I’m the Final Boss!?

I’m the Final Boss!?

By: The First Freeloader (Pira)

I never believed that the stories I always read could ever come true.
After all, how could that be the case?
We don’t live in a world of swords and magic, so who would actually think it was possible to get summoned to a new world?

Regardless of how I feel though, I now find myself in a situation eerily similar to those same stories.
It may all just be a dream, but it’s so very lifelike.

Either way, why am I a baby in the middle of nowhere!?

You can also check out my site and get early access before I post it here: Pira’s Corner



45 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!?”

        1. The rest is in the process of being written. Unfortunately, I’ve been terrible at updating the story, but I’m starting to come back and update the rewrite version (which is the preferred version). I’m sorry.


      1. And now this comment is forever out of context XD


        1. It’s not really out of context if you’re using the links at the bottom of each chapter though. I mean I just read the April 1st post today after all.


        1. Now that I’m home for a week, I’ll attempt to get a new chapter out. I may be able to get one out tomorrow (or today considering the time). Again, sorry for the delay.

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