Silver Discovery

“Hey, this is pretty good.”

Said the unrivaled beauty as she stuffed her cheeks full of jerky.

For whatever reason, I was saved by this girl and now the two of us are eating lunch together.

… I wonder, what exactly is this child.

The route I was assaulted on is a shortcut well known amongst peddlers. The route is an ancient and unused highway. All that’s nearby is a collapsed country.

The merchant’s guild would like to restore it; however, between the bandits and monsters, repairs aren’t proceeding as planned. Because of this, the path is rugged and casualties from attacks are high.

I was in a rush so I had no choice but to take this path… And just as I thought, I was attacked. If this girl hadn’t been passing through, I would surely be dead.

I knew a little magic and believed it to be enough, but those three were skilled to the point that my only option was to flee. Even so, those three were sent flying with a kick as if they were children. This girl… Exactly what is she? Her age seems to be around 13-14…

“Thank you, to even go so far as to lend me your clothes.”

“I-It’s fine. It’s good that the size fits you well.”

The clothes are one of my products, a set of mage clothing. The girl said she had no clothes, so I had given her a set.

It’s true that she’s my savior, but without them, I’m troubled about where to look.

… It was quite the nice physique.

Due to my nature as a merchant, I’ve travelled across many countries and I had met many beauties. Occasionally, I had even “bought” some of them.

I believed that I had met many beautiful women; however, this girl in front of my very eyes… To give my honest impression, there was nothing that could be compared.

Out of all the women I had seen, she possessed the most exquisite face of them all. I had never considered myself a lolicon, but it may be time for me to reevaluate that belief.

And so, as we ate our meal, I came to find her act of licking the salt and oil off of her hands as attractive. Despite that, I found her to be quite androgynous, or maybe it would be better to put it as unladylike or open… That is also…

“…? Is there something wrong?”

“No, nothing of concern.”

If I stare too long,I feel I’ll drown in those scarlet eyes. I forced my gaze away; however, it felt rude, so I shifted my gaze to her forehead.

Even though our eyes don’t meet, it is a line of sight that gives the impression of “He is looking at my face.”

“By the way, where is this carriage headed?”

“It is headed for a town called Alrescha”

“Shiwakucha?” (Crumpled)

“It’s Alrescha”

“… Does that place have a stable climate, delicious food, and good public order?”

“If you’re just talking about this country, it’s on the better side in my opinion.”

It is a town on the coast, so while the breeze is salty, it is pleasant all year round.

Being on the coast has caused trade to prosper and the seafood is always fresh. The town is also an important region to the country, so public order is well-maintained. If I had to fault something, it would be that the lord of the region is a womanizer.

When I explained all this to her, the silver-haired girl thought for a little before she replied and said, “…Sashimi sounds good. If it is fine with you, could you give me a lift there.”

“Sure, with pleasure.”

I couldn’t turn down my savior, even if I wanted to.

On top that, to be able to travel with such a beautiful girl, it would make more sense for me to ask her to accompany me.

“By the way, I didn’t quite catch your name. My name is Zeno, Zeno Kotobuki.”

“Ah… Oh yeah, a name…”

“…? Is something wrong?”

Did I ask a strange question?

The girl ruffled her beautiful silver hair while making a troubled face.

… Is there some reason why she can’t reveal her name to me?

Being in this place without any clothing, it’s hard to call that natural.

I won’t pretend to know what’s going on, but I’m sure there must be a good reason for all this.

To not be able to immediately state her name, there must be a troubling reason behind it.

I don’t know anything about the other party’s background. This means there’s a large amount of uncertainty, a major burden for any merchant. Disregarding the looks, I can’t get a read on what’s inside.

… But she’s my savior.

A merchant is someone who always remains cool, yet never forgets courtesy.

The other party protected my most valuable asset, my life. She even saved my cargo.

Before even going into profit, she’s my greatest benefactor. If she doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s fine not to ask. Let’s end the discussion here.


“Argento Vampear.”


“It’s long, so just call me Arge.”

“… I understand.”

Judging from the flow of the conversation, it’s easy to imagine the name she just told me is false.

Even so, I silently accepted it.

What’s important is that the girl in front of me, my savior, struggled to answer my question, even though it must have been difficult for her. Even if it is not the truth, I only have the right to accept it.

In this way, my mysterious savior and I spent several days together until we arrived at the town of Alrescha.

After this, my path and hers would cross multiple times. For our fates to be drawn together in this way, I had no way of knowing it at the time.

Karma – 05

Chapter 5 – Nellie and a Sleepover

“Please wait a moment!”

The lady at the reception desk called out to me just as I was pivoting to head back.

“I have yet to return your guild card.”

… I’d completely forgotten. The only thing on my mind was the upcoming sweet nighttime together with Nellie.

“With the subjugation of the aforementioned scale vipers, you have earned enough points to proceed immediately to D-rank. Congratulations.”

“Eh? I jumped two ranks in one go? Am I allowed to just skip ranks?”

“You are. In the first place, even just a single scale viper would normally require a C-rank party to take it down… for example, Govack-sama’s party over there. To have accomplished such a task by yourself, and having defeated five of them on top of that… it would be difficult to leave you at F-rank.”

“Think about it this way,” Govack interjected, “if you were an actual F-Rank, there’d be nothing left of our reputation as guild members. And it’d look like we tried to steal a rookie’s job… You should just accept your promotion in earnest. It’s for the best, don’t you think?”

Ah, I see… you could look at it that way too.

“Understood. I’ll graciously accept it.”

“You can accept requests that are up to one rank above or two ranks below your current guild rank, Shino-dono. You are currently rank D, so that means you can accept requests from C to F-Rank.”

“Thank you for letting me know.”

Having lost the opportunity to explain, the lady behind the counter glared at Govack.

“Well, I’ll leave the more detailed questions for tomorrow when I’m looking for some jobs… but for now, I’d like to relax and take a bath.”


“Mm? An inn with a bathhouse? A bathhouse… You can only find expensive inns if that’s what you’re looking for. Around here anyway…”

We soon separated from Govack’s party. They were staying at an inn that was managed directly by the guild. Me and Nellie on the other hand were headed to one of the ‘tad expensive’ inns recommended by Govack.


“What do you mean we can’t enter the bathhouse?”

I demanded a clear explanation from the employee who was clearly casting hesitant glances in Nellie’s direction.

“Uhh, that is to say… There are some customers who might find it unhygienic to enter the same bath as a slave.”

“Hey… Are you trying to imply that my Nellie is filthy…?”

“N-n-no, it’s just… ”

Looking at the way Nellie was dressed right now, post panaceaic pills, there wasn’t a single a trace of disease or blemish. Not a flake of dandruff on her fur. How could they not even understand her beauty?

“Uh, uhm, Shino-sama, if it’s just me, then I do not mind…”

“I won’t allow it. By this hand, I will clean everything from your nails to the tips of your fur until it sparkles!”

“I-If, if that’s the case… how about a compromise?”


“It would be quite pricey, but if you choose to stay in a suite… you could use the bathtub in those rooms rather than the public bath.”

Some bathtime for just the two of us, in a place where no one can interrupt us.

“There’s no helping it then. I’ll take the room,” I answered instantly.



I hummed a tune as I brushed Nellie’s hair.

“Despite not being fed properly, your hair is still so glossy… Ah, finished. You look so lovely.”

Once the dreamy bathtime concluded, we sat in the dressing room in front of a bronze mirror,1 and I began to stroke Nellie’s hair.
I noticed that Nellie was the type to look thinner in clothes. Although she was rather short, her body seemed so full of life… it was almost as though that vibrance within was going to explode and overflow past the brim.
Now that I think about it, a single night here set me back 500 kuramu. I’d already gotten my money’s worth!

“Tha-thank you very much. But! You’re the one who is beautiful, Shino-sama…”

I giggled and said, “Thank you.”

Nellie wasn’t flattering me just because I was her master.
For the first time since coming into this world, I had yet to see myself in a mirror. My appearance was still mostly the same but seemed to have taken quite the turn towards beauty.
This must have been another example of my game character “Kagura Shino” having an influence on the real me.

“They should be just about done preparing our meal. Shall we head over to eat?”


This was to be my first proper meal since arriving in this world. I was really looking forward to it.

“Woah, what is all this?”

This definitely was one of the expensive inns. Extravagant dishes lined the table in a quantity that I couldn’t possibly finish… but that was only my portion.
Nellie’s portion was placed in a tray beneath the table. Half-eaten bread, soup, and grilled fish.
Obviously leftover scraps. On top of that, there wasn’t a spoon or fork in sight… Was she meant to eat with her bare hands?
But most of all, Nellie was already sitting directly on the floor.

“I can’t believe it. There’s white bread… and even fish.“

Nellie appeared to be deeply moved by this kind of treatment. Just what kind of terrible circumstances had she been in beforehand?

“Nellie, you needn’t sit on the cold floor. Let’s eat together at the table okay?”

“I, I couldn’t possibly… For a slave to eat at the same table as her master, I’m not worthy.”

“Hmm, really now… You won’t no matter what?”


“… Then in that case.”

I opened my inventory and selected the tatami mat.2 It was one of the items that allowed the player to customize their personal residence should they own one.

“Choosing a target location, place six mats… also add a tea table, place one… a cushion3 too, place two.”

And just like that, atop the stone-cold floor appeared a simple but familiar six-tatami floor room.

“Eh? Where… Where did all of this come from?”

“Mmm, I’ll tell you after the meal alright?”

I browsed through my inventory again and then took out some food. Sengoku Online had all the ingredients found throughout Japan registered as items, so there were many options.

“Tsukimi udon, hegi soba, bamboo-leaf-wrapped dango, red bean mochi, okesa persimmons, hamaguri sakamushi, oyaki, houtou, chan chan yaki, nankou ume rice balls, and chicken mizutaki.”4

I took dish after dish out and arranged them on the tea table.

“… They’re all dishes I’ve never seen before. Are these from your country, Shino-sama…?”

“That’s right. Now, let’s eat together.”

“Eh, b-but-”

“Where I live, we usually sit on the floor atop these tatami mats you know? Of course mealtimes are also like that.”

Although Nellie began eating extremely timidly, eventually she increased her pace… In the end, she wolfed down the food with gushing tears.
It’s alright, eat for as long as you like.

About an hour later having finished eating, I decided to talk with Nellie about our plans.

“Our most urgent goal is… to buy land and to free Nellie from slavery.”

“Shi… Shino-sama! H-have I done something wrong!? P-please don’t throw me away…”

Don’t look up at me with those teary eyes Nellie-san. I might pounce on you.

“Dummy, of course I won’t throw you away… I just simply can’t stand anyone calling my Nellie a slave. And just who was it that passionately swore to me, ‘even if I’m no longer a slave, I still belong to Shino-sama’?”

“Ah, ahh…”

Her face flushed red. A silent Nellie, so adorable.

“Land… to build a house on. As long as we have land, we can use the foundation system to take care of the actual building.”

In Sengoku Online, the foundation system was used to construct the house for a player’s residence.
It required an appropriate social standing and a large sum of money. Of course, I had both.
Once I had found a suitably open and convenient location, all I had to do was designate it and a house would be constructed in an instant.

“Hmm… If I wanted enough land to build a noble’s mansion… I wonder how much that would be within the city.”

“I can’t picture it at all, but… I think that 100,000 kuramu wouldn’t be enough.”

“Is that so? Then how about 300,000 kuramu for some leeway… So about thirty gold is the goal.”

Since one C-rank monster was worth fifty silver, it wasn’t too out of reach.

“The next problem would be how to go about freeing you from slavery. How does it work? If I, as the master, tell you that you’re free to do whatever, do you stop being a slave?”

“For my official social standing, then it is as you say. Similar to earlier in the morning, while touching my collar of submission, you need to pray to the God of Contracts, Promys-sama, to dissolve the contract.”

“I see, I see. So is it something like this? ‘God of Contracts, Promys, I pray to thee. My name is Kunoichi Shino Kagura, master of the slave Nellie, and I request of my own free will that she be released from slavery with no fee attached’?”

Oho, Nellie’s collar began to glimmer. Though I had just blabbered some words that seemed appropriate, it looked like it was actually working…

“Now, my official social standing has changed from a slave to a commoner… Thank you so much Shino-sama… But…”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Even if I’m no longer a slave, I, I still want to work for Shino-sama. This time, of my own will… would you allow me to serve you not as a ‘slave’ but as an ‘attendant’?”

“Yes, if that’s what you want Nellie…”

“Thank you very much, Shino-sama…”

No. Thank you Nellie.
Thrown into another world by myself and in that dismal time, to already have someone care for me this deeply… aren’t I extremely blessed?

“Ah, you were saying earlier… What did you mean by your ‘official social standing’?”

“Uhm, in the Adventurer’s Guild, my class is still set to basic slave, and that hasn’t changed.”


“Well, there aren’t really any particular drawbacks…”

“No, we must do something about that too!”

“Even if wish it to be so… in order to change classes, I must be over level 15.”

“If you do change… what can you become?”

“I believe the options were maid or attendant…”

“Yes, that’s exactly what we need!”

At last, my long-awaited cat-eared maid!!

“Starting tomorrow, I plan to accumulate funds and rapidly raise your level… Operation ‘Power Leveling’ commence!”


“By the way… would it be alright if I take a look at your status for reference? I’ll show you mine as well.”

“Yes, of course! Um… here you go.”

Nellie’s guild card was as pure white as the hair on her body:

Name: Nellie Savan
Sex: Female
Age: 14
Total Level: 1
Guild Rank: F
Class Level: Basic Slave – 85


‘Celestial Maiden of Mana’

Special Skills
Beastkin Body

Type Affinity
Shadow +10%
Light +10%

Shino Kagura

“Mhm, you’re quite amazing! 800 MP, isn’t that really large?”

“A-about that, last I checked, I only had 10 MP… ‘Celestial Maiden of Mana’ title? My Shadow affinity also went up to 10%… And under blessings, isn’t that Shino-sama’s name!?”

“Ah, ahaha… I wonder why…”

It was that wasn’t it… I had hugged her, so I had given her a lot of mana. Fooling her completely was probably impossible this late in… I suppose I should explain somewhat.

“Then, it’s my turn.”

Setting everything to revealed, I handed my card to Nellie.

“Le-… Level 85…? I thought the limit was 50… and your MP is N/A!? Under your status, you have three stats maxed at 18, and the rest are all above average… Y-you have over a 50% affinity, even the people from the legends didn’t have that!!”

From coming another world, to serving as an intermediary for the mana between the two worlds, it seems that I would have to explain both to Nellie.

Even if it causes her to fear me and run away.

But, Nellie just showed me an unfazed smile and said, “As expected of my Goshujin-sama.”

Before I knew it, I had bore Nellie down onto the bed… and had begun submerging myself into her mushy cat ears and tail…

“Ah, ahh! Shino-sama… I-I’m… sensitive there…”

Part way through, her voice had become quite seductive, and she began to gasp for breath, but I choose to pay it no heed.

Author: Up next is about power leveling.

For online games, power levelling is when high-level players take low-level players to areas filled with higher level monsters to quickly raise their level. Probably

1 Bronze mirrors preceeded glass mirrors.

2 Tatami are mats traditionally made of rice straw and are used as flooring in traditional Japanese-style rooms.

3 Zabuton is a cushion that typically serves in place of a chair for sitting or kneeling usually on the floor.

4 Rip.
Tsukimi udon or moon-viewing udon is a soup udon that pouches an egg.
Hegi soba is seaweed flavored soba.
Dango is a kind of dumpling made from rice. Mochi is similar but more of rice cake.
Hamaguri is a type of clam. Sakamushi is a type preparation that involves steaming with sake.
Oyaki is a dumpling made from fermented buckwheat.
Houtou is an udon miso soup originating from the Yamanashi Prefecture.
Chan chan yaki is a grilled fish and vegetable dish from Hokkaido where chan chan is the onomatopoeia likely for the tongs and spatulas, etc.
Nankou ume or nankou bai are Japanese apricots mainly from Wakayama Prefecture in the south.
(Chicken) Mizutaki is a type of hotpot that is accompanied with a Ponzu sauce and comes from Kyushu.


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Schizophrenia – Chapter 14

Hey there, here’s the next chapter, and it didn’t take 3 months this time! Much thanks to Toki for TLCing and editing this chapter!



The next day. Lilia opened her eyes after being awoken by Alisa. To Alisa who greeted her with a `good morning` while lowering her head, Lilia also plastered a smile on her face.

“Yeah. Morning, Alisa. What a nice day.”

“Yes. The weather is absolutely wonderful today. Will you be having breakfast in here?”

At Alisa’s prompt, Lilia thought for a bit. Perhaps her brain wasn’t spinning properly due to not having fully woken up yet, but for now, she felt that she wanted to avoid the dining hall.

“Very well. Can I leave it to you?”


With a respectful bow, she departed from the bedroom, and seeing off Alisa’s back with her eyes, Lilia took a small sigh.

—Morning, Lilia. It’s the first day of school, huh! Looking forward to it aren’t ya!

—Morning. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t remind me, actually.

Honestly, even now, just thinking about school made her melancholic. However, this was the one thing she couldn’t run away from. All the more since she already spent the last day avoiding it. Letting out another small sigh, Lilia slipped out of bed.
She opened the closet in the corner of the room. Five sets of the school regulation uniform were prepared there, all perfectly in Lilia’s size. From those, Lilia grabbed a set and nimbly changed into it. Then, giving the appearance of being in thought, she promptly stood in front of a mirror.

—Really… Is it fine just like this? What about make-up?

—If it’s you, then there’s no need. You’re already super cute just like that, you know? If anything, the heavy cosmetics you’ve used up until now just made things feel worse.

—Is… Is that so…

Lilia staggered all the way to the bed, before sitting down, perplexed. To Sakura, who had asked what was wrong,

—It’s nothing… Just that I’m a little wounded from that.

Perhaps not understanding, Sakura gave off a puzzled impression, and without saying anything, Lilia let out a heavy sigh.
Sakura’s advice that her make-up was no good actually came right as she arrived. When heading to the school, just in case, she had put on her usual make-up before getting on the carriage. Thus, the words Sakura had told her right when she was preparing to retire for the night stung her heart even now.

—Lilia. That make-up is unpleasant. It’s gross. It’d be better if you stopped doing it from tomorrow onwards.

Nobody at all had let her know before. That was why she had thought that it was fine like that. At some point, she had started to imitate her mother and put on make-up by herself, but had the people around her been thinking the same thing this whole time?
That said though, Sakura was still Sakura. It would have been great if she had let her know back at the estate. But for some reason or other, rather than doing that, why was she telling her right before she headed to bed the night before. It was like she was procrastinating until the last minute out of spite.
There was a knock on the door. Following that, Alisa revealed her face.

“Mistress Lilia, I’ve come with your breakfast. Have you finished your preparations?”

“Yes… I’m going now.”

When Alisa saw Lilia, who had exited from the room, her eyes went wide. When she tilted her head to the side at Arisa, who was staring fixedly at Lilia, Alisa flusteredly lowered her head.

“Please excuse me. Because that was somewhat unexpected…”

“What was?”

“I see that today you will be going without make-up.”

Lilia’s face froze over. She asked Alisa, who was tilting her head to the side.

“Alisa. I’d like you to answer truthfully here, but.”


“The make-up I’ve always done until now… how was it?”

This time it was Alisa who froze over. She seemed to be trying to say something, but kept shutting her mouth every time she opened it to speak. With just that, Lilia could already guess at Alisa’s feelings. Whether to answer truthfully and abide by Lilia’s command or to try and save face for her master, she was certainly lost for a decision. However, the fact that she was having trouble responding already made the answer here quite clear.

“It is fine. Thank you.”

“Ah… Um, my deepest apologies.”

“I said it’s fine. Alisa, I wish to change. If there is anything, please properly let me know.”

Alisa replied with a ‘certainly’ and bowed. Nodding in satisfaction, Lilia went to the seat where breakfast was prepared.
This was something that she only heard afterward, but Lilia’s back looked terribly small.

Having finished with breakfast, Lilia left her room to head towards the school building and descended down the stairs. Perhaps not aware of Lilia’s return, every single student passing by showed great surprise at seeing her. Lilia showed everyone who met her eyes a smile.
Before, she would only scowl at anyone she saw. She was actually intending the same as usual today as well, but she was stopped by Sakura.

—Lilia. Get Along.

Since it couldn’t be helped, she followed Sakura’s instructions and plastered the forced smile that she was confident had improved drastically over this week. According to Sakura, it was a smile that still had a ways to go, but everyone on the receiving end had their faces redden, looking away.

—We should hurry to class. We might end up running into that girl.

—I dunno, I think it’s pointless though. From what I know of that girl and her personality… Well whatever. We’ll see when we go.

Lilia frowned dubiously at Sakura’s words. Then, she quickly came to understand the meaning of what was said.

“Mistress Lilia. It’s Mistress Tina.”

As soon as she descended to the first floor, Alisa, who was walking in front, informed her of this arrival. She raised her face with a ‘huh?’ Perhaps due to the early hour, the entrance was still mostly devoid of people. And so, she quickly noticed.
At one of the tables arranged at the entrance was Tina. On the table, three cups were prepared. Perhaps she was talking to someone, or rather… Overcome with the feeling of a dreadful premonition, she was seriously wondering if she should go back or not. However, she definitely couldn’t ignore her here, either. After all, Alisa was continuously staring as if expecting something.

—Your friend’s here.


It was as if Sakura’s words were completely voicing Alisa’s thoughts on her behalf. With no other choice, Lilia approached Tina and placed a hand on her shoulder.



Author’s Notes:

The servants’ make-up -> Beautiful person
No make-up -> Cute person
Her own make-up -> Who the hell are you!
After getting used to seeing “Her own make-up” the surrounding people have come to react to no make-up with ‘Who the hell are you’.

(TL note)
The author usually has some sort of note at the end of every chapter, but they’re usually just corrections or announcements. In fact this chapter had a correction note as well but I will only translate the interesting parts of these notes.

(TLCer note from the great Tokimaru)
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Schizophrenia – Chapter 13

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Lilia’s grades in magic could be described as above average, or rather less than great. They weren’t bad per se, but it was unfortunate that her target of comparison were her relatives. Lilia’s mother, Ascha, gave birth to countless new magics. As a matter of course, it seemed her grades at the academy were consistently at the top. With such a mother, Lilia was constantly being compared to her by others.

If it were Madam Ascha, she would quickly understand such a thing though.

If it were Madam Ascha, she could write a magic formation of this degree even without looking though.

If it were Madam Ascha. If it were Madam Ascha. If it were Mother.

Compared to her, Miss Lilianne is… Compared to her, I am…

“Mistress Lilia.”

At Alisa’s call, Lilia came back to her senses with a gasp. Alisa seemed worried as she peered over into her face.

“Are you alright? You are not feeling ill anywhere are…”

Lilia shook her head and gave a bitter smile.

“I’m alright. Alisa, will you teach me magic?”

Alisa blinked several times before happily nodding.

Sakura listened to Alisa’s lecture through Lilia. Lilia’s existing foundation in magic often came in handy. While listening, Sakura recalled a portion of the things she had heard before coming here. Things regarding magic.

The magic in this world was not omnipotent like those found in novels or games. What was known as magic here, was interacting with the spirits that made up a part of the world, contracting them, and making use of their powers through magic formations. For the spirits, attached to each and every magic were their specific conditions for lending out their power. Breaking even one of these requirements would render everything null, even if you had prepared the magic formation.

The idea of “Magical Power” was non-existent in this world, where ability was measured only by one’s talent for interacting with the spirits and the amount of knowledge one had in writing magic formations. This was the “magic” of the world.

Conversing with spirits and magic formation creation being the requirements, the skill of actually “using” magic was not needed. It was actually quite a simple thing in a certain sense.

“How nice…”

Sakura listened through Lilia to Alisa’s explanations. She listened, it seemed, with great interest and apparent envy.

“I wish I could try it out as well…”

What a wonderful thing it was, that having a magic formation prepared meant anyone could use it. In that case, without a doubt, even she herself would be able.
Alisa opened up some sort of book and proceeded to explain the magic formations contained within one by one. While Lilia seemed to simply be listening to the explanation, Sakura was staring intently at the formations as if to consume them, driving their entirety into her head.

“It would be great if I could use them one day.”

Those enthusiastic words, if one were able to see her face, were muttered through a penetratingly cold smile.

With the setting sun, the streets began to quiet down into slumber, and with this, Lilia finally closed the book before her. Alisa was sitting across from her and, despite being before her own master, had fallen prostrate, limply splayed out on the table. Lilia herself was without anger, simply giving a wry smile thinking it was unavoidable.

“Alisa. It’s about time, let’s get some dinner.”

“Yes… I will… go bring something from the dining hall…”

Getting up, she headed for the door with uneasy footsteps. Lilia watched her back with concern, silently sending her off until she finally made her exit. Glancing at the small clock placed on top of the table, she tilted her head, as if slightly taken aback by how early it still was.

“How pitiful, to be exhausted from just this much.”

—Ahaha. What a luxurious confusion of common sense. For a normal person, studying without rest for six hours straight would leave them exhausted for sure.

—Wait just a minute. It’s almost as if you’re saying that I’m not normal. Besides, in the first place, you were the cause of all this.

—Whatever could you be talking about?

At Sakura’s delighted voice, Lilia pressed her forehead as she sighed.
Lilia’s life back at the mansion would start with waking up early every day and, other than meals and baths, consisted solely of studying. At least twelve hours were dedicated to studying every day. At the start, Lilia was also completely exhausted by the end of the day, but she started to get used to it after three days, so now she had no trouble at all with this lifestyle.

—Well hey, you don’t exactly hate studying. That’s why you grew accustomed so quickly and could continue.

—I haven’t exactly expressed my dislikes in general though.

—…Now that you mention it, that is true.

Sakura whispered to herself wondering if this too was different from her previous knowledge, but for now, Lilia chose to pay it no heed.

A short while later, Alisa, accompanied by another person dressed in maid attire, brought in the meal. The maid was employed by the academy, so without any single master, she took care of all the residents living here. Naturally, she wasn’t alone in her work, and they weren’t employed by the residents, so students like Lilia couldn’t actually give them orders. At the very most, if they required the maids’ help, it would simply be more of a request.

“Mistress Lilia, thank you for waiting.”

Alisa set up the meal upon the table before Lilia. Displayed on the table was a meal resembling the menu of an Aldis family breakfast.

“What is this…”

“My deepest apologies, Mistress Aldis. Since it has become this time already, what could be prepared could only amount to this much.”

The woman lowered her head deeply. She remained in that position awaiting Lilia’s response, as if awaiting Lilia’s angry shout to erupt at any moment. And thus, with wrinkles gathering between her brows and about to shout as if it were the natural thing to do,


With Sakura’s voice, she calmed down.

—There, deep breaths.

With Sakura’s urging, she slowly took in a breath, and let it out. Once again bringing her gaze to the woman, she met the eyes of the confused maid.

“Mistress Aldis?”

Perhaps unable to comprehend the silent Lilia, the woman stared at her with doubt in her eyes. Lilia steadily returned her gaze and spoke.

“Don’t mind it. It is unreasonable of me to request dinner at a time like this.”

The woman’s eyes went wide, and Alisa was smiling widely. Lowering her head again, the woman departed from the room.

—Is this okay for you?

—That was perfect! As expected of Lilia, seems like I’ll fall for you!

—Eh, no way.

—Hey hey, don’t reject my joke so seriously, that hurts…

At Sakura’s weeping reply, the corners of Lilia’s mouth raised just a tad bit.

“Well then let us dig in. You should take a seat over there, Alisa.”

“There as in… Facing you, is it? Is it really alright?”

“I am saying that is it alright.”

“Yes. Excuse me.”

Alisa seemed happy from top to bottom. While thinking it somewhat strange, she simply reached out her hands to begin her late dinner.

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[Rewrite] I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 1



I woke to a blinding light and a numbing cold.

How long had I been out?
There’s no way to tell.
I lost all sense of time in that void.

More importantly though, where am I?
There was definitely nothing like this in that place.
Especially this cold.
Temperature wasn’t a concept there.
Everything just … was.

This is also strange.
It feels like I’m in pain, but that shouldn’t be possible.
Although I hate to admit it, I have long since acknowledged that I didn’t have a body to feel pain with anymore.

Wait …

I … I remember what pain is?
No, that’s not it.
I-I remember everything.
Actually, that’s not entirely true either.
I can’t remember anything about myself.
Why can I remember things like ice cream when I can’t remember anything about who I am?

Was I a man or a woman?
I can’t remember.
Even my name is gone.
Is this what that old man was talking about?
To think I had thought he was just a mere shape.
How depressing.

No, I need to focus.
I can’t dwell on the past.
I should just be happy with my current situation.
So what if I can’t remember anything about myself?
From what that system was saying, this place is likely different from the one in my memories.
In that case, it’s not like knowing who I was will do me any good.
In this place I’ll start over.
I’ll create new memories.

First thing’s first though.
I need to get a grasp on my surroundings.
I’m fairly cold, but I don’t think it isn’t manageable.
In addition to that, the blinding light that forced me to close my eyes has to be the sun reflecting off of something.
Because of the cold, I can only picture snow though.
If I think about it, it seems I’m outside in a place that may be going through a winter.
Before I had to close my eyes, I did manage to see some tree like things though.
Perhaps a forest of some kind?
I’ll have to let my eyes adjust before I can really make any judgments though.

Seeing as that’s the case, the priority now is confirming my own status.
To start with, I try moving, but this body hardly responds to me.
It also doesn’t seem to have very much strength.
A baby then?
If so, then besides the issue with my lack of mobility, it’s not an unfavorable situation.
I had wanted a fresh start anyway.

Anyway, I try investigating the rest of my body, but for some reason I can’t feel much of it.
Is this what it’s like to be a baby?
Fumu, it seems I’ll have to wait until I’m able to actually see my own body.
At the very least, I’m not in pain anymore.
I should be safe in assuming that my body isn’t injured.
How cruel would it be if I di…

《Status confirmed: Deceased》

《[Unknown] executing》
《Probability of success: 100%》
《Revival process initiated》
《Body restructure complete》
《Every basic ability has risen》
《[Cold Resistance Lv1] has been acquired》
《[Improved Vision Lv1] has been acquired》
《Completing revival process》

《Error: Unknown interference detected》
《Probability of failure: 90%》

《Error: Process failure detected》
《Loss of 10% sanity has been predicted》
《Warning: Due to interference an additional 4% sanity has been lost》
《Sanity: 86%》
《Warning: Sanity below 90% will cause unintended side-effects》
《Attempting to repair》

《Repairing failed》
《No new loss of sanity detected》
《Attempting to complete the revival process》

《Process complete》

..ed this early?

I feel like something ironic just happened.
Well, I suppose it’s fine.
This splitting headache isn’t doing me any good though.
How did such a painful thing suddenly appear without me noticing?

Haha, just kidding.
It’s not actually all that painful, you know?
Or wait … is it?
I-I don’t really know.
That’s weird.
Why does it feel like I no longer know myself?

Well, troubling things are troublesome so I won’t think about it anymore.
Still, I wonder what happened.
I was feeling a bit cold before this headache appeared, but now I don’t feel cold at all.
Ah, and now that I think about it, my eyes are open as well.
It hasn’t been long enough for my eyes to adjust though.
Is this also because of the headache?
Maa, haven’t I already decided not to worry about troublesome things?

Let’s see, now that I’m able to keep my eyes open, is there anything else that’s interesting around?
I move my head around to look, but only trees and snow are there to greet me.
At the very least, I can be happy that I was right about this being some kind of forest.
Still can’t say for sure if it’s winter or not though.
Could just be somewhere cold.

Right before I turned away I saw something different!
It wasn’t a tree, but I have no idea what it could have been.
It was blue though.
Could it have been a whale?
Eh~, probably not.
U-unless whales are land creatures in this world!?
Ah, I doubt it.
That would be kind-of dumb.
Regardless, how do I go about getting its attention?

Resolving myself, I try calling out to it.


As you can see though, that was the result…
I forgot.
I’m just a baby.
My only means of communication is baby talk.
Mou~, how am I supposed to communicate with people if I can’t even speak properly!

Ignoring the me who is having a crisis, something moves in the bushes nearby.
Eh, could it be?
Did the whale (temp) hear my cry?
Mn, this is good.
Even if the whale isn’t a whale it might still be something that can help me.
I don’t remember any dangerous blue things anyway.


I hear it’s voice before I see it.
It emerges a second later though.

Was I an evil person in my past life or something?

No, wait.
Isn’t this the typical first encounter?
Although I forgot this is another world, it’s true that it is one.
In that case, this kind of situation is the standard, right?
Mn, for sure.
Usually this kind of thing occurs after the main character has grown up though.

Ah, yes.
It wasn’t a whale.
Goblin A has made his first appearance!

… not that I understand why I’m so calm.

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[Rewrite] I’m the Final Boss!? – Prologue

A New Start


There’s nothing here.
No matter the direction I look, there’s nothing to be seen.
Only a murky darkness.

I can’t even recall how long I’ve been here.
Better yet, I can’t even remember what I was doing before I ended up here.
Maybe … maybe I’ve always been here.

That’d be an interesting thought, but I do still have vague feelings that there’s something more than just nothing.
I may not be able to remember any of it, but I can still feel it.
Instinct … I think it was called.

Regardless, none of this helps me right now.
The important thing is trying to find some change in this void.
Change, even if it’s for the worse, is still something better than this boredom.
I can’t entertain myself with nothing.

As if in response to my complaints, a change occurs.

There was still someone here?”

Well, I say it was a change, but it’s not like there’s an actual voice.

To have reached the point where I’ve finally started hearing voices… looks like giving up is the only option I have left.
For my mind to have lasted this long though, I can only praise its efforts wholeheartedly.

“Oi, has anyone ever told you it’s rude to ignore people?”

Hm, this other voice I’ve invented seems to have a will of its own.
How strange.
Wouldn’t I normally be the one controlling both sides?
Isn’t that how this kind of role-play works?
Well, it’s not like there could actually be another existence here with me.

“You know, I was going to let your attitude slide because I was in a good mood, but now it’s starting to annoy me.”

Oh no, the voice is starting to get mad.
Haha, I’d probably be scared if this wasn’t all a figment of my imagination though.
Now, let me see what you’re going to do, voice.

Disregarding the me who has finally learned to entertain myself, the voice doesn’t respond.
Instead, as if responding to my provocations, the void begins to change.

I remember hearing once that even a snowflake can become an avalanche eventually.
It seems like that’s what I’m witnessing as all of these tiny pinpricks of light gather and merge.
Well, those lights aren’t actually snowflakes though.

Ah, now that I think about it, how do I know what snowflakes are?
Is it related to those lights?

Ignoring me, the lights endlessly gather and eventually there’s no longer nothing.
Now, there’s a shape before me.
My memory may have improved a little, but honestly, I can still only remember what snowflakes are.

Ah, now that I’m able to get a good look at you it seems you’re in a bit of a dangerous situation.”

Interrupting my thoughts, the shape insults me.
I’ll have you know that I’m perfectly fine!
Though … it’s not like I can actually say that out loud.

“Let’s see.
This should help for a while at least, but we really need to get you out of here quickly.”

This time, I wasn’t really paying attention to what it was saying, but the shape seemed to do something to me.
I feel another change, but this one feels like it’s coming from within myself.
It’s strange, but not unpleasant.

“Ah, much better.
However, I still need to get you somewhere a bit more stable.
《Begin System》”

《System in process of rebooting》
《Expected time of completion: Whenever really》

“Gah, I forgot you were like this.
Hurry up and reboot, this kid’s life is in danger.”

《Expected time of completion: A few seconds at worst》

“Mn, thanks.”

《System reboot complete》

“Alright kid, my job is finished.
I leave the rest of it up to you.”

Why are you pushing this all on me?
I don’t even know what’s going on!

《In a few moments you will be asked to choose your new fate》
《It is recommended to hurry as you don’t have much time left in this place》

What do you mean?
I’ve been here for a long time now, how can my time here be almost up?

《I suppose there is just enough time enough to answer your question》
《In the simplest of terms, your soul is in a poor state》
《Being completely honest, it’s amazing that you’ve managed to last this long》

Eh, my soul?
I wonder how it compares to a snowflake.
Doesn’t sound all that exciting though.
Not like snowflakes at least.

《Ahem, moving on》
《I will present you with a few options》
《Please select the one you prefer》

《 ? 》
《 ? 》
《 ? 》

《Ah, I forgot to mention that these choices are random》
《Fufu, my sincerest apologies》

Hm, I don’t really believe this other voice is that sincere, but I’m not entirely sure.
Regardless, if it’s random, then it all comes down to luck.
In that case, I’ll choose the middle one!

《Your choice has been confirmed》
《Congratulations, you have been granted [     ]》

Um, voice?
There’s nothing though?

《Oh my, really?》
《I suppose your gift will have to be a surprise then》
《Look forward to the day you’re able to discover it》

T-this voice isn’t very kind it seems.
Either way, it seems I’ll have to rely on myself for whatever will happen next.
I can’t count on whatever it was that I had been given.

《Now then, because I answered your question, we’re a bit short on time, and I am unable to offer you any other choices》
《Meaning, I have decided the settings for you》
《I do hope you enjoy your new life》

Oh, well thank you, System.
Actually, now that I think about it, maybe System isn’t so bad after all?

As if I would be deceived so easily.
System must have chosen the worst settings possible.
Well, I’ll show you, System.
I will survive your test, and then I’ll come back here to prove that I was able to beat your expectations.
Just you wait.

《Fufu, I look forward to that day》

While unable to fully read those few words, my world once again became darkness.
I wonder what will happen from now on…

So, I imagine quite a few of you have questions, but the important thing is the reason I’m rewriting this story.
While writing the original story, I did not actually have a decent plan down.
I was writing as I went, and as I went on I found out that such a style of writing is something I can’t do.
A plan was necessary so that I didn’t end up with needless chapters.
Hopefully this update will improve the story, and we’ll all enjoy it even more than the original.
Thank you for sticking with me this long.

– Pira

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Karma – 04

Chapter 4 – Port Sazan and the Guild

Author: A lot of explanation.

Heading south from the forest for an hour, finally the town… Port Sazan came into view.

During the trip, Kosuinen had relentlessly quizzed me about the medicine, but I just feigned ignorance saying, “I had received the pills as thanks for saving some nobles. That was the last of my stock.”

Although I had already spoken at length with Nellie and the three guards, extracting information without giving myself away had proven to be quite difficult… Then, I recalled that I had learnt the skills Advanced Conversation and Advanced Seduction. Once I enabled them, my troubles thus far almost seemed meaningless, and I was able to learn all I needed without much effort. When it was still a game, such skills were used to deceive NPCs from enemy nations.1

From our conversation, I learnt that the trio belonged to an organization called the “Adventurer’s Guild.”
It was a group that consisted of temporary contractors who accepted jobs that were mainly focused on monster suppression, escorting, exploration, etc. Thus, at the present, the trio were serving as guards at Kosuinen’s request.

Apparently, once one fulfilled the respective conditions, then, through magic, the guild would impart the fundamental knowledge and techniques known as one’s “class” to adventurers. This was why they thought “kunoichi” was a rare, hidden class.
Incidentally, classes similar to Nellie’s basic slave class also existed. Some would hire slaves to serve as shields when doing jobs for the guild.

“Is that so? So Shino-dono is from another continent?”

“Yes, a teleportation experiment conducted by a magic research institution went haywire. I just happened to be serving as an escort for some big-shots when I was caught up in the explosion… and next thing I knew, I was in the forest.”

“That sounds… pretty rough.”

Quinn-san gazed at me with a pained expression while offering her sympathy.

“I was wondering why both your medicine and appearance seem a bit strange. So it was because you were from another continent… I’m a little surprised.”

Yeah, even I thought it was a poor excuse, but thanks to having actived my conversations skills, they didn’t seem to doubt me in the slightest… Well, even if I had told them the truth, they’d surely have an even harder time believing that I was from a different world.

“Well Shino-dono, I think it’d be great if you were to join this town’s guild! If you plan on journeying, it’ll serve as a good replacement for an ID, and with your abilities, you’d probably reach Rank A in no time.”

“Hmm, I guess I might do that then? Well, for the moment at least, I would like some cash.”

Oh right, now that I think about it, I didn’t have any money that could be used in this world. The currency for Sengoku Online was the kan afterall.2
As we continued on with our conversation, we eventually arrived at Kosuinen’s destination, Port Sazan.

“Right! Thanks for all your efforts, people. Get out your commission completion certificate and I’ll sign them.”

“Ah, here you go.”

Govack took out the papers.

“Ah, yes… this seems all good… Here you go.”

After signing them, Kosuinen handed them back.

Looking over them, Govack’s face twisted.

“Kosunien, sir, what’s the meaning of this ‘C’ evaluation? Wasn’t the cargo unharmed?”

“Hmph, though an irregular monster did appear, I still suffered the loss of one of the arms from the beastkin girl… At the time, she was still under my possession, so of course I would deduct marks.”

“… Tch, no helping it then.”

“Be grateful that I didn’t mark the commission as unfulfilled. Hahahaha.”

With an evil smile (in my opinion) curled on his face, Kosuinen separated from us, heading towards the merchant district. He likely wanted to deliver his cargo.

“What an aggravating guy…” I spat out, glaring at his departing figure. ”Just thinking about a bastard like that having owned Nellie-chan makes me angry.”

Nellie quietly pulled at the sleeves of my tunic.

“Goshujin-sama… my master now is you.”

Upon saying that, as if she were a real cat, Nellie rubbed her neck up against my back.

“Ahhhhhh! You’re too cute Nellie!”

I turned around and immediately hugged her tightly with both arms.

“But you know Nellie, could you call me not by Goshujin-sama, but by my name?”

“Uhm… Uhh… Shino, sama?”

“Yes, yes, one more time.”


“Mhm, you’re so adorable.”


“Uhmmm… Shino-dono?”

I had almost plunged into a world with just Nellie and I when Govack’s voice brought me back to my senses.

“Pa-pardon me… I did not mean to.”

“What are your plans now? If you’re planning on registering with the guild, we could take you along yeah?”

“Ah, yes, if you could.“

Although it required an enormous amount of willpower to pull myself off Nellie’s cushy body,  I didn’t let it show on my face and followed after Govack’s group.

“Oh, it looks like quite a proper place afterall… It’s almost like a town hall.”

“Well, this is the second largest town next to the capital after all… Though I don’t know what a ‘town hall’ is,” Govack responded honestly to my personal monologue. “Well, let’s head in for now.”

Following after them, Nellie and I entered the guild. Inside, an area that had several counters like those in a government office and a dining hall were joined together into one establishment.

“New recruits should go to that counter. If I’m not mistaken…”

“Yes, this counter is fine.”

The lady behind the counter answered upon overhearing Govack’s words.

“Ah, it’s not for me. This lady here would like to register.”

“Very well. Please fill out this form with your name, age, sex, and desired class… Your place of birth is optional.”


I took the piece of paper and began to fill it out. The writing was the same as Japanese.

… Thinking about it now, everyone seemed to understand my words normally. I suppose this was to be expected of the world closest to my own.

“So you see, this lady here is from another continent. She’s supposedly got the kunoichi class… you think that’s alright?”

“A kunoichi? Please wait a moment…………………………… We have no records of a kunoichi class, so it would be a completely new one. Our magic will be unable to grant you any skills, but if you do not mind, then we can register it as a new class.”

“Oh, I’m fine with that.”

I already had more skills than I would ever need after all.

“Thank you very much. Should you provide us with information regarding this class’s skills, then we can offer to waive the registration fee. How would you like to proceed?”

“Hmm, does that mean I would have to reveal all my skills?”

“Not at all, just one skill exclusive to the class would be sufficient. Should they just be general skills, please tell us about five.”

“Then that’s no problem… I’ll tell you about my skills.”

“Thank you very much. Please place your hand on this divination stone and recall the skill that you would like to offer.”

She took out a pure white, mousepad-like stone.
I placed my right hand on it and recalled a characteristic kunoichi skill.

“The scan is now complete. The skill you offered is:

Shadow Bind, mana cost 0
Able to seal the movement of a target by driving a shuriken
or similar weapon into their shadow and chanting.
Relevant Attributes: Mid, Dex
Resistance Attributes: Mid
Base Success Rate: 80%

Is everything correct… eeehhh!? Paralysis effect, 0 mana cost, and a success rate of 80%!? I-i-i-is it really alright!? Are you okay divulging a hidden skill like this to us!?”

“I don’t mind at all.”

“Unbelievable, what a crazy skill.”

Govack was also wholly impressed, but in the first place, they didn’t have other ninjas here. I myself had resistance to Shadow Bind, and it wasn’t even my strongest skill.

In Sengoku Online, it was actually a skill that was falling out of use.

“Tha-thank you. Now just to transfer the information from the form to your guild card… Just as before, please place your hand over here.”

She placed a much smaller… plaque the size of a smartphone by my hand.

“Please wait one minute ……………… It is now ready.”

Over the course of under a minute, the smartphone-sized plaque turned pitch black.

“Depending on your class, your card will change color… but this dark of a black is quite unusual… Please hold your card and try saying, ‘Open status,’ in your mind.”


Open status… hmm.

Name: Shino Kagura
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Total Level: 85
Guild Rank: F
Class Level: Kunoichi 85


‘Equilibrium of the Cosmos’
‘Kunoichi Master’

Special Skills
Character Change
Mana Release
Mana Transfer

Type Affinity
Shadow +50%
Fire +20%
Light −10%

World’s Unnamed Overseer

… Somehow, I get the feeling that this card is filled with things I can’t just carelessly show to others…

My MP is ‘N/A’!? And what’s with this ‘Equilibrium of the Cosmos’ title!? Though the Character Change skill is probably there so I can use my alternative characters…

“Uh, uhm.”


“When I want to use this as an ID, must I show everything?”

“Ah, no, you are able to erase everything but your name, class, guild rank, sex, and age. In that state, it will still serve as an ID without any issues. Additionally… even guild staff are unable to look at the hidden sections except in extreme circumstances. We ensure your privacy.”

Alright, then there should be no problems.

“If everything looks in order, then I would like to explain various things.”

“P-please do.”

“Ahem, in that case…
Name, sex, class level, and age all mean what you expect.
Total level is calculated from the experience gained from all your classes.
Your guild rank is your rating within the guild.
Guild ranks are, starting from the highest to lowest: EX, S, A, B, C, D, E, and  F in order.
Because you just joined Shino-sama, you are an F-rank.
Incidentally, C-ranks are veterans, B-ranks are the elite, A-ranks are the top elite, S-ranks are heroes, and EX-ranks are legendary tier.

HP is life force.
MP is the amount of mana.
Str is physical strength.
Vit is vitality or robustness.
Dex is dexterity.
Spd is speed.
Int is intelligence.
Mid is willpower.

For all stats except HP and MP, the average for those who have become adults is between 8 and 12, and for humans, the highest score is 18 for each.
But the higher your level, the more difficult it becomes to raise it.
Titles are are determined by the gods and are like a second name.
Special skills are specific to the class or individual, and even without equipping them into your skill slots, you are still able to use them.
Type affinity affects your attack power and damage received for that type.
Of course, positive affinity is desirable, but those who possess ones with over +20% are quite rare.
Blessings refer to divine protection granted by gods or similar beings.
That is roughly everything.“

“T-thank you for your hard work…”

Amazing, she said everything in one breath without stopping.

“Should you wish to accept commissions, then please proceed to the next counter for additional information.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Alright, it seems you have successfully been registered. Next you will want to go to this counter.”

Waiting for me to finish registering, Govack led me to the counter next door in charge of commissions.

“It’s already this late, so I’d like to leave finding a job to accept for tomorrow.”

“Ah, Shindo-dono, that’s not it, the scale viper that you had defeated is part of an ongoing subjugation commission. If you bring the designated part that serves as proof, you can trade them in for guild points and the rewards.”

“Is that so?”

“This is the share that you defeated Shino-dono, five gems from the foreheads of the scale vipers… These serve as their proof of subjugation. Hand them in to the counter along with your card.”

“You took the time to gather my share as well?”

“Well, it was to give thanks for saving our lives, though it’s not much… We didn’t get much from this job though, so please let us off with just this.”

“No need to trouble yourself over it. Thank you.”

In contrast to his outer appearance, he was quite attentive to detail. I was grateful for it.

I hurried to the counter for commissions to submit the five gems.

“Can you process these?”

“Yes, these gems are… from scale vipers? And five of them! … Please wait a moment.”

The lady behind the counter disappeared deep inside and, after some rummaging, returned holding two bags.

“This small one contains two gold coins, and this large one contains 50 silver coins. One scale viper is 5,000 kuramu and that totals to 25,000 kuramu.”

“Thank you very much,” I replied and then asked Govack next to me, ”By the way, about how much is this worth on this continent?”

“Hmm. With 10 kuramu, one could buy a meal at quite an appetizing restaurant. With 100 kuramu… with 1 silver coin, you can spend a night with two meals at a middle tier inn.”

“… It’s quite the amount then.”

“It is. But adventurers have a lot of expenses between weapons, armor, and medical treatment… It’ll be gone before you know it if you’re not careful.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

But, well, at least now I could afford living with Nellie.

So many things had happened today. I felt exhausted (especially mentally) and wanted to quickly enter an inn and squeeze Nellie like a pillow until I fall asleep.

Author: Shino-san is quickly rushing down the path of a lost cause (lol).

1 Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are citizens of the game world that do not have a player behind their actions. Typically not used to refer to monsters.

2 Kan, also known as kanme, is a unit of measurement for weight in the context of the real world. As of 1891, following the Japanese government’s efforts to standardize it, the kan is equivalent to exactly 3.75 kilograms or 1000 momme (the standard unit of measurement in the pearl industry).

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