MC so obsessed to improve herself that she now became a god-tier mary tsu. But, remembering her memories of being a guy in her former life, she thought a romance interacting with a guy is ‘Ueeeh~ No way! Cute girl is justice though!’


  7. Ahahaha~
    Q: What’s with that inappropriate pantyshot header?
    A: I like to think of visiting my blog as playing Russian roulette, except instead of a bullet you have social suicide.
    All your Answers in this are absolutely amazing; What a fucking legend~


  8. Esteemed Estelion-sama, how do I contact you? I’ve started reading webnovels raw recently using the rikaikun method you suggested (I was referred to by an acquaintance) and I’m thinking of starting to translate myself, amateurly. I wish to pick up some dropped project.

    Please email me at ariared26@yahoo.com


  9. Why do i need a password with the ‘A wild last boss appeared’ teaser, yet not with anything else?

    And how do i get that password??? I’t the one i would like to read the most :D


  10. (Hopefully FA Question:) What other light novels or normal novels would you recommend, that aren’t male power trips which constantly repeat themselves (e.g. Zhan Long), eventually end up as harem things without any real emotional conflict (e.g. Arifureta) and which are not boring RL type things (unless they’re well-written & engaging, e.g. gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun)? By other I mean not already listed on your blog, or on blogs you’ve mentioned often on your blog. By “light novels” I broadly mean any serialized chinese, japanese, or korean novels, but preferably ones that have actual emotional arcs and maybe end. I include novels just because I have no idea what the actual chinese/japanese/etc. sci-fi market possesses and would love it if you did and could tell me.>.> *cough* ありがとうございます。。。


    1. @winterice
      I personally recommend the following…
      douluo dalu – It’s about a guy who gets powerful, however the main character is likable, isn’t a manwhore < (extremely important) and actually has a brain. This is a reborn story where he heavily uses his knowledge from his previous life to aid himself and his team in a world where magic and martial arts are non-existent and instead the power of souls reign supreme. (no ecchi, no harem) http://www.novelupdates.com/series/douluo-dalu/

      Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Female character who gets reborn in a world greatly resembling an online game but as a spider in a dungeon. Think of it as if "counter stop" and "dragon life' combined (but instead as a spider in place of a dragon and it showed you the process of how she becomes stupidly op in the dungeon) I best like to describe the main as "a cutesy, yet op sociopath inhabiting the body of a spider" (no ecchi or harem) http://www.novelupdates.com/series/kumo-desu-ga-nani-ka/

      Shen Yin Wang Zuo – made by the same person who did douluo so it does share some similar themes (op guy, starts from childhood, weak to strong, female lead at same level as male lead, brings in team he fights along side with, lack of harem or ecchi) except it's in a completely different world with different rules and I find that the main is even more likable (if ever slightly more cheaty) and possibly even smarter despite the fact that he isn't a reborn character + the female lead is just short of a yandere (hilariously enough) that doesn't normally get to act out her yandere-ness (unless he gets hurt) because he isn't interested in other girls~ http://www.novelupdates.com/series/shen-yin-wang-zuo/

      Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang – this one is about an extremely smart woman in a time where females where looked down upon. In this, it shows her battle against others with her mind in place of a sword, it's very different from the others I've recommended so far but definitely worth a read if you're wanting something less of brute force and more intellectual. + the main pair are kinda really cute despite the fact that they're enemies.

      Random ones I liked but am too lazy to type a description of:
      http://www.novelupdates.com/series/soshite-shoujo-wa-akujo-no-karada-o-te-ni-ireru/ (reborn, cute female lead)
      http://www.novelupdates.com/series/the-desolate-era/ (resembling duolou and shen yin, different author)
      http://www.novelupdates.com/series/best-to-have-met-you/ (modern romance)
      http://www.novelupdates.com/series/the-strategy-to-become-good-at-magic/ (reborn, female lead becoming powerful)
      http://www.novelupdates.com/series/really-really-miss-you/ (modern romance)
      I'm pretty sure none of them are on this website but I'm too lazy to check~


  11. So I see why “A Wild Last Boss Appeared” is no longer being translated but what is the password to read the three chapters you have? The story seems interesting and I would like to read the chapters you did translated.


  12. Not really here to ask a question but I just wanna thank you for translating all these wonderful stories. Is just that it got so tiring, frustrating and boring to only find translated stories that are only about a reincarnated/isekai high school boy/boys being OP. Or being labeled as weak only to have a secret super OP power, then collecting girls like one does pokemon, beating demon lords etc. So I’m sooooo glad to find this website/blog, it’s just so refreshing to read stories that are not just about being OP, ecchi and harem! So thank you sooo much! <3 <3 <3


  13. The page for Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada wo Te ni Ireru no longer works. Such a shame, I was really enjoying that…


  14. Do you translate line by line ?
    If so could you please let me read some of them? I’m at odds with TLing a lot of the dialog’s, expressions and making the text sound better. Since your TLs sound very fluid I thought it would be good to use as reference.


  15. uh…thanks?
    i read the faq because i was bored—!
    i still haven’t recovered from laughter due to that answer to the question of ‘why is your name so long’!
    hm, that top eleven novels look interesting—!


  16. Q: What do you think of Mexicans?

    How many times did people have to actually ask you that for you to include it in your FAQ ._. like srsly, wth???

    I am honestly assuming this is due to the 2016 elections and trump… like srsly, wtf…


    1. Hey. You can learn the basics of the language via the internet. After that though, you’ll have to practice what you want to use it for.

      My motivations were just to read light novels and stuff. For that reason I really suck at speaking.

      [core stuff you need to learn]

      [supplementary stuff that explains a few things better]

      [checklist for grammar: start at n4/5 and move up to n1]

      [that same checklist but with examples instead of explanations]

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  17. Uh, so I stumbled upon this lovely and totally professional website *Wink Wink*, and I wanted to ask a quick question,

    Question: So I have gotten into Light Novels and Web Novels as of like a week or two ago. As such, I’ve gotten used to new terms and stuff that I wasn’t used to before (Since I mostly watched anime prior to this). I of course noticed some of the stories with the nor or less sub-par translations. I also saw how there were editors for some people, and a thought came to my mind, “What if I become an editor for someone!”. It was a ingenious and golden thought. So I wanna know exactly what the position of editor entails, before I think of stupidly committing to something I don’t know about

    -P.S. It was totally a quick question, I won’t believe otherwise


  18. Thanks for the response, I had mostly been thinking along the lines about that, but the I heard about the machine translation thing yesterday, and wondered if I required something like that


  19. I’m back two weeks later, with another “Quick Question”

    So I have read some of the questions above more or less, but what exactly does it take to become a translator?(This includes if there s any software needed to buy, ect)


    1. Mostly because I swear at least one of them is drawn by Fuzi Choco, but there’s a few others that caught my interest~


  20. Question!
    There are 2 adorable kemonomimi/shippuu girls in the background.
    Do they have names? What’s the source?


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