Karma – 04

Chapter 4 – Port Sazan and the Guild

Author: A lot of explanation.

Heading south from the forest for an hour, finally the town… Port Sazan came into view.

During the trip, Kosuinen had relentlessly quizzed me about the medicine, but I just feigned ignorance saying, “I had received the pills as thanks for saving some nobles. That was the last of my stock.”

Although I had already spoken at length with Nellie and the three guards, extracting information without giving myself away had proven to be quite difficult… Then, I recalled that I had learnt the skills Advanced Conversation and Advanced Seduction. Once I enabled them, my troubles thus far almost seemed meaningless, and I was able to learn all I needed without much effort. When it was still a game, such skills were used to deceive NPCs from enemy nations.1

From our conversation, I learnt that the trio belonged to an organization called the “Adventurer’s Guild.”
It was a group that consisted of temporary contractors who accepted jobs that were mainly focused on monster suppression, escorting, exploration, etc. Thus, at the present, the trio were serving as guards at Kosuinen’s request.

Apparently, once one fulfilled the respective conditions, then, through magic, the guild would impart the fundamental knowledge and techniques known as one’s “class” to adventurers. This was why they thought “kunoichi” was a rare, hidden class.
Incidentally, classes similar to Nellie’s basic slave class also existed. Some would hire slaves to serve as shields when doing jobs for the guild.

“Is that so? So Shino-dono is from another continent?”

“Yes, a teleportation experiment conducted by a magic research institution went haywire. I just happened to be serving as an escort for some big-shots when I was caught up in the explosion… and next thing I knew, I was in the forest.”

“That sounds… pretty rough.”

Quinn-san gazed at me with a pained expression while offering her sympathy.

“I was wondering why both your medicine and appearance seem a bit strange. So it was because you were from another continent… I’m a little surprised.”

Yeah, even I thought it was a poor excuse, but thanks to having actived my conversations skills, they didn’t seem to doubt me in the slightest… Well, even if I had told them the truth, they’d surely have an even harder time believing that I was from a different world.

“Well Shino-dono, I think it’d be great if you were to join this town’s guild! If you plan on journeying, it’ll serve as a good replacement for an ID, and with your abilities, you’d probably reach Rank A in no time.”

“Hmm, I guess I might do that then? Well, for the moment at least, I would like some cash.”

Oh right, now that I think about it, I didn’t have any money that could be used in this world. The currency for Sengoku Online was the kan afterall.2
As we continued on with our conversation, we eventually arrived at Kosuinen’s destination, Port Sazan.

“Right! Thanks for all your efforts, people. Get out your commission completion certificate and I’ll sign them.”

“Ah, here you go.”

Govack took out the papers.

“Ah, yes… this seems all good… Here you go.”

After signing them, Kosuinen handed them back.

Looking over them, Govack’s face twisted.

“Kosunien, sir, what’s the meaning of this ‘C’ evaluation? Wasn’t the cargo unharmed?”

“Hmph, though an irregular monster did appear, I still suffered the loss of one of the arms from the beastkin girl… At the time, she was still under my possession, so of course I would deduct marks.”

“… Tch, no helping it then.”

“Be grateful that I didn’t mark the commission as unfulfilled. Hahahaha.”

With an evil smile (in my opinion) curled on his face, Kosuinen separated from us, heading towards the merchant district. He likely wanted to deliver his cargo.

“What an aggravating guy…” I spat out, glaring at his departing figure. ”Just thinking about a bastard like that having owned Nellie-chan makes me angry.”

Nellie quietly pulled at the sleeves of my tunic.

“Goshujin-sama… my master now is you.”

Upon saying that, as if she were a real cat, Nellie rubbed her neck up against my back.

“Ahhhhhh! You’re too cute Nellie!”

I turned around and immediately hugged her tightly with both arms.

“But you know Nellie, could you call me not by Goshujin-sama, but by my name?”

“Uhm… Uhh… Shino, sama?”

“Yes, yes, one more time.”


“Mhm, you’re so adorable.”


“Uhmmm… Shino-dono?”

I had almost plunged into a world with just Nellie and I when Govack’s voice brought me back to my senses.

“Pa-pardon me… I did not mean to.”

“What are your plans now? If you’re planning on registering with the guild, we could take you along yeah?”

“Ah, yes, if you could.“

Although it required an enormous amount of willpower to pull myself off Nellie’s cushy body,  I didn’t let it show on my face and followed after Govack’s group.

“Oh, it looks like quite a proper place afterall… It’s almost like a town hall.”

“Well, this is the second largest town next to the capital after all… Though I don’t know what a ‘town hall’ is,” Govack responded honestly to my personal monologue. “Well, let’s head in for now.”

Following after them, Nellie and I entered the guild. Inside, an area that had several counters like those in a government office and a dining hall were joined together into one establishment.

“New recruits should go to that counter. If I’m not mistaken…”

“Yes, this counter is fine.”

The lady behind the counter answered upon overhearing Govack’s words.

“Ah, it’s not for me. This lady here would like to register.”

“Very well. Please fill out this form with your name, age, sex, and desired class… Your place of birth is optional.”


I took the piece of paper and began to fill it out. The writing was the same as Japanese.

… Thinking about it now, everyone seemed to understand my words normally. I suppose this was to be expected of the world closest to my own.

“So you see, this lady here is from another continent. She’s supposedly got the kunoichi class… you think that’s alright?”

“A kunoichi? Please wait a moment…………………………… We have no records of a kunoichi class, so it would be a completely new one. Our magic will be unable to grant you any skills, but if you do not mind, then we can register it as a new class.”

“Oh, I’m fine with that.”

I already had more skills than I would ever need after all.

“Thank you very much. Should you provide us with information regarding this class’s skills, then we can offer to waive the registration fee. How would you like to proceed?”

“Hmm, does that mean I would have to reveal all my skills?”

“Not at all, just one skill exclusive to the class would be sufficient. Should they just be general skills, please tell us about five.”

“Then that’s no problem… I’ll tell you about my skills.”

“Thank you very much. Please place your hand on this divination stone and recall the skill that you would like to offer.”

She took out a pure white, mousepad-like stone.
I placed my right hand on it and recalled a characteristic kunoichi skill.

“The scan is now complete. The skill you offered is:

Shadow Bind, mana cost 0
Able to seal the movement of a target by driving a shuriken
or similar weapon into their shadow and chanting.
Relevant Attributes: Mid, Dex
Resistance Attributes: Mid
Base Success Rate: 80%

Is everything correct… eeehhh!? Paralysis effect, 0 mana cost, and a success rate of 80%!? I-i-i-is it really alright!? Are you okay divulging a hidden skill like this to us!?”

“I don’t mind at all.”

“Unbelievable, what a crazy skill.”

Govack was also wholly impressed, but in the first place, they didn’t have other ninjas here. I myself had resistance to Shadow Bind, and it wasn’t even my strongest skill.

In Sengoku Online, it was actually a skill that was falling out of use.

“Tha-thank you. Now just to transfer the information from the form to your guild card… Just as before, please place your hand over here.”

She placed a much smaller… plaque the size of a smartphone by my hand.

“Please wait one minute ……………… It is now ready.”

Over the course of under a minute, the smartphone-sized plaque turned pitch black.

“Depending on your class, your card will change color… but this dark of a black is quite unusual… Please hold your card and try saying, ‘Open status,’ in your mind.”


Open status… hmm.

Name: Shino Kagura
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Total Level: 85
Guild Rank: F
Class Level: Kunoichi 85


‘Equilibrium of the Cosmos’
‘Kunoichi Master’

Special Skills
Character Change
Mana Release
Mana Transfer

Type Affinity
Shadow +50%
Fire +20%
Light −10%

World’s Unnamed Overseer

… Somehow, I get the feeling that this card is filled with things I can’t just carelessly show to others…

My MP is ‘N/A’!? And what’s with this ‘Equilibrium of the Cosmos’ title!? Though the Character Change skill is probably there so I can use my alternative characters…

“Uh, uhm.”


“When I want to use this as an ID, must I show everything?”

“Ah, no, you are able to erase everything but your name, class, guild rank, sex, and age. In that state, it will still serve as an ID without any issues. Additionally… even guild staff are unable to look at the hidden sections except in extreme circumstances. We ensure your privacy.”

Alright, then there should be no problems.

“If everything looks in order, then I would like to explain various things.”

“P-please do.”

“Ahem, in that case…
Name, sex, class level, and age all mean what you expect.
Total level is calculated from the experience gained from all your classes.
Your guild rank is your rating within the guild.
Guild ranks are, starting from the highest to lowest: EX, S, A, B, C, D, E, and  F in order.
Because you just joined Shino-sama, you are an F-rank.
Incidentally, C-ranks are veterans, B-ranks are the elite, A-ranks are the top elite, S-ranks are heroes, and EX-ranks are legendary tier.

HP is life force.
MP is the amount of mana.
Str is physical strength.
Vit is vitality or robustness.
Dex is dexterity.
Spd is speed.
Int is intelligence.
Mid is willpower.

For all stats except HP and MP, the average for those who have become adults is between 8 and 12, and for humans, the highest score is 18 for each.
But the higher your level, the more difficult it becomes to raise it.
Titles are are determined by the gods and are like a second name.
Special skills are specific to the class or individual, and even without equipping them into your skill slots, you are still able to use them.
Type affinity affects your attack power and damage received for that type.
Of course, positive affinity is desirable, but those who possess ones with over +20% are quite rare.
Blessings refer to divine protection granted by gods or similar beings.
That is roughly everything.“

“T-thank you for your hard work…”

Amazing, she said everything in one breath without stopping.

“Should you wish to accept commissions, then please proceed to the next counter for additional information.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Alright, it seems you have successfully been registered. Next you will want to go to this counter.”

Waiting for me to finish registering, Govack led me to the counter next door in charge of commissions.

“It’s already this late, so I’d like to leave finding a job to accept for tomorrow.”

“Ah, Shindo-dono, that’s not it, the scale viper that you had defeated is part of an ongoing subjugation commission. If you bring the designated part that serves as proof, you can trade them in for guild points and the rewards.”

“Is that so?”

“This is the share that you defeated Shino-dono, five gems from the foreheads of the scale vipers… These serve as their proof of subjugation. Hand them in to the counter along with your card.”

“You took the time to gather my share as well?”

“Well, it was to give thanks for saving our lives, though it’s not much… We didn’t get much from this job though, so please let us off with just this.”

“No need to trouble yourself over it. Thank you.”

In contrast to his outer appearance, he was quite attentive to detail. I was grateful for it.

I hurried to the counter for commissions to submit the five gems.

“Can you process these?”

“Yes, these gems are… from scale vipers? And five of them! … Please wait a moment.”

The lady behind the counter disappeared deep inside and, after some rummaging, returned holding two bags.

“This small one contains two gold coins, and this large one contains 50 silver coins. One scale viper is 5,000 kuramu and that totals to 25,000 kuramu.”

“Thank you very much,” I replied and then asked Govack next to me, ”By the way, about how much is this worth on this continent?”

“Hmm. With 10 kuramu, one could buy a meal at quite an appetizing restaurant. With 100 kuramu… with 1 silver coin, you can spend a night with two meals at a middle tier inn.”

“… It’s quite the amount then.”

“It is. But adventurers have a lot of expenses between weapons, armor, and medical treatment… It’ll be gone before you know it if you’re not careful.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

But, well, at least now I could afford living with Nellie.

So many things had happened today. I felt exhausted (especially mentally) and wanted to quickly enter an inn and squeeze Nellie like a pillow until I fall asleep.

Author: Shino-san is quickly rushing down the path of a lost cause (lol).

1 Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are citizens of the game world that do not have a player behind their actions. Typically not used to refer to monsters.

2 Kan, also known as kanme, is a unit of measurement for weight in the context of the real world. As of 1891, following the Japanese government’s efforts to standardize it, the kan is equivalent to exactly 3.75 kilograms or 1000 momme (the standard unit of measurement in the pearl industry).

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  1. Yes, shadow bind is not an op move at all and allowing people to know the skill description with percentage will definitely teach people how to use the skill…

    What can guild cards and status cards not solve -.-

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    1. It’s written as ‘Mid’ not with an ‘n’, but that would be at least plausible for what Mid might stand for. However I don’t think that, that’s it. When the guild lady explains it, she says it means 精神力 which is willpower or like emotional strength. And if you think it in english, I think willpower makes more sense as an adjustable stat than mind does.

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    1. Shino is wearing her own ninja suit. Off of memory, I don’t think they really ever go into what her ninja outfit is made up of or what it really looks like in too much detail.


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