Karma – 02

Chapter 2 – Within a Forest


I slowly opened my eyes to the smell of grass and sensation of the earth.

“… What?”

Extending my field of vision, all I saw were trees. Grass. A vast sky.


I still couldn’t quite fathom what was going on.

Up until now I was at the ninja mansion playing Sengoku Online…

And now I was outside… collapsed in the middle of a forest?

My village is fairly rural, so further towards to the mountains one could find many places as wild as this but…

“Though it’s me, even I wouldn’t leave wearing my ninja clothes.”

Having thought about it again, these clothes were the ones I was wearing during the sword battle scene. They were in the same state as when I took off my headband and hood.

“Was I kidnapped? But it’s a bit strange that they would just leave me outside without tying me up… Ah! My phone!”

I had just realized something important—the phone I was holding was nowhere to been found.

“Ugh, all my personal information… And on top of that my Sengoku Online details!”

I better get back home and freeze the phone, I thought when I heard a ding.


A familiar sound. The sound of receiving a text.

“Eh, even though phone itself is nowhere to be seen, why am I hearing that noise?”

Then, before my eyes, a ‘message received’ popup screen appeared.

It was without a doubt the screen of my smartphone, semi-transparent and floating in the air.


As I floundered for words, a new message on the terminal screen opened on its own.

‘To whom it may concern. From God. While understandably you may be surprised, this is a different earth from the one you lived in. This not Japan, but an alternate world known as Falyias.’

“Not only is the mail transparent, but the sender just does as he pleases! And what’s the deal with this chuuni setting!”1

‘First of all, as Falyias’s caretaker, I, would like to offer my sincere apologies. Although this situation was truly an unfortunate coincidence, the fault lies with this world.’


Thinking things through, it was unlikely that anyone would have the technology to make this air-like window pop up in a forest in the middle of nowhere. Something was definitely out of place. If that was the case, then the gathering information was my first priority.

‘Originally our world, Falyias, existed on a similar wavelength to yours, however, unlike your world which developed the sciences, our world instead developed magic.’

“I see I see.”

‘… But the magic and sorcery that humans and monsterss used began to slowly exhaust the mana of the world… and now we’re on the verge of calamity.’


‘The basis of magic, it is present throughout the world and serves as energy. One could even say it is a necessary force for a world to maintain its reality.’

“And if it’s used up completely, what would happen?”

‘Existence itself would fade into nothingness. It would be as if Falyias had never existed in the first place.’

“… So of course you’re telling me to do something about it right? Talk about a cliché summoning…”

‘You are mistaken, everything has already been resolved.’


If everything was resolved, then send me back please. What was even the point of explaining things?

‘To be accurate, you are being highly praised for your settlement in this world.’

If that was the case, then it made even less sense.

‘I wrote earlier that our two worlds have really similar wavelengths, however, as result of being too closely similar, Falyias has began to draw the mana-overflowing Earth in like a magnet.’

“Mana seems like a fairly fantasy-like power. I wouldn’t think that Earth would have it.”

‘Because the foundations of your world themselves are such that magic cannot manifest itself, there was no way to use it, and thus over time, mana began to build up. In a similar sense to our mana drought but in a different way, this quite likely also had adverse effects on the world.’

“So you want me to join your mana-starved world and my mana-overflowing world to solve the mana crisis?”

‘Simply joined, if we were to merely leave the two worlds to their own devices, forget salvation, the world itself would perish… thus, your world’s caretaker and I decided to designate a tiny portion of our worlds to meet and therein allow the mana to trickle over from your world into ours, however…’


I have a bad feeling about this.

‘… The conditions for point of contact seemed to converge precisely on you. In other words you, Kagura-san, will serve as the pathway through which mana will flow from Earth to Falyias.’

“What the heck is thisssssssss!!”

‘M-my humblest apologies.’

“P-precisely on me… so I can’t return home?”

‘Presently, the pressure with which mana is flowing through you is much too strong… but perhaps, after 1000 years you should be able to.’

“Even trash doesn’t survive that long! 1000 years!?”

‘At least due to the mana flowing through you, you’ll practically stay eternally young. 1000, even 10000 years wouldn’t be inconceivable.’


‘W-well how about this, from the database you were using at the time you were transferred, known as a ‘smartphone,’ I tried my best to recreate your Sengoku Online data! You’ll have no problems living in this world!’

“Wait? Recreate my Sengoku Online data?”

‘Indeed, since your name is the same, appearance is similar, and it was easy to perform due to your connection, I arranged it as a means of apology.’

“Even if you say that… well, at least you’re right about being able to adapt to this world without problems… but why the chuuni setting.”

‘You seem to have come to accept this rather quickly.’

“Well I already no longer have family back on Earth. If I can’t return, then I won’t turn back. I’ll just face my present situation.”

“Eeeeeeeek!” came a screaming female voice from the middle of the forest, interrupting us.

Yup, definitely textbook chuuni.

“I ought to go save her, right…?”

‘I am merely a caretaker, so I won’t tell you what to do. However, in terms of ability, it should pose no challenge for you.’

“Alright I get it, I’ll get going. I wouldn’t want this to leave me with nightmares…”

‘Incidentally your skills can be used in the same manner as before, so… good luck… I cannot interfere anymore, so I doubt I will be contacting you in the future.’

“Huh!? Wait-”

With a click, the message window had closed. What an irresponsible fellow.

“Sigh… they left me saying I could use skills… Hmm, lemme try, ‘Skill Change.’”

I tried selecting the skill preset for trash mobs that I had set up beforehand from the menu that popped up.

“Ohh, my body feels light. Seems like the movement skill Breeze is working.”

Breeze, Light Footed, Master Evasion, Critical Strike, Triple Strike, Surprise Attack, Fire Evasion, Master Counter, Stealth, Dual Wielding.

I could feel the confirmation for setting all those skills flowing directly into my head.

Though there was much to think about, so I put my worries aside for the moment and set my sights on clearing this event.

1 Chuunibyou now is used to describe those that mistakenly believe themselves in possession of magical powers or special attributes. Second-year middle school syndrome.

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