[Rewrite] I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 2



I don’t want to die.

That’s not something I was thinking about.
I decided to ignore the current situation for a second because there are a few strange points I needed to consider.
Why was I suddenly reborn in a new world as a baby?
Oh, and on top of that, why was I alone in the middle of a likely dangerous forest where Goblins could appear!?

Mn, well, those are all valid questions, me, but shouldn’t the main point of consideration be that void I was in?
A great mystery will likely be solved when I find the answer.
Then again, I suppose it could be a boring thing as well.

Ah, well, it’s not like thinking about it will help me escape from this situation though?
Going back to my current predicament, I know I said I’d overcome any obstacles you set out for me, System, but isn’t this a bit much?
I’m just a baby you know?
It’s not like I can do much.

While thinking of these pointless things, Goblin A has made progress towards me.
It seems it doesn’t know what I’m doing here either since it’s moving pretty slowly.
At this rate, I may die of boredom before it kills me.

Ah, but wait, perhaps the goblin is actually friendly and is merely concerned about my well-being and is being cautious in case this whole situation is a trap.
Yes, if I was in Goblin A’s position, I’d be wary of a random lone baby in the middle of a forest as well.
I guess this situation wasn’t as bad as I thought.
Still though, you got me good, System.
I was pretty scared there for a second, even if my mind seems calm.

No wait, now’s not the time to be delusional, me.
Sure, there are some cases where goblins end up being friendly, but those cases are rare, at least from what I remember.
Besides, the most important thing is that it’s drooling.
Hate to break it to you, Goblin A, but I’m not very delicious.

This goblin is disappointing though.
In the time it’s taken me to have multiple changes of heart about the intentions of this goblin, it has only gotten a bit closer.
It’s as if it wants me to figure out the purpose of existence.
Haa, I’m going to have to give you a rating of two out of ten, Goblin A.
Pretty underwhelming, but I suppose once you actually reach me, it could get dangerous.

The goblin continues to approach me, and I continue to look disinterestedly at it.
However, after a few moments of this, something shifts inside of me, and the goblin’s speed picks up quite a bit.
I wonder what that shift was.
Could it be my special ability?
System did say I had received some kind of fate.
Is that what caused the shift?

Now that it’s like this though, and the goblin is very quickly closing the distance between us, I’m actually feeling a bit scared.
I was just reborn after all, I don’t want to die so soon.
Would I just go back to that void place?
It was lonely there, and it was boring.
I don’t want to go back!
Somebody save me!
I don’t want to die!

I struggle as much as I can, and attempt to thrash about, but I’m just a baby.
I’m too weak to do anything.
How could I have been so calm before!?

As I watch the goblin get within arm’s reach of me, I lose all hope.
It was useless.
Although I thought that old man and System were my friends, I was wrong.
They set me up to die here.
Die alone, cold, and without being able to fight back.
Now, I suppose I can only watch as this goblin brings the stick he was carrying down onto my defenseless body.
Maybe if I somehow reincarnate again, I hope that one is a peaceful life.

In my final moments, I recognize that I’m strangely calm, but it doesn’t matter.
This short life will be over in a few short seconds anyway.
I close my eyes to at least spare myself from that.
Nobody should have to watch themselves die.
Right, it should be about now.
Goodbye, everyone.

I hear a noise.

Again, there’s a noise.
Is it my body being beaten by that stick?

This is strange.
I should be dead by now, but I don’t feel any different.
There’s still light resting on my eyelids, and I’m still slightly cold.
Tentatively, I carefully open one of my eyes before opening both of them wide in surprise.
A wolf!

Well, I think it’s a wolf anyway.
It could just be a large dog.
Either way, it’s currently circling around Goblin A.
Could it be!?
System answered my prayers!?
Mn, it could just be the wolf wanted to eat me instead, so is fighting the goblin over me.
At the very least, I haven’t died yet, and no matter the situation, that’s a good thing.
Now then, let’s watch my savior beat up this cruel villain!

Ignoring the me who’s cheering it on, the wolf continues to circle the goblin, waiting for its chance to strike.
Without the same patience as the wolf, the goblin lunges towards its enemy.
However, to say the wolf was expecting the attack would be an understatement.
Casually dodging the goblin’s sloppy lunge, the wolf quickly spins so that it faces the goblin’s defenseless back, and swipes it with its claws.
I was actually expecting the wolf to attack with its teeth, but judging from the amount of blood oozing out of the goblin’s fresh wound, this works too.
Actually, that’s really a lot of blood the goblin is losing…
I have a feeling I’m not supposed to be this calm about it though.

《[Mental Fortitude] has been acquired》

Hrm, that was convenient.
What exactly does [Mental Fortitude] do though?
I can guess since I don’t feel any nausea looking at the blood, but I should make sure.

《Mental Fortitude: Increases resistance to mental damage due to blood or gore. This is one of the most basic passive skills that every adventurer possesses.》

That works.
I wonder, so I just have to think about skills to get a definition of them?
Ah, but wait, if I’m able to see messages like this, then wouldn’t I also be able to see my own status?
Nn, I’ll think about it later, right now I need to make sure this wolf defeats Goblin A.

Of course, with that wound on its back, the victor of this battle is pretty much decided.
To think that wolf’s claws were that sharp.

Anyway, heavily wounded, the goblin is struggling to even lift its stick to attack the wolf.
Goblin A swings, but the wolf has long since left the strike area.
Still cautious however, Wolfie hangs back and continues to circle the goblin.
Then, when the wolf sees that its enemy is no longer able to keep up with its movements, it leaps in and bites down on the goblin’s neck.
A crunching sound can be heard, signaling the end of Goblin A’s life.
I wish I could say it was nice knowing you, Goblin A, but it wasn’t.

Now, time to see what this wolf’s intentions are.
I’ll have you know that I don’t intend to die so easily!

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Debt Girl – 08

The Eighth Story – Wicked Girl, Agnes Le Verges

Note: Sorry for the laaate delay between releases. Este died, forgot about this chapter, then I died for a bit and let Este do his thing. Next chapter won’t take as long as this chapter took! Soon(TM)

TLN: Taffeta is a type of fabric made from silk or cuprammonium rayons. It’s a high-end fabric, often seen in fancy upper-class dinner parties and what not.

TLN: Twill is a type of textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.

The day after the storm, once it became morning, the weather outside was nice. Bernard thought it was like yesterday’s stormy weather was just a lie.
The attic, which had taken the most damage yesterday, was unusable due to the dampness. There was also the possibility that the floorboards were peeling off and needed to be replaced. He didn’t even want to think about the costs of repairs and such.

When Eric disinterestedly relayed the report, he ignored it while despairing.
Agnes was to temporarily use the guest room.
Bernard thought that this was just perfect. During the time he was deciding on how to deal with her, he decided to treat her courteously.

“And so, Agnes Le Verges.”
“It seems that you have a cold.”
“Because last night, your whole body was drenched in rain.”

Catching a cold from having her whole body drenched in rain was something Bernard couldn’t believe.
At present, he told Celia and Carol to nurse her.

“How may I serve you?”
“What do you mean how, if you just call a doctor-”

After saying that, he could only sigh.
It wasn’t good to have Agnes be seen by anyone who didn’t live in the mansion.
But even so, he couldn’t leave a sick person as they were.

“The doctor, it’s fine to call him, right?”
“Ah, aaaah. But–”

He ordered that the doctor’s mouth be forcibly shut by bribing him with money.
With a bow, Eric left the room.

From the repair fees to the medical expenses and the hush money, Bernard’s small fortune was steadily being whittled down.

Thinking that problems would occur time and time again, he let out a deep sigh.


After changing into his knight uniform, he passed time in the rest area until his working hours began.

“The Third Special Assault Force” that Bernard was attached to was composed of young knights in their early to mid twenties.
Today, there was a strange commotion in the morning.
The thing they were surrounding was a cheap-looking weekly publication. As the contents of the paper were the gossip of the nobles, it was extremely indecent.
This week’s edition sold so well that it nearly went out of stock. While boasting that he went through trouble to obtain this, one of the members held it out in front of Bernard.

“What’s written in here.”
“It’s concerning the rumored noblewoman.”

Without sticking his head out into the commotion, Bernard’s glance fell onto the periodical.
Though the front cover was a nude painting, things like that didn’t really matter.
The heading, “All About the Gaudy Way the Former Earl’s Daughter Lives and her unspeakable fraternization with the opposite Sex ~revealed by an acquaintance, this Is the Real Her~,” was written.
Just seeing that filled him with revulsion.
To Bernard, who showed no interest, the one colleague started to talk about the contents of the news story.

Agnes Le Verges.
A nineteen year-old born to a distinguished family, she was one of the very popular beauties in high society.
She invested much money and effort in preserving her beauty.

Her dresses were silken, made of satin and taffeta, as she would not wear anything that wasn’t made of first-class materials. It was said that, one day, she had fired a maid who had accidentally brought a dress made out of twill.
The people of high society had named that Agnes Le Verges as, “The Resplendent Rose.”

Reporters implied that it was natural she was beautiful considering all the money she spent, and they frankly reported that she lived indulgently and luxuriously.

Bernard had heard stories concerning her socialization with men from Djibril, but he was now hearing more detailed accounts from the self-proclaimed experts of his time.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it~. That she alternated between different men every year.”
“It must have been unbearable being those guys, huh. They gave her so many things too.”
“I had thought that Miss Agnes was pitiful, but now that I’ve heard the stories, it’s like she’s reaping what she’s sowed…”
“During a soiree, I just happened to catch a glimpse of her, but she was a reaal beauty.”
“But you know, it costs money to do so. And making her my wife if her personality is awful as well? No thank you.”

Without joining in the conversation, Bernard silently gazed down at the periodical.
If it was before, he might have joined them in their slander.
But now, he could only wrack his brain at the gossip happening in front of him.

Agnes Le Verges—Very prideful, the worst kind of woman who would evaluate someone with just their outward appearance.

However, the Agnes Bernard knew differed greatly.
Quiet, well-mannered and one who used the miniscule amount of money she possessed to send provisions to her father who was in prison, she was a family-minded woman who could be found anywhere.

The wicked woman, Agnes, and the extremely ordinary girl, Agnes.

Bernard was unable to determine which Agnes was the real one.
As of now, he had only been around her for a short period of time. He thought it was too soon to come to a conclusion.

Once the hour for work began, the commanding officer, Lazarre, came around to start the morning assembly.
As there was a delay in the concealment of the vulgar publication, it was confiscated.

After finishing the day’s training, he headed to the office to report his results to his superior.
Once the bell signifying the end of working hours rang, Lazare told Bernard, “Thanks for your work,” before telling him to go home.

“—Ahhhh, that’s right, Orlellian. Dispose of this for me, won’t you.”

The thing he held out was the weekly publication that had gossip about Agnes written in it. With an unpleasant expression, he received it.

“Good grief, it’s a terrible thing.”

Bernard rolled up the not too thick periodical into a cylinder so the front cover faced inward and grasped it tightly in his hand.
While he was thinking that he should burn it somewhere before he returned, he heard Lazarre say something.

“If it were possible, I’d like to shelter her at home, but I can’t get a hold of any news of her.”
“… Are you alright?”
“Is what alright?”
“Something like saving the daughter of a house that has provoked the king’s displeasure.”
“It wouldn’t be good, but with articles like this coming out, the circumstances surrounding her are only getting worse.”

Even under normal circumstances, she would be treated coldly due to the scandal her father had caused, but now, even bad rumors about her had come forth. One could say her situation was steadily spiraling downward.

“It could be that perhaps she is in an orphanage in the streets to hide herself.”
“Why is that so?”
“My niece hung out with Agnes at one point, and it seems like she used to go to the orphanage once a week.”

Lazarre told him that she was a woman who actively performed charitable acts. Also that the things that were written in the magazine were probably bullshit.

“There was one time she came over to the house and greeted us, and she seemed like a polite young lady. This kind of thing must have been written to increase the magazine’s revenue. They’re doing two-bit things.”

He spat out that it was a detestable world where this kind of periodical sold well.

After that, there was a moment of silence.
The one who opened his mouth first was Lazarre.

“What is it?”
“I’m going to have to go to the assembly from now on. And as such, I have a request.”

Lazarre implored while lowering his head that he wanted Orlellian to occasionally visit the orphanage from now on, and that if Agnes was there, he wanted him to shelter her.

“If she is there, I want you to take her along to my house by coach. I’ll remunerate you.”
“No, it’s fine.”
“Don’t say that, I beg you.”
“… I’ll go to the orphanage. It’s on the way home, so I don’t need remuneration.”
“I-Is that so. That’s a big help.”

The Imperial City’s orphanage was near the boarding station for coaches. He refused the money, saying that it was only stopping by on the way home, so he didn’t need any.
After receiving a memo with the address of his superior’s residence written on it, he headed to the locker room to go get changed.


It took ten minutes to walk there from the knight order’s garrison. The boarding place for coaches in the central street was only a little while away from where the orphanage was.
Because he couldn’t go empty-handed, he bought some sweets from a nearby store and headed toward the orphanage.

The orphanage, which had ties to the church, was managed by donations from the nobles.
However, the livelihoods of the children who lived there were not of great quality.
For who knows how long, the person who managed the money that had been collected had not been disclosed.

Bernard peeked into the orphanage from outside the fence.
Children between the ages of five and ten were cheerfully running about.
One could tell they did not live in abundance by just looking at their clothes. There were children who were barefoot as well.
Bernard, who had always lived in an abundant environment, was looking at a spectacle that made him want to avert his eyes. —Having said that, he couldn’t go home in this state.
After circling about the entrance, he entered.

“Wow, it’s a visitor!”

At once, he was discovered by the children and ended up surrounded. Because there was a good smell coming from it, they peered into the paper bag that he was holding in his hands.

“W-Wait a minute.”

As he was being jostled about by the children, a sister came out from inside the building.

“You all, what are you doing to the visitor!”

The children who were scolded apologized with a single word and dispersed.

“I am truly sorry.”
“No, it’s fine…”

For starters, he handed over the baked sweets he was holding. All of the sisters were delighted and received them with smiles.
After showing them the knights’ bracelet to reveal his social status, when he said that he wanted to hear stories concerning Agnes Le Verges, he was led into the building.

“I wished to tell you this from the beginning, but Miss Agnes is not here.”

Bernard retorted in his mind, ‘of course that’d be so.’

“… To this day, many reporters have come, mainly in order to hear things about Miss Agnes.”

The sister told him that she had told them all the same thing no matter which reporter it was.

“Miss Agnes came here on foot once every week. She was extremely kind and was a woman full of affection. The children also really looked forward to meeting with Miss Agnes. … Though it seems that no matter who it was, they didn’t write what I told them in their articles.”

She said that, upon seeing the weekly publication’s article, she felt utterly mortified.
Bernard silently listened to her story.

“—And so, why might you be here?”
“No, well, because my superior told me that if Agnes Le Verges were here, he wanted to shelter her.”
“Well, if that’s the case, there’s no reason to worry!”

What was there no reason to worry about? Agnes was at Bernard’s house, of course, so becoming curious about why the sister would assert such a thing, he asked her.

“Miss Agnes is currently at a certain knight’s house.”

Bernard felt perspiration form on his forehead as he asked where that information had come from. His heartbeat violently increased.

“W-Where’s, who—”
“I don’t know the particulars myself, either.”
“Because it’s something I heard from my mother.”
“F-From your mother?”
“Yes. My mother manages an inn, but…”

“Cottage of the Mountain Goat.” The sister stated that her mother was the hostess there.

“My family is large, so economically, things were a bit rough for us. … Since there were no people who would want to make the ugly daughter of a poor inn their wife, once I became twenty years-old, I became a nun. Speaking of which, this doesn’t matter, does it.”

In the same way as her, Agnes, who had nowhere to go, had, before anything else, come to the church to become a nun.

The one who had stopped her was the sister.

“If one becomes a sister, because one comes to serve God, one may not get married. … I thought that to a person as kind as Miss Agnes, who was loved by the children, not getting married for her entire life would be too much for her.”

However, Agnes’s determination had firmly become more certain. That from now on, she would use her life to serve God.

“But upon hearing that, well, there was a person she loved dearly, her cheeks became flushed, and she hung her head down in shame.”

Agnes had a person she loved.
Though it was difficult to realize her love immediately, the sister had recommended that, at least for the moment, she think about her future plans.
The sister had naturally inquired if Agnes would like to work at her parents’ “Cottage of the Mountain Goat.”
As she had said that this might not be of much help, she had suggested, “How about cutting the room charge in half in exchange for work.”

“And so, just a few days ago, Miss Agnes met with the knight she loved dearly and supposedly came out of the inn holding hands.”
“She doesn’t love him dearly, and she wasn’t holding hands either!”
“N-No, it was nothing.”

Because the sister was excited, the sister didn’t catch Bernard’s hint.
Thinking that it was really dangerous, he was greatly relieved.

“I’m sorry, my, I ended up talking too much…”
“It’s fine.”
“This story, please keep it confidential.”
“Ahh, I have no intention of letting it out of my mouth.”
“Thank you.”
“You too, don’t say it to anyone else either.”
“Ehh, of course. Swearing by God, I’ll keep this in silence.”

Outside, it had become completely dark. The time for the last coach was drawing near.
After finishing his words, he threw the weekly publication that had written about Agnes into the fireplace.

Bernard bid farewell to the sister and walked to the boarding station for coaches.

The wind that was blowing today was chilly as well.
When he looked up at the sky, black clouds were being carried by the wind.

Bernard thought that he might possibly have a big misunderstanding concerning Agnes Le Verges.

Nevertheless, there was just one thing he didn’t understand.
Five years ago, why did Agnes look at Bernard with such scornful eyes.

After seeing the current Agnes, even if he had heard it from someone who knew her, it would be impossible that she would do something like looking down on a stranger.

No matter how much he thought, he couldn’t come up with an answer.

Besides, Bernard was unable to understand the meaning of Agnes’ expression of gratitude toward him a few days ago.

Quickly, he realized that asking her directly would be best.

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Reika-sama – 086

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Have a Merry Christmas!

Class Rep passed me in the hallway so I grabbed his arm and dragged him off.

“Eh-, what’s wrong, Kisshouin-san?”

“Class Rep, I cannot imagine that it is true but in addition to your poetry, by any chance have you also dipped your toes into composing love songs?”

“EH!? How did you know!?”

I freaking knew it!
His disease is getting worse by the day. What a tragic discovery.

“I will not speak ill of your hobbies, Class Rep, however I sincerely hope that you are not thinking of singing to the girl in question. Gasp! It cannot be that you intend to do so at the school festival again!?”

“Nono, even I know that would be bad.”

Oh! Has he grown?

“Incidentally, what genre of song is it?”

“…It’s a secret,” he said with a blush.

Damned maiden.

“…I guess girls just find it a bother when somebody suddenly sings a song written for them?”

“I suppose. Not every girl is the same. I suppose the average girl would be shocked before happy.”

“I see…”

Class Rep dropped his head. So he really wants to sing, huh.
Perhaps I should confirm his intentions one more time when the school festival comes. I can’t discount the possibility that he’ll go into a frenzy and sing anyway.

“Instead of singing a strange song that you wrote, you might be better received singing an existing song for her instead.”

“I see.”

“Indeed. A while back, a certain person played a love song on piano. It was wonderful, and the girls were all over it. It shames me to say that even I felt a little something. It was surprising, coming from him. That is the key, Class Rep. Gap moe. Gap moe is everything.”

“Gap moe… I’m surprised you even know the word, Kisshouin-san. But hm, a gap in my image… Would it be surprising if I started playing instruments?”

“The diligent class representative playing a passionate song of love. I suppose it would be quite a gap indeed. Take care to choose the right song, though.”

“Like what? Something that brings to mind the ocean after all? Or would a song on piano be better?”

“The piano might be nice.”

“The problem is when I can play it…”


“Class Rep, what’s wrong? Are you okay!?”

While the two of us were chatting in secret, Fellow Stalking Horse suddenly rushed out at us.

“Ah, Mizuzaki-kun. Did you need me?”

“No, I was going to ask if anything was wrong. She brought you over here, after all.”

Over here? Uh, we’re just in a normal hallway, but?

“Huh? I was just talking with her.”


Stalking Horse seemed really worried for him. He even casually shielded him from me.
Hey, Stalking Horse, am I like some unthinkable fiend in your mind?

“…Umm, I don’t really get it, but I think you might be misunderstanding Kisshouin-san. It’s impossible that she’d do anything bad to me. I mean, she’s my love guru.”

“Love guru?”

“Yeah. Since primary school. She always gives me advice.”

Class Rep started shyly fiddling with his hair. Damned maiden.

“A love guru. For a love guru I’ve heard very little word about you having your own boyfriend.”

Oi, the hell are you saying, Stalking Horse. You picking a fight here? I don’t wanna hear this sass from the damned Vice Chief.
…I mean, I know Stalking Horse is pretty popular with the girls and all, but like, don’t they call me Goddess too?

“More importantly I had no idea there was a girl you liked.”

“EHH! Gosh, Mizusaki-kun, keep it a secret okay?”

The maiden blushed harder.
If Stalking Horse didn’t know then I can only assume that people had slowly forgotten about the poem. Good for you, Maiden. I’ll never forget it though.

“Should I help out then?”

“Eh-, really?”

Class Rep seemed ready to take up Fellow Stalking Horse’s offer so I quickly grabbed his arm.

“You mustn’t, Class Rep!”

“Eh, why?”

Leaving Stalking Horse, I started to whisper in his ear.

“I hear that when a friend offers to help out, it is often the case that the girl will fall in love with said friend instead. Worse yet, Mizusaki-kun is a popular boy. You mustn’t. That way lies danger.”

“That makes sense.”

“One day she might even ask you to help her together with him.”

“Uwah. That’d be the worst. But I can see it happening~”


Discussion concluded.

“I’m grateful that you offered, Mizusaki-kun, but I think I’ll just keep getting help from Kisshouin-san,” he said, with his hand up.

Stalking Horse looked at me with suspicion again.

“You really are just talking about love, right? Class Rep, she’s not threatening you or anything?”

“EH! Of course not!”

Did I do something to Stalking Horse? He seems convinced that I’m a villain.

“Kisshouin-san really does give me good advice. She even told me about this great shrine for matchmaking.”

“…That’s really not much, is it.”

“No, it was plenty. It worked.”

Eh-, worked!?

“Wait, Class Rep, what might you be talking about?”

I was grabbing his arm again.

“You know the school trip? We walked about the park together. It wasn’t just us, of course, but wow, I had fun.”

Oh, the time when I was about to turn into a merlion. Something like that did happen, huh. That’s nice~ Making great memories on your trip. I didn’t have anything like that at all.

“Anyway, the point is that I don’t have any problems with Kisshouin-san so you don’t have anything to worry about, Mizusaki-kun.”

“…I see.”

Why do I have to be doubted like this. I might have to talk to him about this.

“Mizusaki-kun, might I have a word?”


I asked Class Rep to give us some room but he looked at me in worry and asked,

“Is everything okay?”

This time it was Stalking Horse’s time to be bewildered.

Hah! See! Class Rep thinks that you’re the dangerous one, not me!
Anyway, the two of us left Class Rep behind but he was still looking worried.

“Say, Mizusaki-kun. Why is it that you seem to have such a bad impression of me? I cannot say I recall doing anything.”

“To me, at least.”


“In our last year in middle school you threatened Tsuruhana, didn’t you. You said that if she disobeyed, you would crush her. And that you had the power to do so. I happened to see it by chance.”


I knew that somebody might have seen that. And to think it was Fellow Stalking Horse.
I suppose that explains my image then…

“I know she was reaping what she sowed. But I can’t stand people who threaten others with their authority. Not even if it’s how the mighty Pivoine like to do things. I’ll protect the students from you if I have to.”

WHOAAAAA, he’s like totally casting me as the villain here.
But I guess it can’t be helped after seeing that… I can’t even defend myself here.

“…Well, there were certain circumstances involved in that. Still, I understand your point.”

“That all? I’m leaving then.”


Heaven knows, Earth knows, you know and I know. I keep telling the tanuki that, but to think I’d need hearing it myself. What a terrifying tanuki boomerang.

It’s going to be hard clearing my image, isn’t it~ And to be honest I’m still embarrassed about that fan thing so please forget about it already…


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Reika-sama – 085

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Merry Christmas! One more left.

As an apology for confusing the crap out of him, I sent Aoi-chan’s brother some high class protein supplements.
Apparently the girl he liked was named literally just ‘Mari’. I should have checked to begin with. He’s a nice guy so he told me that it wasn’t my fault and not to worry, and Aoi-chan wasn’t angry at me in the slightest so things were settled for now.
Because of the strong opposition from all around him, Aoi-chan’s oniisan stopped with the song writing. He’s still been playing the guitar though. One day Aoi-chan called and told me,

“Oniichan’s started a weird guitar comedy routine…”

Stay strong, Aoi-chan!


Anyhow, life passed by and one day I received an invitation to an opening party for one of the Kaburagi Group’s associate companies.

“I recall declining last time. Otousama, Okaasama, just go by yourselves.”

“Yeah, but last time when I met Chairman Kaburagi we talked, and when I mentioned you he told me to bring you next time.”

Ever since I gave him that tanuki doll he’s been going around talking about me like I’m some sort of fathercon. I first heard about it from somebody in the Pivoine:

“I hear that you get along very well with your father, Reika-sama.”

First I’d heard of it. Boy was that a surprise.

Everybody in the upper class already knows about me as a long-time brocon but recently fathercon has been added to the list too. I find that offensive.
But in the end it’s just Otousama’s boasting. The brocon stuff is all true but the fathercon rumours aren’t really sticking. And for good reason. It’s all baseless.

“I am still in high school so I shall decline for now.”

“Yeah, but I’ve already told him that you were going. So come with, Reika?”

Forcing me to go to a Kaburagi party of all things!?

“Reika,” Okaasama cut in. “Masaya-sama might be at this party! How about we show him your new dress?”

That was what I wanted to avoid the most though. Okaasama was rather too cheerful about the whole thing.

And I’ve got my end of term exams too. Instead I have to play dress-up doll for her?

“It’s fine,” said Otousama. “I’ll make sure to escort you, Reika.”

What on earth is this tanuki saying.

“No, I’ll have Oniisama do so if you please.”

Hmph! You think looking depressed like that is enough for me to feel sorry for you!


For a while I considered telling Kaburagi I was coming, but in the end I decided against it. To begin with I dunno if he’s even comming, and if he said ‘So?’ I wouldn’t know what to say.
Anyway, the day of the party came in no time at all.


Corporate parties are really boring. Growing up I avoided as many as possible on the basis that I was still a child, but I suppose I’ll be seeing more and more of these from now on. What a pain, geez. Incidentally, Kaburagi didn’t come.
Oniisama escorted me as I kept a smile on my face. Some of the parents of fellow Pivoine members were there so I made some polite conversation. Most of it was talking about how wonderful their children were.
Both my parents were doing basically the same thing elsewhere.

“Tired, Reika?”

“I am still fine.”

“Yeah? It’ll only be a bit longer, so hold on.”

Supported by Oniisama’s soft encouragement, I fired myself up for another meet and greet.

“Gokigen’yoh. I am Kisshouin Reika.”

At that moment a voice called out from behind.

“Thanks for coming, Takateru-kun.”

“Why if it isn’t Chairman Kaburagi. Thank you for the invitation tonight.”

Chairman Kaburagi!? Kaburagi’s dad!?

I turned around in a hurry.


Kaburagi’s dad was this unbelievably stylish ojisama.
I’ve always avoided their family so it was my first time seeing him up close.
He’s probably Otousama’s age by what the heck is this different!? His belly isn’t coming out at all! And even his crow’s feet make him look refined instead of old. Not only that but his eyes seem both sharp and magnanimous! It’s a flood of charisma! SO COOOL!!! And WHOA, he’s freaking tall!
He’s like Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto.

Completely unlike his son’s Night On Bald Mountain. This man is a true emperor!

He was just so awesome that I couldn’t help but stare dumbly for a while.

“This is my younger sister, Reika. Come on Reika, it’s Chairman Kaburagi.”

“Good evening, Reika-san. Thank you for coming tonight.”

The elegant ojisama smiled at me.
Oh no! This isn’t the time to be spacing out!

“Thank you very much for your invitation tonight. I am Kisshouin Reika,” I replied politely, suppressing the wild beating of my heart.

Holy crap, please let me leave a good impression with *him at least.

“No need to be so polite. You’re in Masaya’s year, aren’t you. I hope he hasn’t been causing you trouble.”

“No, not at all. Masaya-sama is an amazing and talented person.”

We’re not close enough for that.

“I hear that you’re doing well yourself, Reika-san. Your father must be proud of you. I heard that you always bake sweets for your beloved father. Ah, and there was a plush toy recently too, wasn’t there. Goodness, I wish I had a daughter. I’m envious of your father.”

Otousama, you’re exaggerating too much!
What the heck has he been saying about me. It’s so scary I can’t even think about it.

“Chairman Kaburagi, thank you for earlier.”

Speak of the devil.

“Ah, it’s you, Chairman Kisshouin. I was just speaking to the children you and your lovely wife are so proud of. Reika-san really is a lovely young lady. I expected no less from your beloved daughter.”

“Haha, thank you, Chairman Kaburagi.”

Oi, you’re supposed to say ‘you flatter us’ there, Tanuki.
Next to the chubby Tanuki, Kaburagi’s otousan looked even cooler than usual. I have to hand it to Okaasama, she’s pretty amazing for not feeling disappointed when her husband is standing next to this guy.
After that, the tanuki began to share secret and vastly exaggerated tales of how well he got along with his daughter.
Somebody save me.
The big-hearted Chairman Kaburagi went along with the tanuki’s delusions with a smile.
At the end of it all, Chairman Kaburagi told me,

“I hope we’ll meet again, Reika-san.”

Again with a dazzling smile.

Wow… So dreamy…

Wai-, this isn’t the time for this, Reika!

You vowed to stay away from the Kaburagi family so what are you doing getting familiar…

I have to get back on track!


A few days later in the salon, Kaburagi came up to me and laughed,

“Heard it from my pops but not only are you a brocon, you’re a fathercon on top of that?”


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Reika-sama – 084

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Merry Christmas!

Cream cheese is delicious with honey.
It’s great just to eat it like that but I like to eat it on scones. It’s even more delicious that way.
My family buys high class honey from specialist honey stores without an issue. What a wonderful life.
I wonder which honey I should have today. Maybe the lavender.
I spread it generously on top of my cream cheese and then gobbled it all down with a scone. Wow. This is true bliss.
I’m feeling full with just one. But I’ll have another just to be safe.
Eating it two days in a row has brought about some terrifying consequences though. Weight-wise.
Truly the food of the devil!


Anyway, while I was wallowing in my lack of self-control I received a phone call from Aoi-chan.

“Oniichan is getting weirder and weirder,” she said.

“Ah, the muscley guitarist? Is he still playing every day?”

“He’s singing too now…”

“My my…”

Her voice was grim.

“You know, apparently he started this whole guitar thing after he met somebody he liked. And so he’s going to confess to her with a self-written love song… Every day he submits his own flesh and blood to his horrible love songs. It’s terrible, right? All of my family has been telling him to stop but he doesn’t listen. And oh god, the lyrics.
Ever since meeting you
There’s been a thump thump in my chest
And my heart is light and tender
Who writes crap like that. Some days I feel like I could die from the embarrassment. Whenever Oniichan starts to sing my mum will cover her ears. It’s miserable being his sister.”

A self-made love song? At least it isn’t a poem, I guess.
Sometimes you see people singing and confessing to girls on t.v. but the girls always seem happy enough though. I’d probably run away in embarrassment, personally.
But then it’s usually guys who write love songs and poems, isn’t it. I don’t think a guy would really want to listen to a love song. Maybe that’s why girls make things instead?
Maybe there’s some male-only disease going around that makes them want to spontaneously write stuff like that. Scary… Thank goodness Oniisama never caught it.
Oh, but sometimes Oniisama does play Schubert’s Ständchen (Serenade).

It’s wonderful!
Mn. I guess it’s better to leave song-writing up to the professionals.

“Were somebody to suddenly sing and confess to me I might run from the shock. And what if the girl in question dislikes that sort of thing…”

“Yeah. But apparently the girl he likes is really into music. She likes musicians and that.”


“They takes classes at uni together and he tried his best to get her but it’s been hard. Apparently that was when he turned to song writing…”


Classes at uni together, huh. I forgot he was in university.

Mari~ Mari~ My beloved Mari~ You have taken me pri-soh-nah~ Good god, I can’t take the idiocy anymore.”

I guess he really doesn’t have any talent. Wow, this might actually be worse than Class Rep’s poem. If Class Rep’s disease gets any worse, do you think he might start breaking into song? Anything but that, Class Rep.
Hm, but Mari…

“Incidentally, might I ask which university he attends?”

Aoi-chan answered with Marin-sensei’s university. Huh, they’re the same grade too.
Wait, no way…

“My tutor is apparently one of your brother’s cohorts. Her type is visual kei musicians too.”


“Her name sounds a little close too. I cannot give out her personal information, though.”

“I see. Then it might be the same person, huh. Visual kei, though? Oniichan’s stuff is more like folk songs though. That’s totally different.”

“Well, it may just be a coincidence after all.”

“Yeah. Maybe I should talk to Oniichan though.”

With that, Aoi-chan hung up. No matter what she says, she’s actually pretty worried about her brother’s love-life isn’t she.
Still, Aoi-chan’s oniisan and Marin-sensei? What a small world.


The next day I arrived at the salon to find Kaburagi playing Liszt’s Liebesträume (Love Dream).


The light from between tree leaves was filtering into through the window, and combined with Kaburagi’s amazing and emotional piano, I am ashamed to admit that my heart fluttered for a moment. No, Reika! Open your eyes!
But wow, who knew this stupid horse riding maniac could actually play the piano. I guess this is what they call ‘gap moe’? Goddamn, what power.
Man, but I’ll bet you anything he’s thinking about Yurie-sama as he’s playing. It’s a bit sad…
Oniisama’s Serenade is great too, but Kaburagi’s Liszt was also nice. Exactly what a young maiden would love.
Pretty much all the other girls in the room were completely entranced. A true privilege of being a Pivoine member.
I wonder if he’d take requests?


After hearing Kaburagi’s piano, I was certain. Writing your own song is a bad idea.
I messaged Aoi-chan:

“The wise stick to existing songs. Writing your own is high-risk high-return.”

The reply I got though…

“Oniichan can’t stop his fiery passion. After I told him what you mentioned, he became convinced that it was the same person. Apparently the girl he likes is the tutor to some incredibly rich ojousama. He’s changed over from folk songs to visual kei stuff and now he’s even added weird shouts to his song. Oh god.”

…Muscles Oniisaaaaan!


For Aoi-chan’s sake, I decided to help as well. I was going to sell her Oniichan to Marin-sensei. Once the two of them got together her brother would stop playing guitar all the time and then peace would return to her family.
I tried it the next day I had tutoring.

“Marin-sensei, as I recall you mentioned somebody rather incessant in their wooing? The rather overwhelming one…”

“Ah, I did. What about it?”

“Is he still interested in you?”

“Gosh, Reika-sama, what are you asking all of a sudden. …Well, yes?”

I knew it!

“You said that he was not truly your type but what if you gave him a chance? I am sure he is a good person. What if you discovered that you liked him?”

“Eh-, well, yeah.”

“Indeed! If he suddenly begins singing to you, I hope that you will not run away!”

“Singing to me? I wonder what you mean. He doesn’t have any interest in music at all.”

“What if he does now! He’s going to sing and play to confess to you!”



“Ah, that was supposed to be a surprise so…”

“I’m not sure what you mean by confess. I mean, we’re already dating.”



“Yes. He was just so earnest about it all that I couldn’t help but say yes.”

Marin-sensei showed me a picture of the two of them together. The man was a diligent-looking man who wouldn’t look out of place as a researcher.
Slim, and definitely not muscley.

“Eh-, I thought you said that he was overwhelming… And the complete opposite to the visual kei type…”

“Aah, well, he just kept saying he liked me over and over again so it was a little overwhelming. And don’t you think these serious types have the complete opposite personality to visual kei rockers?”

“Aah… I see… Ah! Umm! Were there any over men that were interested in you? Like perhaps a muscley man.”





Of course. How could there be such a convenient development!
What do I do. I have to quickly let Aoi-chan know or else.
While Marin-sensei was boasting fondly about her boyfriend I got permission to send a text to my friend. Just as I was about to write something a text from Aoi-chan came.

“What do I do!? Oniichan’s gotten into death metal! He’s even started using Mum’s make-up and she’s super angry at him now! It’s scary! How am I going to sleep tonight!?”



Oh man. Oh man, oh man. I don’t think I’ll be able to face her family now.
With trembling hands I told her that it was the wrong person, as I prayed that it wasn’t too late.

…Muscles-oniisan, wanna join my Forever Alone Village?

TLN: Gap moe is a term used to describe the appeal present in seeing another, surprising side of somebody you think you already have a good grasp of.

So kind of like when you’re reading Madan no Ou no Vanadis and the woman you’d only known as strict and confrontational happened to have this side to her:


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Reika-sama – 083

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Merry Christmas!

One day in June, Kasumi-sama passed words to me that Tomoe-senpai was calling me to the Student Council room. Apparently it was some secret…

I opened the door in trepidation to find Tomoe-senpai and Stalking Horse there.

“Sorry for calling you out here, Kisshouin-san. Come sit down.”

Tomoe-senpai beckoned me towards one of the couches. Right next to Stalking Horse. Who glanced at me for a moment before averting his eyes.

After sitting down on the sofa opposite ours, Tomoe-senpai looked at my face, and then Stalking Horse’s.

“I actually called the two of you here because I wanted the two of you to serve in the Student Council next term.”



Serve in the Student Council!?

In middle school the member of the Student Council served until the end of Term 2, but in high school it’s only until Term 1. Right after the Summer Break the Student Council President retires and an election is held. Once the new Student Council President and Vice President are elected they nominate the other members. The students they nominate are told in advance though.

And apparently I was one of them.

“Arima, I know you were the Student Council President in the middle school section. You’re an obvious choice. You’ll accept, of course?”

“Yeah, well, I don’t really have a problem with it but…”

Stalking Horse looked confused as he glanced my way. Mn. I know what you mean. Why the hell is a Pivoine girl like me here, right? I’m basically asking the same thing.

“True, Kisshouin-san is a member of the Pivoine, but since primary school she’s served as Class Rep a number of times. Not only that but she’s honest and hard-working. This is something I know very well too. Not only that, but she’s one of the Pivoine members who get along more amicably with the Student Council. It’s really a new faction, you could say. That’s why I really hope that she’ll accept.”

Uwahh~ I’m happy that Tomoe-senpai trusts me so much, but defying the Pivoine like that is really too scary. I’d completely ruin myself if I did.

“I am terribly sorry, Tomoe-senpai. That is probably asking a little much. I am still a Pivoine member in the end.”

“You can’t be both?”

“I would probably be seen as a spy by both sides…”

Scaryy. I’m actually in the Pivoine so I know better than anyone else just how scary it would be to anger them. At worse I might be bullied until I drop out of school. Ah, but well, it’s the Student Council’s job to help with bullying isn’t it.

Anyway, the elitist Pivoine and egalitarian Student Council are like, conceptually opposed, so there’s no way I could be a member of both. It wouldn’t make sense.

“Mmn, I guess you can’t after all.”

Tomoe-senpai stretched.

“You know, I thought you might say that but since it was you I was just hoping that you might. You’d be like a bridge between us after all. But I guess the divide between the two groups is even more intense during high school, isn’t it.”

Yes. It’s not just a divide, it’s like the Mariana Trench.

“Then just you for Student Council then, Arima. But Kisshouin-san, you’ll help out in your role as Class Rep?”

“Yes. Whatever I can.”

Next to me, Stalking Horse was looking at me suspiciously. What the heck. Didn’t we get along in middle school? I was Class Rep then too. Aah, but then again I was the one who collected the handouts while it was Monk Boy who actually brought them to the Student Council Room.

Don’t tell me that he thought I pushed all the work onto Monk-kun!? That’s offensive! I worked my butt off!

And I thought we were stalking horse buddies too.

Why are you looking at me like that! You’re supposed to be the Vice Chief of the Forever Alone Village!


“Nah, nothing.”

Tomoe-senpai smiled helplessly at the two of us.

“Arima. Kisshouin-san is somebody you can rely on in a crisis. Don’t be prejudiced just because she’s a Pivoine. You need to have an open mind.”

“…But then what’s with that nickname of hers.”


I heard his mumble with my super hearing.

“Mizusaki-kun. What nickname might you be referring to?”

“Uh… It’s nothing.”

How can it be nothing! Are people calling me by some weird nickname behind my back!?

Could it be that’s why the boys all avoid me!?


“I don’t know anything!”

“You lie. When a person lies they look up and to the right. Just as you did a moment ago.”

“Why do you know stuff like that!”

Oniisama taught me. Problem?”

“Anyway, I said I don’t know, okay! It’s Makkie or something, okay!”

Makkie? Makkie because I’ve got makigami(curled hair)!?

I’m not sure if I should feel offended or not. I mean, at least it’s not Curls. Isn’t it a bit cute? Makkie. Boys, you can call me Makkie if you want!

Stalking Horse was covering his eyes with his hands. Is he that afraid of me seeing through his lies? Bro, the moment you do that I can tell you’re lying. Is there some other weird nickname?

“Now, now, you two,” said Tomoe-senpai as he came between us. “You’re the two kouhai I trust the most. That’s why once I graduate and leave, I hope that you’ll support the Student Council together.”

Since he stopped us I’ll leave it for now. I can always investigate later.

More importantly… Graduating, huh… Even though I’m finally in the same section as him again, he’ll be gone after just a year? That’s so lonely.

“Oh? Is something wrong, Kisshouin-san?”


Wow. That’s really so lonely.

Tomoe-senpai is really balanced so things aren’t too bad between the Student Council and Pivoine right now, too.

Actually, it’s really only him that doesn’t mind the Pivoine. The next Student Council President wouldn’t want me in it anyway.

I wonder what’s going to happen after he leaves. I don’t want things to get tense.

“Anyway, that’s all I had to say. Arima, we’ll hammer out some of the details for next term, so please stay behind for a bit. Kisshouin-san, that’s all I had to say. Thanks for coming.”

“I understand. Then Tomoe-senpai, Mizusaki-kun, gokigen’you.”

“Take care, and stay safe.”

“…You too.”

After that I headed straight for the car waiting for me.

I’m feeling a bit down for some reason. I know! Tomorrow I’ll eat some snacks! It’s been a while! Maybe the Lucky Turn crackers I’ve hidden in my closet.


The next day I caught hold of Satomi-kun and questioned him about my nicknames.

“Your nicknames?”

“Yes. Yesterday Mizusaki-kun mentioned something to that effect. I heard about Makkie, but are there any other nicknames I should know about?”

“Makkie? Oh, because of your hair. Ahh, I dunno, not right now?”

“Right now? Then in the past I have had other nicknames? What were they?”

“Eh… Ahhh, Goddess… I guess…?”


“Ahh! I really don’t know much about it! But nobody uses it now, okay! It was just in middle school! I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again, promise!”

Goddess…? The first that comes to mind is Aphrodite, but that’s already taken. That boy who got rather enthusiastic with his violin performance on our trip. His hair is a bit of an afro so everyone calls him Afrodite. Except that’s a bit of a mouthful, so really it’s just ‘Dite’ now.

As for other goddesses, there’s like Venus or like Athena and stuff? Those are the famous ones after all. But there are so many Greek goddesses, aren’t there. Well whatever.

“I suppose that will do, for now.”

Satomi-kun let out a huge sigh of relief and ran back to his ring of friends.

…Goddess, huh. But gosh, what if it’s really Venus. Oh no!

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Reika-sama – 082

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Merry Christmas! I still have one or two more chapters to release today, so look forward to that~

Hmm hmm hmmmm~

My doll knitting has really coming along. I’ve been using the expensive stuff so it always feels good to touch it! I think I’ll have a lot of fun rubbing my cheeks against it when I’m done.
I’ve been knitting at home as well. After dinner I usually laze about in the living room and work on it. I wonder if it’ll be done soon.
I’m also happy that immersing myself in this has been reducing my snack breaks. Why do humans always go looking for food when they’re bored…
Anyway, maybe I’ll go back to needle felting once this is done. I think I’ll try making a cat this time.

Hmm hmm hmm~


As usual, today I headed to the Handicrafts Clubroom with my knit doll.

“It seems to be progressing quite nicely, Reika-sama. It should be done soon.”

“Yup, it’s looking quite cute. I like how you’ve done the belly.”

“Thank you. I have been knitting at home as well.”

I was particularly careful about how I introduced a different colour for the seams. The curvature of the belly was done super, super carefully too.

“I was thinking of using needle felting to create a cat after this is complete. If I am not mistaken there are a few members of this club that practice needle felting as well, correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I beamed at the Felting Group.
They smiled back at me. Yup, I really think we’re getting along.
So Club President, please let me into the club already. I know you’ve got the register in a clear folder in that schoolbag over there, okay?
Don’t think you can get rid of me after this knit doll is done.


One day while I was heading the Handicrafts Club, as I passed Enjou in the hallway he said to me,

“Kisshouin-san, Katsuragi has been calling you the Violent Woman. Do you have any idea what he means?”

so I replied,

“Not the faintest. I have not the slightest inkling of what on earth he means.”

He smiled at me and drawled

“Of course. You’re ever so graceful after all.”

so I smiled back and replied,

“Of course.”

before making my way to the clubroom.

That little snitch. He brings shame on the entire male sex… It’s settled. My next needle felting project will be a birdbrain.



Eventually my doll was finally complete. I brought it with me to the living room where my parents and Oniisama were relaxing with some tea.

“Oh? Reika. Is your doll done?”

“Yes, it is.”

“You’ve been knitting quite a bit, haven’t you. Did you make a doll?”

I revealed my doll to the family. It was a small tanuki with glasses.

“This is you, Otousama.”


I handed it over to him.

“I made the animal that I think suits you best, Otousama. I made it just for you. Will you accept it?”

“For me?”

Holding it in two hands, he stared at it.
Back when Wakaba-chan first entered Suiran I was so shocked that I might have repeatedly and vocally doubted Otousama. He got completely depressed and Oniisama told me off. I’m reflecting.
Everyone knows it, myself included, but I’m kind of a brother’s girl. Still, Otousama has always spoiled me since I was little. That’s why I like Otousama as well. Plus, seeing a man his age look so sad made me feel pretty guilty too.
That’s why I made this as an apology.
I know that people hate getting hand-knitted stuff because it’s too intense, but we’re father and daughter so it’s totally okay, right?

“I even added glasses, see? Don’t you think it looks just like you, Otousama?”

I took a seat next to him.

“Yeah, it’s well made. Thanks, Reika. I’m really happy. But you see me as a tanuki, huh. Is it because you think I’m cunning like an old tanuki…?”

“No, the tanuki has a fat belly just like you do. But hmm, an old tanuki. I suppose that fits you as well.”

“…I-, I see.”

Otousama made a somewhat difficult expression as he kept looking at the doll.

“It was my first time knitting so the seams are a little off, but you can barely see it if you avoid looking closely, right? This is my first completed knit doll.”

“Ooh! So the first one goes to me.”

Otousama looked at Oniisama smugly.
Otousama, you really look like an evil tanuki when you do that, you know.

“Good for you, Dear,” added my mother.”

“Yup, yup. But Reika, do you really think my tummy is that big?” he asked as he rubbed his belly.

“Yes, it is. Being overweight is bad for your health, so I think you should take a diet.”

“…I suppose.”

“I know a way to get rid of a stubborn tummy; hula hooping. I shall lend you mine, Otousama.”

“You have something like that?”

“…She’s at it again…?”

Eh, Oniisama, did you say something just now?

“Let us hula hoop together. After all, I hope that my beloved father will stay healthy forever.”

“Ohh! So that’s how it is!”

The moment he heard “beloved” his mood shot through the roof.
Is Otousama going to be okay? I’m worried he’ll get scammed one day. You really shouldn’t trust everything people say.

With the doll in hand, Otousama headed to my room.

“It’s a bit embarrassing entering my daughter’s room,” he said, oddly happy.

Oh gosh. Could it be that it wasn’t fraud that gets him in trouble, but sexual harassment?”

“Now then, Otousama, really put your back into it and work off your tummy!”


Otousama began vigorously hula hooping.



Otousama was admitted to hospital for back pains.
Okaasama got incredibly angry at me.
In the hospital room I just happened to say,

“Sorry. I should have known better than to push the elderly.”

Oniisama said “He’s at a delicate age, so pick your words better!” and got angry at me too.

I’m reflecting…


Anyway, after Otousama left the hospital my handmade doll found a place in the study.
I heard that sometimes Otousama would happily pat it.

Since he liked it so much, I decided to be a bit cheeky and give it a cane for its back when Oniisama yelled,

“Have you reflected at all!”

and got angry at me yet again.

Of course I have. I’m teasing him because I love him.

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