Haunted Duke’s Daughter

Haunted Duke’s Daughter

by Ryuusui(龍翠)
Translations: Jaon
Editing: doom_chicken

This is the story of the eldest daughter of a certain duke’s family, who was engaged to the crown prince of the country.
The daughter, a strong willed girl who liked to get her way and did whatever she wanted, started hearing a strange voice voice one day. The voice, audible only for the girl, said this.
“Two years into the future, the crown prince’s wrath will fall upon you, who will become the object of his loathing.”
The girl did not heed the words of this mysterious voice. She ignored the warning thrust upon her. And the prophetic words were forgotten.
As a result, she splendidly earned the hate of the crown prince, who proceeded to declare the break-off of their engagement.
Thus the girl, guided by the voice only she could hear, set off on the road to change herself.


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Second Year, Former Term

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Second Year, Former Term Holidays

Second Year, Latter Term

Second Year, Latter Term Holidays

Third Year


Side Stories and After Stories

30 thoughts on “Haunted Duke’s Daughter”

  1. I am interested in purchasing this book to support the author, but could you explain what you meant by English interfAce? Does this mean the book is in English or just the purchasing method is in English? I apologize for my confusion,


  2. I can’t see the faces of any of the pictures of the God damn money signs and white overlays. Why do that it ruins the picture. The pictures are my favorite parts not they r ruined.😢😭😭


  3. Este-san, thank you for providing me with a great example of a Dangling Participle!! :D
    It’s really hard to make one intentionally and yet so easy to do unintentionally. The title of this novel: “Haunted Duke’s Daughter” initially led me to believe that it was the duke who was being haunted. But after having read the summary, it seems that it’s the daughter that’s being haunted. So it’s the “Duke’s Haunted Daughter”, I guess? You see what I’m saying right?
    Just the other day I was struggling to remember how a Dangling Participle worked and now I have found an example! Thank you very much!


      1. Yeah, I figured as much :/ I suppose you’d run into a lot of these things when translating. “The Haunted Daughter of the Duke” is way too long-winded after all…. props to you for continuing with TL for so long.


      2. While I don’t particularly mind the title, I’m pretty sure Duke’s is just a possessive form and not part of a title, nor is it an epithet. “Daughter of a Duke” means the same thing, but “Emperor of (a?) Holiness” definitely doesn’t.

        Similarly, it’s just fine to say “King’s idiotic son”, while “idiotic King’s son” can take on an entirely different meaning.

        It’d be different if it were “ducal” instead of “Duke’s”, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used that way. (That is “ducal daughter”, though “ducal family” and “ducal retainer” definitely are used.)


    1. Rest assured, this break is temporary. I’m already almost done the next chapter. Expect inconsistent updates, but nothing longer than a week unless I have too much RL stuff.


  4. Hi! I began to read that novel, and I really like the translation :D
    May I ask when will chapter 13 out? Is it a monthly release, or its just “when you’ve got enough time”?
    Thanks :D


  5. Chapter 14’s out but there isn’t a link here (it can only be accessed through ch14 or Jaon’s post list), and ch11 and ch14 both have broken “Next Chapter” links. In case of ch14, it’s because ch15 doesn’t exist yet. Can anyone fix this later?

    Other than that, this is a wonderful series. Thanks to Jaon for translating, as well as to all the editors!


  6. Anyone still translating this novel i fell like everyone in this page are already dead or this website is dead none of the novels are getting updates


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