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A ryoutei (料亭) is a type of luxurious traditional Japanese restaurant. Often used in important dinners or high-class banquets for important business meetings, or in low-key meetings between VIPs, celebrities or statesmen, traditionally ryoutei only accept new customers by referral.

Also a reminder that “Japanese food” in America is not necessarily actual Japanese cuisine. In the same way, “Chinese food” in America isn’t necessarily actual Chinese cuisine either, nor is “Chinese food” in Japan.

Ever since that first day, Gaudy Piercings continued to sit near me. Apparently his real name was Umewaka. “Gaudy Piercings” is enough for the likes of him.

“Hey, hey, Kisshouin-san! Say, you guys at Suiran are all like, ‘Gokigen’yoh’ right? Say it to me too! ‘Gokigen’yoh’~”

Starting the next day I made sure to bring questions and textbooks to read during the breaks. Hopefully if I looked busy enough he wouldn’t talk to me.
Sure, my secondary goal in coming here was to make some friends but it definitely wasn’t going to be those guys.
I continued to concentrate on my questions.

“Woooow. You’re so serious about studying, Kisshouin-san. Oh, you got that one wrong.”


Soon enough it was lunch. The cram school had one after each morning lecture. Almost all of the students went out to buy something to eat. Apparently Gaudy Piercings and his buddies were going outside as well.
I had my own lunch though, prepared by a chef hired by my family.

“Whooooaaa! Kisshouin-san, did your bentou come from a ryoutei or something!?”

…I should have waited for them to leave before opening this. Today’s lunch was a well-balanced square bentou.

“Looks yuuum! Lemme have one?”

Hey cretin, do you really think I would? Let me tell you now that I’m stingy when it comes to food. Especially today. I actually wanted a little bit more than this but because of the diet thing I tried to cut down. You really think there’s enough for you as well?

“Umewaka~ It’s time for us to gooo!” pressed the girl with the short hair.

You hear that? It’s time for you to go.

“Ohh! Bye then, Kisshouin-san!”

Yes, yes, go, go. And don’t come back, either.

I immediately got started on enjoying my tiny, but delicious lunch. The boiled fish was delicious.

It went perfectly with my chilled gyokuro tea.

Gyokuro (Japanese: 玉露?, “jade dew”) is a type of shaded green tea from Japan. It differs from the standard sencha (a classic unshaded green tea) in being grown under the shade rather than the full sun.  Gyokuro is one of the most expensive types of sencha available in Japan.

Anyhow, once the break was over, it was back to concentrating on my studies.

My days at cram school were pretty much a repeat of that.

Until one day, disaster struck.

That Gaudy Piercings stole one of my chakinzushi!

“Whoooooooooooooa! This is suuuuper good! Kisshouin-san, don’t tell me your family actually owns a ryoutei!?”

Chakinzushi… Fresh ingredients mixed with vinegared rice, wrapped in a delicate layer of egg… and something that I only had two of… My chakinzushi…

“Mm? How come you’ve gone all still, Kisshouin-san? Did that maybe give you a shock? Don’t worry, I’ll treat you to lunch as an apology so come eat with us?”

I silently packed my things away, left my chair, and then left the classroom to make a call. My favourite man was busy right now, so I dialled my doormat backup.

“Take me to some good food right now!

I jumped into a taxi and sped to my destination. Waiting excitedly for me at the company headquarters was my doormat tanuki.

“It makes me really happy that you’ve come to visit me. Come in, sit down!”

“Otousama, I only have an hour and a half. Let us hurry up and go somewhere!” I replied before dragging him by the arm.

“Ooh! Got it!”

After getting some quick directions from the secretary, we were exiting into the hallway when I bumped into my real man instead.

“Oh, Reika. Why are you here?” asked Oniisama.

“It seems Reika here wanted to have lunch with me. She came all the way here,” my father replied smugly.

I notice that he particularly emphasised “with me”.

Unfortunately for you, Otousama, you’re just a man of convenience. A foody call, if you will.

Regardless, Oniisama saw us out with a smile. But the whole time that doormat tanuki kept emphasising to all the employees we passed that I was a massive fathercon and saying, “My daughter just wouldn’t stop asking me to go out with her somewhere so I’ll be back after lunch.”

It felt a bit like a public execution. Damn tanuki.

Anyhow, Otousama took me to a high-class Chinese restaurant close by. It was multi-storied, had a nice view, and had private rooms as well, so you could eat in peace. Thanks to that it was popular.
I’m impressed that we even managed to get a reservation on such short notice. Impressed by Otousama’s secretary, that is.

“Don’t wait up, Reika. Eat as much as you want.”

So first I started with my favourites.

Chilli-fried prawns,

Ebi Chili (えびちり ebi chiri?) is a Japanese dish derived from Shanghai-style Szechuan cuisine. It consists of stir-fried shrimp in chilli sauce. It has a history in Japan.

shark-fin soup,

Shark fin soup (or shark’s fin soup) is a traditional soup or stewed item of Chinese cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine served at special occasions such as weddings and banquets, or as a luxury item in Chinese culture.

and scorched-rice with seafood.

Guoba is a Chinese food ingredient consisting of scorched rice. Guoba is also served in soups and stews and prominently featured in Szechuan cuisine. It is known as okoge in Japan.

Otousama had whole-boiled shark fin and Shanghai Mitten Crab fried rice.

Pretty extravagant for just a lunch, Otousama.

In the end we ordered some sides like dim sum as well, and it all became a little too much in terms of volume.
Today was special though. After all, tomorrow I was stuck fasting with Okaasama. It felt like I was having my last meal.

“How’s cram school, Reika?”

“I am giving my all.”

And I had better hurry up and finish this all before my lessons began again.
Speaking of which, I wonder if Otousama leaving so suddenly was a problem. It was worrying to think about. Then again, everybody we passed looked like super-elite professionals, so.

“Are you doing your job properly, Otousama?”

“What are you saying, Reika. Of course I am. Right, Sasajima?”

Incidentally, his secretary Sasajima-san was sitting at the table with us. At first they tried to decline because it was just lunch between father and daughter, but we ordered so much and I had to go soon too, so I asked them to help eat as a favour.

“Yes. The President is extremely busy each day.”

Well of course you’d say that, you’re his secretary. And also I note that “extremely busy” doesn’t necessarily mean “actually getting work done”.

“I hear that you have been training my brother since his days in school?”

“Yes. Takateru-san is truly outstanding. He is presently working with the sales department as well.”

I see. Oniisama did look busy. I wonder if he’s making sure to take lunch breaks.
We continued to talk about Oniisama for a while so Otousama began to sulk a bit. Wow, your immaturity is showing, Otousama.

Now stuffed with food, I thanked Sasajima-san for keeping the time for us and then left my seat. Otousama wanted me to stay a bit longer but I was going to run late for class at this rate.
Speaking of which, shouldn’t he be hurrying back to the company?
Farewell, Otousama! Even if you try to lure me with dessert it won’t work!

I just barely made it back in time for class so all the seats were pretty much taken. I ended up on one of the last chairs in the corner. Which happened to be far away from Gaudy Piercing & co. so I wasn’t unhappy about it. My stomach was unhappy though. I had to use my bag and scarf to hide my tummy from view.


The next day was fasting with Okaasama.
I imagined that we would be training on some dojo deep in the mountains or something but she brought me to a first-class hotel instead.
Apparently we were going to spend the next two days getting into jacuzzis, going to beauty salons, and taking walks in the hotel’s famed garden. “Fasting in style” in other words.

The other people were pretty much all Okaasama’s acquaintances; married women from the upper class. According to her she couldn’t turn down the invitation so she dragged me with her instead. Well yeah, I mean, Okaasama was completely skinny so I don’t suppose she would need to fast.
To think that maintaining a social life would even call on you to fast. Terrible.

After getting a private medical check, the hotel staff explained our itinerary to us. Apparently the hotel would provide water, tea, and rice congee, but we were free to eat out, and they had a pool and gym too.

The women all immediately chose to go to the beauty salon. I ended up going with them as Okaasama’s extra. One rotund older woman brought along a round ojousama. Her name was Narutomi Akimi, and she was 20. We were the only two young participants. Madam Narutomi said that she really hoped we would get along when she introduced us. Akimi-san kind of hid behind her mother with her head hanging.
Wow, kind of shy for somebody older than me. Come on, I won’t bite~

At that moment, Madam Kaburagi gallantly strode in. It was like the whole room started sparkling with her entrance.
That’s right. Apparently this hotel was owned by the Kaburagi group. Apparently she heard that we were participating so she came here to say hello.

Of all things, a Kaburagi hotel…

That was my first thought.

But then I realised that just by being here it was like broadcasting that I was in need of a diet…

Kaburagi couldn’t know. And I didn’t want that dandy Kaburagi Papa to know either.
I guess this is what you call a maiden’s heart.

After Mrs. Kaburagi finished her greetings she spotted me hiding away, so she walked over with a smile.

“Reika-san, I’m glad you’ve come! It’s going to be a difficult two days, but hang in there! I’m cheering for you.”

“Yes, thank you very much…”

Embarrassing. So embarrassing. It was like admitting that I was fat. I’m still in the skinny zone for BMI measurements, okay!
Also after she mentioned cheering for me all the other madams started paying more attention to me. I endured with a forced smile.

After that, Mrs. Kaburagi flashed everybody one last smile before leaving like the wind.


I suppose it’s time to check out our accommodations.

Even if you try to lure me with dessert it won’t work!

Incidentally it was a type of almond jelly called annin tofu.

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Chapter 2 – Evil God Statue – Part 2

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Part 2 – The Evil God Statue Has Activated!

-clang clang clang-

The sound of nails being hammered, rang out through the vicinity.
Horizontal poles were being affixed atop stakes that stood at even intervals.
It was the fence being built around the Evil God Statue.

“Heeey! Bring that stake to your right a bit more.”


“That’s left.”

“So you mean your right!?”

I’m watching over the construction of the fence from where I’m sitting at the feet of the Evil God Statue.
I just thought that I should make sure everything goes right.

At first I was sitting on the pedestal it stood on, but it was a little bit too high for my feet to reach the ground, so I moved here instead.
Sitting on its toes brings me to just the right height for my feet to touch the pedestal.
To be honest, I think I should be helping out with something, but I would just be underestimating it and getting in the way. Not only that, the Pope told me to just sit and watch too, so that’s why I’m contenting myself to observation.

Yup. Observation.
I’m definitely not just spacing out, okay?
Although I’m really just sitting here, not even saying anything.

Anyway, with this fence in place, at least people won’t be able to look up its skirt. Since that’s the case, I’ll just bear with people praying to it.
To be honest, it’s still really embarrassing, which is why I didn’t want it built in the first place, but there’s not much I can do about it now short of destroying it.

“Phew. I guess we’re about ninety percent done?”

“Sounds about right. Just a little more to go.”

“Alright. Let’s finish the last bit in one go.”


But man. What great weather.
The sunlight is warm. There’s a gentle breeze. It’s just all so nice that I’m getting kinda sleep-… Whoa, not good, not good. I almost dozed off.
Even if I’m not doing anything, it’d still be rude to sleep in front of people labouring away.
But telling me not to take an afternoon nap on such a nice day feels basically like torture.

Listening to the rhythmic hammering made me sleepy again.
And a voice began to whisper in my head that nobody would know even if I slept with this mask on.

A vicious battle between willpower and sleepiness unfolded in my mind.






『Evil God Statue has been granted divine protection.』








The sudden voice caused me to awaken with a start.

…Oh crap… I’ve really done it now…
Because of the time that passed as I slept, apparently I went and invoked my divine enchantment skill.

When I looked up, I found a dark cloud enveloping the giant statue.
I decided to evacuate from my position before the darkness reached its feet too.

“? Oi, what the heck is…?”

“Mn? Wha-, oi, oi.”

“There’s something black around the statue of Anri-sama…”

“What the heck is…?”

Perhaps they noticed something was wrong because the labourers all stopped their work to look up.
And while all of them gazed at the statue, the shadow began to fade away.
And when it vanished, what remained was the same Evil God Statue as before. The only difference was that it was now jet black.
And also, looking carefully, there was now an “S” shape carved into its forehead, just like on Tena’s head.
But well, there didn’t seem to be anything too different?

No, no, I can’t let my guard down.

Considering my past experiences with this skill, it wouldn’t be strange even if it had some new effect of spreading miasma, or scaring people witless just by looking at it.

After I came to that conclusion, I turned to look at the workers.
But although they were all standing still, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with them.

Was it just a needless worry? …Just as I breathed a sigh of relief, my vision suddenly went dark.


But when I looked more carefully, the area a bit further away was sunny as usual.


Wondering what was up, I looked up again to find a giant clump of metal slowly… SWINGING TOWARDS ME!? UWAH!?

Diving to the side in panic, I managed to escape the clump by a hair’s breadth.
No sooner had I done so, that metal lump… or rather, the Evil God Statue’s right foot, came rumbling down on the pedestal. It happened so violently that cracks ran through it like a spiderweb.

Oh crap, oh crap. I almost got turned into a pancake.

But the situation didn’t end there.
This time it was the left leg that rose up, and stepped down onto the ground itself. The whole thing was so heavy that even the metal pedestal was cracked, so this time the foot sank into the ground and caused a tremor to spread beneath our feet.

“………You’re kidding.”

With my butt still on the pedestal, I looked up in a daze at the giant me statue and finally understood what was going on.

That massive Evil God Statue (E.G.S.) had started to walk.

The situation had far exceeded just a statue that caused fear or miasma. What was happening was just way too insane.
But unfortunately it didn’t stop at just two steps, and continued walking ahead.





I’m not sure if they understood what was happening, but the frozen workers all dashed away madly.
Only a few seconds later, one corner of the fence had been crushed flat by the E.G.S..
Having said that though, it didn’t seem to be doing it on purpose, and all this was probably just a result of it trying to move forward.
The reason I almost got crushed earlier was probably just because I was standing on the pedestal.

As for how on earth it was moving, I still had no idea. The only visible change was its colour, so it shouldn’t have had any joints.
But that wasn’t even my biggest concern.
The biggest concern was obviously that a massive statue the height of a five story temple was walking about.

And walking without stopping at all.

At this rate, this thing was going to walk right out of the country. And I couldn’t even imagine much trouble I’d be in if that happened.
But I didn’t have any way to stop it either.

“OOH!? Anri-sama! Where are you going!?”

Nowhere, okay?
To begin with, that’s not even me.

I wanted to hit this idiot Pope over the head after he started screaming nonsense at the statue, but I endured the urge and walked up to him to tug at his sleeve.


He turned around and then tilted his head in confusion.
But this wasn’t the time to nitpick at details.
I cut straight to the point.

“Please have somebody chase after that statue.”


In order to form a plan to stop it later, I need to know where it’s going, and what it’s going to do.
If we lose track of where it is, it’s going to become far harder to deal with it.
Although the Pope had been excited by the moving E.G.S., my serious tone caused him to gasp and change his attitude.
It seems that he understood that I was panicked.
And in order to determine its destination, he quickly had the people around prepare to chase after it.

“I have sent a number of people to chase after the Divine Statue, so I expect a report will come to us shortly. Please stay in the Temple, Anri-sama.”


But although I thanked him, I continued to stare anxiously at the E.G.S., which had now gotten so far away that only the head remained visible.

What’s going to happen…

And although I wanted to hold my head in terror at how dark my future was looking, all I could do was continue to watch as it left.


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Chapter 2 – Evil God Statue – Part 1

You can thank Xiaoxiao Novels for reminding me that I still had work to do… and stuff to publish.


Part 1 – A Dangerous Evil God Statue

This is a story that takes place while the Black Rose Mansion was still being built.


◆  ◆  ◆


One day, the Pope called me out to the side of the Evil God Temple.
In other words… where a certain massive statue was being built. A massive statue that boasted the same five-story height as the temple, and that happened to look just like me.
Right now it was being completely covered in cloth so you couldn’t see inside, but once you removed the cloth, there’s a good chance its dignity could even be seen from town.

…This guy just stirs up trouble.

“Well then, Anri-sama. Please have a look at the completed statue,” said the Pope in gorgeous priests clothes, as he gripped the corner of the cloth with one hand.
The reason I was called out here today was because he wanted me to be the first to see it finished.
To be honest, I get the feeling that it should be the divine “me” that was called out here, but I guess I’m here as the representative since it would be insane to call out a god.
Really, I wanted to run, but since I owed him a favour for helping me with the house, I really couldn’t refuse. That’s why, unwilling though I was, I forced myself to come.

“Now then, I shall unveil the cloth! This is the moment that the world will fall on its knees to the glory of our god’s divine form!”

Nobody is kneeling to anything.
I couldn’t help but comment in my mind, but the Pope proudly unveiled it all the same. The white cloth fluttered in the air and exposed the giant statue to the light of day.

On a pedestal of about a metre tall stood a collossal bronze figure.
The form of the deity worshipped in this nation――in other words, me――stood as a massive bronze statue, reproduced so faithfully that an observer could see glimpses of the obsession that went into its creation.
The figure was wearing the same black death rose dress that I was still wearing, and it was so realistic to behold that it seemed like not even a crease had been overlooked.

…And it was extremely embarrassing. Thank goodness I wore a mask.

“How is it, Anri-sama?”

I found the Pope staring my way with sparkling eyes.
I know that he really wants to know. After all, he’s the one who came up with the thing. But his enthusiasm is really troubling.
I could feel my face cramping up, but at the very least I couldn’t find fault with the statue itself.
It was actually so flawless that I found myself wishing he would direct his talents somewhere less useless.
What’s worse was that he was managing the country properly, so it made it all the harder to complain about this.

But well, since it really was well done, I decided to give him a reply… or so I was thinking, when I suddenly noticed one problem.

“? Anri-sama? Is something the matter?”

“There’s something I wanna check.”


The Pope stared at me in confusion, but I ignored him and approached the statue.

What I wanted to check was none other than the dress that this statue, this Evil God Statue, was wearing. Ah, but I don’t mean that the dress itself looked wrong.
The problem went the other way.
I was worried because it was so similar to my real one.

The black death rose dress that I was wearing was sleeveless and jet black, with a rose pattern at its breast.
It was originally a normal dress, but my divine protection dyed it black.
Naturally its defensive power and resistances increased by shocking amounts too, but there was one last thing that changed about it.

What was dangerous about it, was the design.

There was a pretty deep slit cut into the skirt portion of the dress, and you could see my legs peeping through it. If I wasn’t careful, you’d get a shot of my panties too.
And because of that same divine protection, even my underwear had changed to something dangerous.
So dangerous that parts underwear were made to cover were laid bare instead. Definitely not something I could ever let people see.

And so, you can see what I was worried about.
The dress was perfectly replicated, and the slit was alive and well.
Since it’s a statue I’m not really sure if it counts as showing skin, but the point was that you could definitely see its legs.

Well, that much could still be considered tame.
I mean, it’s not as tame as I’d like, but let’s leave that for now.

The real problem was what lay above it.
It can’t be that he actually replicated even my underwear, right? If he did, the problem would change to how on earth he saw it, but anyway, the point is, looking at the way the statue was made, you would expect the underwear to be done too.

Feeling equal parts anxiety and curiosity, I walked up to its feet and looked right up.
Looking up at it like this really drove in how huge it was.
Because of how big just everything about it was, you could even climb in through the slit.

Uh, no? I won’t though.

Only, even if you didn’t climb in, as long as you stood right next to it, it was a simply matter to peer in.


What filled my vision as I looked upwards was a completely realistic upskirt. And although they were different to what I had on, the panties were still incredibly risqué.
What on earth was he thinking when he decided to have the Evil God Statue wear these? I honestly wanted to question “Why! Why! Why!” at him for an hour.
But well, it was obvious that whatever answer he gave would just confuse me more, so I decided I didn’t want to ask after all.

But wow, there weren’t any people here right now, so it was all well and good, but did this mean heaps of people were going to see this?
That was a bit of a… or rather, a huge embarrassment.
I mean, it was just a statue so it wasn’t like they were actually looking up my skirt.
I knew that.
I knew that, but it was just so realistic that it felt like my upskirt was being displayed to the world.

“Is there anything wrong with it?”


I couldn’t help but stare when he asked me that again.
But as usual, he showed no signs of flinching from my mystic eyes. Not only that, he didn’t even seem to question my resentful gaze, and simply tilted his head in confusion.

Damned pervert.

But well, even if I call him that, he didn’t see me as a woman at all.
It’s kinda rough to say this about myself, but I already knew that I had turned into a being way beyond that to him.
You could say that the way he saw me was as safe as things got.
But that just made it completely puzzling that he would choose such a thing. It was a bit scary to ask, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Why, did you choose this kind of underwear?”

“Huh? Underwear… you ask?”

I asked him without beating around the bush, and after giving me a blank look, he replied,

“Naturally I could not ask you to model for it yourself, Anri-sama…”

Well yeah. Modelling is a pain, and even if I did do it, there’s no way I’d let you peek up my skirt.

“And so because it could not be helped, I consulted your esteemed friend, Leonora-sama, on what kind of design would be best.”


What on earth have you done.
No, I mean, it’s true that my underwear is outrageous, and she knows that too. So well, maybe you could say that she was already picking a modest design for me, but to begin with it’s not like I wear these types of things because I want to, and she should know that too!
Could it be that this is revenge because I forgot to dispel the cursed Tena doll…?
Ah, I mean, well, I do feel sorry about that, but…

“Is there some problem about the design of the underwear?”

“…It’s embarrassing to have people see.”


I meant to object, but considering his half-hearted reply, I wasn’t sure if I got the point across.

“It is my humble opinion that there is nothing to be embarrassed about at all, but may I ask what the problem is?”

Considering his serious expression, apparently he wasn’t kidding.
I guess he really didn’t see me as a woman.
But if I didn’t make myself extremely clear, statue or not, there was a good chance that I was going to suffer the torture of having a giant upskirt view of me displayed to the masses.
But it was already completed, so it would probably be difficult to close up the slit, or build a more modest statue.
So at the very least, I wanted to avoid people peeking in from up close.

“I don’t want people too close to it.”

“!? I see. You certainly are an esteemed personage. It would not do to have people come too close.”

That wasn’t exactly what I meant, but well, good enough.

“Build a fence around the thing, and please don’t let people near its feet.”

“I understand. I shall immediately set out to do so.”


With that, the Pope bowed reverently to me, before hurriedly running off somewhere.
Anyway, with a fence in place, at least they wouldn’t be looking straight up at it. I guess that’s good enough.
But hm, since I may as well, perhaps I should make sure he builds it right.

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Schizophrenia – Chapter 21

For those that haven’t read the last chapter (I forgot to tag it in the Haunted category when I posted) you can find it here. Enjoy Chapter 21!

(Also I feel the real April Fool’s joke here is that I’m actually releasing content, two whole chapters too, go figure)



—Hey, what’s wrong with you. You okay?

—Ahh, Lilia… I’m already done for…

—Eh, hey wait… What’s wrong?

Hearing that truly strained voice made Lilia’s expression pale. She had never before heard such a meek voice from Sakura. She waited anxiously for Sakura’s response.

—Green peppers, bitter…

She lowered her gaze and looked at the fried vegetables. There were green peppers in it.

—Just, with this…? I didn’t really taste much of the green peppers though…

—You did taste it… Lilia you meanie…

Hearing that usually energetic voice continue to sink, it made Lilia worry as well. While feeling sorry, she apologised in her head.

“Lilia, what’s wrong?”

It was Tina’s voice. Not knowing how she should answer, Lilia ended up shutting her mouth. Even so the worry in Tina’s eyes didn’t go away, and Lilia gave a small sigh.

“I’m sorry, Tina. I just remembered some urgent business, so I must excuse myself here.”

She hadn’t even managed to eat half of her dinner yet. In fact, her appetite was still unsatisfied, but she couldn’t just keep going with Sakura in this state. Lilia rose from her seat and showed a smile to the dumbfounded Tina.

“I’ll say this now, but please rest assured that this isn’t because of anything you did. Well then, see you later.”

Lightly waving her hand, she departed. After exiting the dining hall, Lilia hurried to her room.

Lilia rushed into her bedroom and, upon returning to her room, pulled out a drawer from the table. In there was a small cloth bag. It was of simple make, but the material itself was high class. Lilia opened it and checked the contents. There was a sizable amount of copper and silver coins inside. With a small nod, she called out to Sakura.

—Sakura. Can you hear me?

—Nn… What is it?

There was a response, but it was still just as weak. She didn’t think a single piece of green pepper could have caused her to become like this.

—We’re going to head out now.

—That so…

—Is there anything you want to eat? Though we can’t go too far.


The energetic voice rang in her head momentarily. How mercenary thought Lilia as she smiled wryly, leaving the room. She soon ran into Alisa.

“Mistress Lilia? It’s already late so, I think it best to hold off on going outside…”

“R-right… I understand.”

Her cheek stiffening, Lilia dejectedly returned to the room. That Sakura’s energy that she finally managed to restore all faded out again was also apparent.

—Uuu… There is no God or Buddha huh…

She didn’t understand the meaning, but the lamentation was clearly conveyed.

“By the way Mistress Lilia.”

Keeping the door open until now, Alisa opened her mouth. Dubiously turning around,

“It’s a visitor.”

Behind Alisa, there stood Tina.

“Tina? What’s wrong? What about dinner?”

It hadn’t been too long since she left from the dining hall. So why was Tina already here? Lilia wondered while waiting for her words, when Tina timidly presented the thing in her hands.
It was a small paper bag. Though thinking it strange, she approached Tina and received the bag. Looking inside, there was a mandarin like fruit.

“Umm… Dinner, didn’t seem to be to your tastes so… Please have some of this.”

And then she vigorously lowered her head in apology. Lilia was flabbergasted as she opened her mouth, it ending up lamely hung open.

“Well, I’ll be heading back to the dining hall then. See you later, Lilia.”

Saying so she made to leave the room. Lilia hurriedly called her for her back.


“Eh…? What’s wrong? Ah, is it that you dislike fruits as well?”

“Of course not. Just… Today, there really was something unexpected that came up. If it’s alright with you, please do invite me again sometime?”

In fact, she felt that the dinner itself was quite tasty. If not for Sakura, she probably would have finished it all. As expected, the place would be somewhat difficult for Lilia to enter alone, so she wouldn’t think of going again without being invited by Tina.
Tina seemed to be blankly befuddled, but before long, an instant smile came to her face.

“Yup! I’ll invite you again sometime!”

And so, she waved her hand and left. Seeing her off, Lilia let out a sigh of relief as she closed the door.

—Lilia! Mandarins! I don’t know if they’re actually mandarins but! Mandarins! Let’s eat!

Instantly, Sakura’s voice rang out in her head. Lilia smiled wryly and held out the paper bag to Alisa.

“Sorry, but could you prepare a few of these?”

“Yes. Certainly.”

And so as she stuffed her cheeks with the fruit Alisa peeled,

—Ahh, it’s delicious, I’m in heaven…

—Oh you…

Slowly savouring the flavour, she smiled wryly. Somehow interpreting that smile, Alisa also beamed affectionately.

The next day. Going to the first floor entrance, Tina was there just like yesterday waiting for Lilia. However, perhaps minding the matter with The Prince from yesterday, she only exchanged her greetings.

—What’s with that girl. She waited for me just to say hi?

—What a good girl.

—What a waste of time.

—Lilia’s thinking never changes eh!

Sakura was lamenting over something again, but she probably didn’t need to pay it any mind. She briskly headed for the school building.
The school building was beside the dormitory. A three story stone building, it was made to be quite a large structure. Lilia’s classroom was on the second floor. She still kept her brisk pace walking through the hallways. There wasn’t actually any need to hurry that much, but it couldn’t be helped that she felt she was drawing the gazes of the students around her. This wasn’t just an overly self-conscious imagination either, as when she actually looked at the people she felt gazes from, they would hurriedly avert their gazes when she met their eyes.
The following act from The Prince’s engagement annulment was all the uproar from yesterday after all. It was obvious that she would gather a lot of attention. If only it had happened somewhere where there were less people, but it’s a bit too late for that now.



(Author’s Note)
I’ve always been wanting to write that scene where she’d shriek from eating green peppers.
I’ve gone through my stock. It’ll be back to normal from tomorrow.


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Reika-sama – 088

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The joke is that it took me over a month to release this because I finished it two weeks ago but then went to sleep and forgot I ever did it! HA HA HA!

Are you guys laughing too?

The results for the finals were out. Naturally my name was nowhere to be seen.
The top-three were the same as ever. Kaburagi, Enjou, and Wakaba-chan in that order. Wakaba-chan really is such a smart cookie. You’re amazing, Wakaba-chan~ This is going to make some people really unhappy though…
Oh! And Fellow Stalking-Horse dropped to 7th! Are you being a little careless about your studies, my comrade?! I’m not that smart so it’s up to you to drag up the Stalking Horses, okay? You’re the hope of our village. As candidate for next village head, you need to make us proud.
Anyhow, I ended up at rank 86. Uguh, it’s so bad that I can’t even talk about it! At this rate I might actually end up in the triple digits. Better take the summer studies seriously. Studying, dieting, spiritual training… This summer is going to be busy.

“Hey,” Kikuno suddenly said. “How about we all go somewhere together this summer?”

Ehhhh! An outing with friends! That sounds wonderful!

“Do you think we’ll be able to book anything in time?”

“My, what if you simply came to my family’s villa?”

The girls began kicking up an excited fuss.
Since we basically all have villas, they started discussing which one we were going to use. I’d better ask my family as well.
I mean, I’m assuming that I’m included of course. I am, right? Right? I mean, I’ve got a villa too, so let me into the conversation?


On the last Sunday before the summer break officially began, Sakura-chan and I went to do that Zazen meditation I mentioned.
First the Zen Master taught us how to sit and meditate properly, and then had us enter the temple. I was happy to find that it was cool inside. I don’t think I would have been able to meditate if it was humid.
I couldn’t manage the full lotus position so I sat down in the half-lotus instead, and half-closed my eyes. Focus. Control your breathing. Control your heart.
I mean the breathing part is fine and all but controlling my mind~? Weird thoughts kinda keep popping up.
Or so I thought, but with the room so quiet my mind started to calm down. My heart quieted down, and my eyes began to close.
Ah-, Zen Master-san suddenly stood behind me. Could he tell I was falling asleep? I leant to the left so that he could tap my shoulder with his stick. It hurt less than I’d expected. Was he holding back because I was a frail girl? But thanks to that I was getting sleepy again…


By the end of it I was so drowsy that my body was swaying all over the place. I can’t even remember if he hit me again.

After a thirty minute session of that, we had some tea and then the Zen Master gave us a sermon. Then it was onto rewriting sutras. Wow, I thought it was just going to be the meditation.
I placed the paper on top of the original and then began to trace it. Oh. This was easier than I thought. I used to do the same thing for writing practice as a child.
Turns out it wasn’t that easy. Zen Master-san told us that by tracing this our hearts would be revealed. I looked at Sakura-chan’s perfect kanji, and then looked at some of the weird squiggles on mine. I’ll bet this one over here happened while I was thinking about the Japanese-style café we’d be going to after. My mind really is filled to the brim with worldly desires, isn’t it.
After submitting our copies to the temple, our day at the temple was brought to a close.

“Reika. You didn’t learn a thing, did you,” said Sakura-chan, the very moment we reached the café. Oh. I had originally planned to reflect during the training, hadn’t I.

“Seriously, because of all the smacking sounds coming from the side I could barely concentrate myself. And I swear you started rocking back and forth near the end too…”

“That was a test of your heart and spirit, Sakura-chan. If something so little can sway you from the Path then I don’t know what to say to you.”

“…He should have smacked you with a real cane instead.”

I was just reciting what the Zen Master had said. And a real cane would have actually hurt.

“And today was so easy because I deliberately chose a mellow place for you, okay. Had we gone to one of the hardcore places you’d be tenderised steak right now.”

“Ehh~ But you got hit too.”

“I asked him to.”

Wow, you’re amazing.

“Well? Did you reflect at all…?”

She sighed as I stared at the sweets menu.

“Guess not, huh.”

You’re wrong. I was just looking, that’s all. I wasn’t planning on eating at all, I swear.

“Ahh~ Nirvana isn’t such an easy place to get into, you know~”

“I hope you fall onto the path of the chubster.”

Stop that. Don’t you remember what Mr. Zen Master said? Words have power so you shouldn’t say cruel things to others, remember? How are you going to take responsibility if I really turn into a fatty?

“Look, you really need to start exercising, Reika. How about that hot yoga stuff, or maybe aerial yoga?”

“You sure do love yoga, Sakura-chan.”

I’ve been doing my best with sit-ups and hula hoops, and I can just do yoga at home. If I’m going to go out of my way then maybe some other sport would be better.
Anyhow, I somehow managed to restrain myself from ordering one of the Japanese-styled sweets and forced myself to settle with a cold matcha drink instead.
When I don’t eat my tummy shrinks. But it swells again the moment I do. Geez, this is why it’s so easy to get careless~ It feels like I’ll lose weight as soon as I start eating less.
But I was determined to stick to my guns this time. That time with the pregnancy misunderstanding was a huge shock. I was actually still pretty depressed about it.
I sealed away the dress from that day too. It had to be part of the problem.
And when I sit down my flab comes out, so I was sitting with my stomach clenched at all times.

“Say, Sakura-chan? Do I look too old?”

“Huh? No? Your face has been getting rounder these days so if anything you look awfully young. Don’t worry about it.”

So my face has been getting rounder…


Today was the first day of my summer cram school.
And wow, was this on a different scale to my middle school one.
We were allowed to sit wherever so I picked a middle seat, a bit further back than average.
I wonder if there are any Suiran kids. Hmmm. Everybody looks so smart.

While I was looking around, a group of boys and girls took the seats next to me. They all seemed to be friends. Whoaa… What is this feeling unbelievable sense of isolation.
The bag of the boy next to me steadily encroached on my territory. But he had his back to me and was completely focused on the conversation with his friends. Why am I feeling so ignored.
Oh no. The trauma from my remedials…
Just as I was moping, the boy suddenly laughed like crazy and smacked me with his hand. Ow…

“Ah, soz.”

“…It is fine.”

More importantly, I’d appreciate it if you noticed your bag as well.

“Whoa! This chick is like a total rich girl ojousama!”

“And her hair is done up so neatly~”


“Hey, hey, what school you go to?” asked the boy behind me.

And he had a bunch of earrings too. So gaudy.

“…I attend Suiran.”

“Whooooooooa! Suiraaan! Total rich girlll!”

I don’t know what was so interesting about it but they all seemed really intrigued.
And although the girls had smiles on their faces, I could see them secretly appraising me. Scary…

“Hey, so what’s your name?”

“…My name is Kisshouin Reika.”

“Even your name sounds rich! Dooope!”

…What the hell.
…I picked completely the wrong seat.
No, I picked completely the wrong cram school.
This has got to be the first time I’ve ever been treated so carelessly in all my time as Kisshouin Reika.
This has got to be the worst treatment I’ve had short of that pregnancy incident. I have complete confidence that if I drew a fortune right now it would say “Huge Curse”.

“C’mon, cut that out. You’re troubling the poor girl. The ojousama of Suiran are just totally different from us, you know?” said one of the guys next to Gaudy Piercings.

The girls started staying stuff like “Yeah, guys~ Cut it out~” as well.

Hmph! As if anybody thinks you mean it!

I played up my indifference and began looking through my coursework. It was time to make use of the mindset I cultivated at the temple!
But despite my best efforts, the idiot behind me wouldn’t stop pulling and playing with my hair! My hair of all things! Had we been born an era earlier I’d imprison you in the goddamned Bastille for that!
And who the heck pulls on a girl’s hair! Are you actually a high schooler? Are you actually?
The final straw was the fact that when class actually started all of the idiots around me turned out to be way smarter than I was.


That’s it. The moment I get home I’m performing a salt-exorcism on all four sides of my room.

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Schizophrenia – Chapter 20

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There were two dining halls located in the first floor of the dorm. The first was built as a large hall, used by most of the students living in the dorm. The other one was a size smaller than the first, but it was for the exclusive use of the upper class nobles. According to the school regulations, on school premises, a person’s status was irrelevant. However looking at the students’ rooms and dining hall, it was clear that the upper class nobles were treated differently after all.

This was the first time entering the larger dining hall for Lilia. Because she normally used the other one, coming here in the first place was impossible. Since that was the case, it was probably natural that the entire room fell quiet when she came in.
Lilia slowly swept her gaze across, through the quieted dining hall. Anyone that met her gaze all flusteredly averted their eyes. Feeling some discomfort, she thought it might be best to give up and go back after all when,

“Lilia, what’s wrong? Come let’s go.”

Came Tina’s voice. Turning around, she met eyes with Tina who was looking at her with a smile. Not avoiding her gaze in the slightest, a cheerful smile.

“Yes, you’re right. Let’s go.”

The corners of Lilia’s mouth also ended up lifting up into a smile. The discomfort and such felt just earlier were cleanly erased and forgotten.
Countless long tables were lined up in the dining hall. Not paying any mind to the hushed atmosphere, Tina headed inside. Finding two seats together, she beckoned to call Lilia over.
Not giving notice to the quietness was probably a courtesy towards Lilia. Just when she was feeling somewhat grateful for that,

“You just sit tight here Lilia. I’ll go to order. Nevertheless, I wonder why it’s so quiet here today?”

Wrong. She actually just didn’t notice anything in the first place.

—Perhaps this girl, is somewhat of an airhead?

—I wonder about that huh.

“Lilia, I’m ordering for you too, so what would you like?”

“I’ll leave it to you. I’ll just have what you’re getting.”

“Got it. I’ll be right back!”

Saying that, Tina headed for the inner part of the dining hall where the counter was. Behind the counter was a crowd of cooking staff, where you ordered and received your food to bring back to your seat. The food in the dining hall was all free of charge and you could ask for more helpings as you please.
Sinking into her seat, Lilia slowly let out her breath. The surrounding students were finally starting to talk normally again. With the attention on her letting up, she could finally calm down.
Incidentally Alisa was not with them. Saying that she didn’t want to be a bother, it seems like the girl headed for the dining hall outside of campus.
Lilia casually looked around. At some point many of the seats in front and to her sides had been vacated. Lightly glancing around, there was a group holding their food trays quickly moving away. They had probably run away in fear of Lilia. She ended up feeling just a tinge of loneliness from that.

—Tina really is a good girl huh.

—Yeah… I won’t become like that though.

—Yeah no I’m definitely not looking for that. That sort of Lilia would be kinda gross.

—I’m really gonna get angry you know?


As she was chatting with Sakura in her mind, Tina returned carrying two trays. Placing one in front of Lilia, Tina sat down beside her. On the trays Tina brought over were two menu items, steaming warm white rice and fried vegetables with meat.

—No matter how you look at it isn’t this treatment a bit too unwelcoming!

—I was under the impression that it was just a difference in rooms… So this is the kind of dinner they have over here.

The food wasn’t even brought to over for them. Looking at the students sitting a bit away from them, their food wasn’t too different from Lilia’s.

“What’s wrong, Lilia?”

At Tina’s question, Lilia hurriedly shook her head. Putting on a smile, she replied that it was nothing.

After offering their thanks for the meal, Lilia’s movements came to a halt. She was lost as to how she was supposed to eat the meal. In the first place, there was no knife and fork. What were these two strange sticks for?

“Ah, perhaps Lilia, you’ve never used chopsticks before?”

“Ahh… That is true. I’ve not.”

“I see… I probably should have asked for something else. What to do…”

“Tina. Let me see how you use it. I’ll learn from watching.”


Tina looked lost for a moment, but quickly regained her focus and nodded. She held the things called chopsticks for Lilia to see. With an unfamiliar holding method, the chopsticks moved with the movement of Tina’s fingers and actually picked up a piece of the fried vegetables for Lilia to see.
Nodding in understanding, Lilia tried to imitate Tina’s movements. Perhaps due to this being her first time it was quite difficult, but after moving the sticks repeatedly she managed to get the hang of it. Just like Tina, she picked up a piece of the fried vegetables and brought it to her mouth.

“Yeah. It’s not bad.”

Lilia nodded in satisfaction, while beside her Tina really seemed befuddled this time.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, umm… Lilia, you seem to be really clever or… Even though it took me quite a while to be able to properly use chopsticks…”

“Is that so… This thing…”

Moving the chopsticks around, Lilia muttered disinterestedly. She quickly returned to eating.

—Somehow, Lilia you really seem to be a bundle of talent or something… Quite impressive. Maybe it’s because of your good memory?

—My, nothing will come of your flattery though.

—The personality is horrible though.


Lilia’s face twitched at the layering of sarcasm in their conversation. Remembering that there were gazes from the surroundings on her, she quickly hid her expression. She forcibly covered it with a smile.

“How is it, Lilia? The food over here.”

“Well… It really is food for commoners, but it’s not bad.”

She didn’t think that simply frying random vegetables and meat together could make something taste as good as this. It was probably also due to the fact that she wasn’t too familiar with eating such things, but the freshness of the experience was quite delicious. It might be good to come again at the next opportunity, she thought as she carried the vegetables to her mouth,



Sakura’s shriek made Lilia give a loud shout that surprised even herself. Tina stopped moving as she stared at Lilia with her eyes dotted in surprise, and their surroundings were also examining Lilia’s expression wondering what had happened. When Lilia calmed down, driving away the surrounding gazes,

“It’s nothing at all, ohohoho.”

Even she felt that line unnatural, but now wasn’t the time to be worrying about that. Lilia called out to Sakura.



(Author’s Note)
From the time I created that setting, I’ve been wanting to write this scene the entire time.
…It ended up being cut off though.


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Turf War – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – The Fiend’s True Colours – “Wow, I’m feeling so worn out.”


I ran through the streets shouting my beloved sister’s name.

The Fiend was coming!

I sprinted with all my might to save Timu from being a meat slave.

I was heading straight for the Academy. My surroundings turned into a blur as I ran.

Yaaah! I’ll break Mach 1 if I have to!

I arrived at the Academy in no time. It felt incredibly fast even for myself. Did I just teleport? I think I might have broken a record. I could probably make nationals.

Now that I was here, I had a look around. The other students seemed to be on the way home. I found myself in the midst of cheerful students.

But where was Timu?

I continued searching the academy grounds but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Could she already have gone home? Did I pass her on the way here…?

I decided to ask somebody about it.

“U-Um, excuse me?” I called out to a sweet-looking girl in a ponytail.

“Is something the matter?”

“I’m looking for my sister. Do you know a girl called Timu?”

“Hmmm. I wish I could help you but with just a name… There are thousands of other students…”

“Ah, then I’ll describe her. She’s a cute girl about this tall, with red eyes and silver hair――”

“Hiie! S-Silver hair!? D-Don’t tell me, C-Camilla-sama…?”

Hu-, Huuuh? How did silver hair turn into “Camilla”?

Wai-! D-, Don’t tell me!

“S-Saaay, is that silver-haired girl forcing people to call her Camilla?”

“Y-, Yes. By now everybody at school knows. At first people thought she was an oddball for trying to use the name of that legendary demon. But gradually the students, and even the teachers began to acknowledge Camilla-sama…”

“O-, Oh my god…”

“Ah!? P-Please don’t misunderstand! I-I’m not trying to talk bad about C-Camilla-sama at all! F-Forgive meeeeee!” screamed the girl as she dashed off.

“Ah-, wai-, hey-, aah geez…”

Well, I already pretty much knew what was going on.

Timu, you…

You’ve really done it now…

Timu was going around introducing herself as Demon Camilla. She’s a chuunibyou so of course she was. Normally nobody with a lick of common sense would let that pass.

But right now Timu’s homeroom teacher was Edim’s kin(Jayjay). I can see it now. Timu ⇒ Edim ⇒ Jayjay

Ah, god, that idiot! At this rate your graduation certificate is going to say Camilla as well, you know!

You might be happy with that now but you’ll regret it in the future! You’ll regret it so badly that you can’t help but squirm on your bed, okay!

Oh goodness, another thing to worry about. But I could deal with that later. Right now I had to deal with the Fiend first.

I continued searching the campus for a while but there was still no sign of Timu. Her bag wasn’t in her classroom either, so I was starting to think she wasn’t here.

Did we really pass each other by?

I decided to try searching the way home, this time taking shortcuts and detours into account as well…

Before long I spotted two girls walking down a narrow lane. One of them had glittering silver hair! Timu!

T-Thank goodness. I made it in time before she bumped into the Fiend.

I approached the pair with a smile on my face.

Timu seemed to be getting along with the brown-haired girl next to her. Looking carefully, the brown-haired girl was Edim, and she was carrying Timu’s bag――――wai-, Timu! You’re making your friend carry your stuff?

Speaking of which, it feels like Edim is always carrying her bag. Ah, geez. Edim is a nice girl so I don’t think she cares but if you stay so overbearing you’ll lose all your friends, Timu. I’d better have a long talk about this as well.

But first…


“Why if it isn’t Oneesama!” she said with a bright smile.

My sister really is adorable. I can’t let the Fiend hurt this smile.

“Timu, it’s a bit sudden but you can’t go home. The Fiend might attack you.”

“Oneesama, what might this “fiend” be…?”

“It’s Or. He’s been playing the nice guy all while planning to trap us!”

“Wha-!? Damned Ortissio again!?”

Timu seemed shocked. Yeah. I was shocked too. Ortissio, the scion of a major noble family. A bourgeois just like the Fiend. A wolf in lamb’s skin just waiting to turns us sisters into meat slaves.

“It’s hard to believe, right?”

“Unforgivable! Damned Ortissio! Give him an inch and he takes a mile!” shouted Timu.

“O-Ortissio-sama was planning a rebellion…?”

Edim seemed to have trouble believing it as well. Yeah. If Mum hadn’t told me I’d have never noticed either. Oh no! Mum! I left her with the Fiend! Oh no. I told her not to talk to him but what if in her worry for us she tries to do it anyway. I have to get back!

“That’s how it is, so you need to find somewhere to hide, Timu. I’ll head back now and――”

“No, dealing with my failure of a kin is my responsibility. Damned Ortissio’s head is mine.”

“You can’t, Timu. What if he attacks you!”

“O-Oneesama, that is too much! Are you saying I would lose to the likes of Ortissio?”

“No, no, I mean――”

He’s a Fiend, right? He’s a noble just like the Fiend!

Just because he can’t do push-ups doesn’t mean…

And just because he comes sobbing to me when everyone picks on him doesn’t mean…

And just because he’s calcium deficient and he tearfully drinks the milk I force on him every day doesn’t mean…




Huh? Why the hell was I so scared of Ortissio again? Ortissio as the Fiend? Whoawhoawhoa, hold your horses!

The actual Fiend that Mum talked about might be a terrifying guy but that has nothing to do with Or, right? The Fiend wasn’t just some noble. He was also a terrifying magician and he used that to terrorise others as well. The only thing he has in common with Or is being a noble. Wow, I’ve been a massive idiot.

Hiding from Or?

Being afraid of Or?

Wow, what the hell. I could take Or down with one punch. Plus, I’ve even got Edim and Myuu if it comes down to a fight. Plus, Edim has her happy(?) group of kin as well. They could probably even hold off a whole army for five minutes.

Wow. Thanks to Mum I got a bit too panicked there.

“Oneesama, let us immediately bring down the iron hammer of justice upon that traitor!”

Uh oh. Timu looks really serious. Or already has a prior history of rebellion. Timu might really murder Or with her Magical Bullets at this rate. Now that she’s improved her skills at the Academy I can really see it happening.

“Ah~ Calm down, Timu. If you use all your power you might really kill Or.”

“Oneesama, even three tenths of my power would be enough to slay the likes of Ortissio.”

“R-, Right… With how powerful you are these days, I’ll bet you could even kill him with a tenth of your power.”

“A tenth… Hmmm, that might be difficult even for me. Even with all his flaws Ortissio is still my kin. If you wish for me to kill him with a tenth of my power then I must formulate a strategy.”

“U-, Ummm, Timu, that’s not what I――”

“Huhu, please leave it to me. Since you asked, Oneesama, I shall not disappoint. I shall show you how I slay Ortissio with just one tenth of my power.”

Oh boy. Why are chuunibyou so hard to talk to. She’s really going to fire magical bullets at Or now. Oh geez, I might not be worried for her safety now but I’ve got a possible murder to deal with instead.

“Timu! Listen to me!”


“You know, your Oneechan just kind of made a mistake. Looks like Or wasn’t actually planning anything too bad.”

“In other words, Ortissio has done no wrong?”

“Right, right! Exactly. So let’s not do anything violent, okay?”

“You are mistaken, Oneesama.”

“Eh!? How come?”

“Even if Ortissio was truly not planning anything, the moment you suspected him of treachery was enough to show how shallow his loyalty was. He must be punished.”

“Um, isn’t that a little too strict on him?”

“Huhu, Oneesama, that cur already has a previous conviction. Even if you forgive him, I cannot accept any mongrels that defy my beloved sister.”

Whoa, Timu seems really angry. I might have made a mess of things. Let’s try and reverse the positions. Somebody tried to attack Timu. Since Timu forgave him, I somehow held back my anger. Then Timu told me that the bastard was thinking of trying something again. Yep. I’d kill him too. Actually, I’d have killed him on his first try.

Well, I can understand where she’s coming from now. Still, I can’t just let her be a criminal. Also I’m feeling really sorry for Or again. Even though he always follows her around, going “Camilla-sama, Camilla-sama”…

Although recently there’s been a lot of “Tilea-sama, Tilea-sama” as well…

It’d be too pitiful to let Timu beat him up. What the!? Could this be my maternal instincts surfacing!? Anyway, maybe I’ll try getting Edim to help.

“Or hasn’t even done anything and we’re going to punish him. Edim, don’t you think it’s a bit much as well?”

“I shall abide by Camilla-sama.”

“I know that you like Timu but please abide by me this time.”

“Eh-!? B-But, but I…”

“Edim, you can’t always just be following Timu. What do you think this time?” I continued.

“Edim, Oneesama has given an order. I will allow it. Speak your mind,” added Timu.

“I-, I understand. Let me see. I have not personally seen any signs of Ortissio-sama plotting rebellion. However, it is a fact that Tilea-sama has suspected him of it. I believe that he must be punished, but perhaps the death sentence is going too far.”

“Edim, are you saying you want to forgive that Ortissio!”

“H-Hiie! M-My deepest apologies. I-I was simply…”

“Simply what! It’s unthinkable that you would feel that way if you had any loyalty towards Oneesama!”

“That’s enough, Timu. Edim was just speaking her mind.”

“H-, However, Oneesama…”

“Anyway, just leave Ortissio to me. This is an executive order.”

“An executive order!? I-, I understand. If that is the case then I have nothing left to say. However, when you execute him, please allow me to be the executioner.”

Haha, wow, this ‘executive order’ thing is convenient as always. Why are chuunibyou so weak to words like this. It’s not like I use it all the time but it’s stopped a few of Timu’s rampages before. Anyway, I’ve forced Timu to accept. All that’s left is to solve the misunderstanding with Mum.

Along the way Edim headed off to her dorm, so it was just Timu and I when we arrived at the store.

“Mum, we really need to have a talk――”


“Yup, it’s me, Tilea. What’s wrong, Mum? Is everything okay?”

“Don’t come inside!”

Heh!? How come?

I entered the restaurant to find chaos.

W-What the heck is going on!?

Mum was trying to stab Or.

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