I’m Estelion.

I made this blog.

I was responsible for most of the stuff here (both the good and bad)

Empty blogs for name reservations:


21 thoughts on “Estelion”

  1. I have a lot freetime

    I hope you all the best luck and thank you for all the translation so far! I really really love female protag (•w•)


  2. please do more chapters of kenkyo, kenjitsu ….. please i really want to see the chapters for the high school section. do your best. i really like your work.


  3. HI Este! Thanks for all you do!
    A question about the “A wild last boss appeared!” Do you know if the webnovel is still being updated in japanese?
    I want to try reading it for myself, but cannot find the raw link… And don’t know how to contact you otherwise…


          1. Why? Is it that bad? I remember your review on THE NEW GATE which was basically saying that the only redeeming feature was it’s cute girls.


  4. thanks for the translations. mind telling me your steam id? if it’s okay, i wanna add you on steam. thanks again and have a good day ^^


      1. Oh my freaking gosh!!!!!!!!!! I was re-reading the manga for common sense of the duke’s daughter and I got my eyes bulging out of its sockets….I’m in shock when I saaaaaaaw that you were the one in charge for the scanlator of the manga😮😮😮😮😮 like really…from Musume, to Reika and Otome it feels like you are EVERYWHERE. 😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
        Weeeelll I do wonder if you’re gonna read this lol. Since you guys are probably on hiatus *sniffs* And yeah my friend wants to add or follow you guys here in oniichan. So she’s asking if you have any twitter or media accounts where she can stalk you guys😂


          1. Oh yeah discord. So that’s why she’s been nagging me to download a discord app on my phone lol😂 Thanks 5th Hily Sheeprabbit, Kilimanjaro Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufulaafee (The 35th) da ne.


  5. Have you fallen into the eternal pit of despair which has many names such as school/exams/work? Or have you just died?


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