Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter

Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter


original story by Reia(澪亜)
illustrations by Umemiya Suki(梅宮スキ)
original character designs by Futaba Hazuki(双葉はづき)

Translator Slave: Estelion
Redrawer-Typesetter: Komo
Redrawer-Typesetter: Ame
Redrawer: Alice
Typesetter: Julianacat

Available on Batoto

Web Novel Translation:

Although she had reincarnated as a the daughter of a Duke’s house, by the time she regained her memories, the Ending was already here.

“After he cancels my engagement, the story would have me confined to a church. Where can I find my happy ending?”

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

41 thoughts on “Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter”

  1. thank you! thank you! thank you so much. i love the artwork and story for this light novel. it is surprisingly realistic as you said earlier. thanks for all the work you all put into this and the light novel translations. can’t wait for more!!!


  2. i prefer read the web novel series rether then the manga series.In novel you can know Iris mind and make you know better the plot.In manga the first chapter looks like Iris are a villain and have cold attitude but in novel we can know if Iris have kind and smart way of thinking
    sooo i suggest you to read the novel series insted,i ts just my opinion tought

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I read the webnovel on Japtem and was totally hooked. The story from the villianess point of view? PRICELESS and to top it of full of mystery? sign me up (no spoilers so far so we good).
    I never expected the manga to look so good and to be pretty close to the original material <3 thanks for posting it.

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  4. It would be awesome if we could get a whole work out of the “diary of a concerned imouto”. They are hilarious. And thank you for the great work.


  5. Hello ~ I wanted to ask you for permission to translate the Manga to the Spanish, obviously I will give you your respective credits


  6. hi, i am a brazilian and i and a friend are traslating this manga to our lenguage i here to inform it, we gona use yours raw to translate it. and if it’s gona be okay if we use. of course we gona put yours credits :D


  7. hi i do not wont to be annoying, i am just wondering when will you be releasing the next chapter. I rally like the series and ty for your hard work.


    1. Not too sure myself.
      Este’s busy with school right now, so probably not until after his current semester finishes which I believe is at the end of October.
      So yeah, you’re gonna have to wait quite a bit more before the next chapter cuz real life obligations and stuff. >.<


  8. I was just wondering have you guys considered translating the light novel of this? I know the web novel is being translated currently, but I don’t think the light novel is.


    1. I’m not sure.
      It depends on if any if our translators wants to translate it, but I believe they already have their hands full with their current series so it seems unlikely.


  9. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、……….…O旦と )……..


    1. Nope! It’s just that we have one translator for it (Este) and he seems to be busy lately. Plus he has a whole bunch of other series he’s translating, so yeah…


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